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Zardari, Singh discuss bilateral relations 


TEHRAN (APP): President Asif Ali Zardari on Thursday said that Pakistan and India must make determined efforts and maintain focus to steer the dialogue process in a productive and result- oriented manner. "We have covered a lot of ground but we still have to go a long way," President Zardari remarked during his meeting with Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh here on the sidelines of the 16th



President Zardari flouted official decorum

I am more ashamed than shocked to see that Asif Ali Zardari, President heading our delegation to attend 16th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) conference in Tehran, Iran has blatantly flouted internationally accepted official norms. NAM is an internationally recognized forum where head of states and or head of governments meet to discuss some global issues and it is really shameful for me at least if not you and others to see that at such an esteemed forum Bilawal Zardari is sitting next to his father attending the inaugural session of the conference but on what grounds and in which capacity. Hina Rabbani Khar, Foreign Minister and Malik Rahman, Interior Minister who are official members of Pakistan delegation are sitting behind them as per the photo flashed today Friday 31st August, 2012 by The Frontier Post which literally boiled me to the point that I had to pick up my pen to pen my candid comments accordingly. As a matter of fact if President is to have someone with him at the summit then none but Foreign Minister is the most suited person who gets edge our others in any case but alas it was not so in the given situation. Yesterday I have also seen the coverage at PTV wherein Iranian President Mahmood Ahmedinejad greeted our President and both of them hugged each other and exchanged pleasantries. It was real blow right from head to toe for me to see that Zardari introduced his son Bilawal to the host president who as a matter of courtesy hugged Bilawal but I did not see neither Hina nor Malik proves that Zardari just ignored his ministers and instead projected his son who has no official capacity or entity so far Pakistan government is concerned. I have also seen the coverage of the meeting Zardari had with Indian Prime Minsiter Dr Manmohan Singh at the side lines of NAM conference. Bilawal was sitting next to his father whereas Hina was after Bilawal whereas Malik was after Hina. What does this all prove? NAM is an international official entity where none but officials from different countries are invited and it goes without saying that there was no prudence whatsoever rather if I am not blunt it was nothing short of humiliating on the part of our President to carry his son along with him as a member of our official delegation.


Hina Rabbani as foreign minister in particular and Malik Rahman as interior minister should have objected on inclusion of Bilawal as a part of our official delegation but they are just dumb and cannot dare to even breath at full length before President Zardari so how could they even raise their eye brows what talk of openly objecting to it. To tell you the truth at least foreign minister should either have not gone under such circumstances or should have at least absented from the conference in protest since she was ignored by President Zardari who did not introduce her to Iranian president but again one needs guts to register annoyance which my ministers terribly lack in any case. As a matter of fact, Hina being foreign minister is vested with inborn authority to be consulted by President and Prime Minister on all matters related to Pakistan foreign policy and our connections with other countries. The one who is suitably educated and tinged with rich experience in turn becomes fully qualified and competent to be a minister and hence he or she will never ever tolerate and pocket such humiliation whatsoever and that too in a foreign land but alas Hina is none but a hand pick of someone. It goes without saying that when she is not most suited and instead blue eyed of someone then quite naturally she is always not only be shaky but also will never ever object rather instead happily accept the humiliation so that she continues as minister otherwise she will not be tolerated anymore and shown exit door which she cannot even accept in dream what to talk of in reality.


It reminds me that our previous foreign ministers like Sahibzda Yaqoob Ali Khan or Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto were so excelled in their ministerial posts that President could not dare even to think to lower them a bit what to talk of total ignorance but now either we do not have such like inborn gifted people or they are not taken in board. How can the honor and prestige of Pakistan be upheld by our present ministers namely Hina and Malik who neither themselves enjoy neither selfrespect nor they can ask for self respect?


Summing up, it is expected of President Asif Ali Zardari that from now onward he under all circumstances will upkeep the authority and pomp show attached to the office of the President of Pakistan and will never ever compromise willingly or unwillingly on cardinal principles of official decorum both inside the country and outside the country. I have written purely on merit and merit alone without favoring or opposing anyone and hence I expect that my pen should be read on merit and it must not be painted otherwise and given a new meaning and twist.


 Anyone who opposes me?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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