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Neocon Plans for Pakistan Exposed!
Posted By: Abdul_Wahid On: 19/Dec/2008 Views:3929 Replies:0 
This is the Neocons plan to disassemble Pakistan, give northern Pakistan to Afghanistan, Southwest Pakistan to the Balochs. all this in an effort to restrict Chinese access to energy and herd energy r Click here to read Full Article
What an idiot defense minister we have, lets read his latest joke
Posted By: Noman On: 19/Dec/2008 Views:2001 Replies:0 
This idiot don't know that if there will be war then there wont be any understanding and in atomic war only that country will survive who will use this option first. Click here to read Full Article
فکر تو وہ کریں، جنھوں نے تمھیں نکالا ھے۔ خالد مسعود خان
Posted By: Khalid_Masood On: 19/Dec/2008 Views:2101 Replies:0 
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South African politics: ANC splits
Posted By: abdulruff On: 19/Dec/2008 Views:1969 Replies:0 
African National Congress (ANC) which is associated with to the South African freedom movement and the struggle of Nobel Peace Laureate Nelson Mandela has split recently in a party conference. The for Click here to read Full Article
ڈیر ارب لوگوں کی صدا۔ رؤف عامر
Posted By: Malik_Rauf On: 19/Dec/2008 Views:3529 Replies:0 
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