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سات ستمبر۔یوم ختم نبوت ۔ مولانا محمدجہاں یعقوب
Posted By: M.Jehan On: 31/Aug/2012 Views:1577 Replies:0 
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News 31-08-2012 by Zeeshan Ansari
Posted By: ZeeshanA On: 31/Aug/2012 Views:2147 Replies:0 
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Narowal News 31-08-2012
Posted By: MuhammadYaqoob On: 31/Aug/2012 Views:1446 Replies:0 
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پاکستانی ہائی کمیشن لندن میں بدعنوانی
Posted By: Pakistan1947 On: 31/Aug/2012 Views:1446 Replies:0 
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Altaf Husain has insulted Quaid e Azam by proclaiming Jinnah as Shia Mujtahid by International Professor
Posted By: International_Professor On: 31/Aug/2012 Views:8990 Replies:1 
Fabrication of Altaf Husain has faced the destiny of premature death and nobody has paid deaf ear to his suspicious absurdities about Quaid e Azam. To make history straight in finding ways to protect integrity of Quaid e Azam and to analyze mockery of Altaf some facts have been collected as under.For us “Quaid e Azam” is a sacred word, we don’t know any Sunny, Shia, Ismailia or atheist Jinnah. Sam Click here to read Full Article
President Zardari flouted official decorum by Iqbal Hadi Zaidi
Posted By: Iqbal_Hadi_Zaidi On: 31/Aug/2012 Views:3199 Replies:0 
I am more ashamed than shocked to see that Asif Ali Zardari, President heading our delegation to attend 16th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) conference in Tehran, Iran has blatantly flouted internationally accepted official norms. NAM is an internationally recognized forum where head of states and or head of governments meet to discuss some global issues and it is really shameful for me at least if not Click here to read Full Article
Quaid-e-Azam M.A. Jinnah Paid Subsidy for Pakistan.1945-1946 Elections Manipulated
Posted By: Infomashriqi On: 31/Aug/2012 Views:2801 Replies:0 
A payment of Rupees 600,000 was made to Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (founder of Pakistan) by the Government of India and the 1945-1946 elections were rigged. These key facts have been revealed by scholar and historian Nasim Yousaf in his most recent article entitled “Quaid-e-Azam M.A. Jinnah Paid Subsidy for Pakistan: 1945-1946 Elections Manipulated.” In this work, the author has quoted famou Click here to read Full Article
The Freedom of the Hijab by Ayesha Nusrat
Posted By: nrqazi On: 31/Aug/2012 Views:1682 Replies:0 
It’s been over two months since I decided to become a hijabi — one who wears a head scarf and adheres to modest clothing — and before you race to label me the poster girl for oppressed womanhood everywhere, let me tell you as a woman (with a master’s degree in human rights, and a graduate degree in psychology) why I see this as the most liberating experience ever. Click here to read Full Article
طیب اردگان جیسے لیڈر چاہیں ۔ جاوید چوہدری
Posted By: Javed_Ch On: 31/Aug/2012 Views:1448 Replies:0 
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