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PPP calls shutterdown strike against Waheeda Shah’s disqualification


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TANDO MOHAMMAD KHAN: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has called a shutterdown strike today (Thursday) in Tando Mohammad Khan to protest Election Commission’s disqualification of Waheeda Shah for hitting female polling officers during PS-53 by-election, Geo News reported.

Business activities in the city were closed while thin transport was observed on the roads. Additional troops of security forces were deployed in the affected areas to maintain peace.

On February 25, Waheeda Shah had slapped Presiding Officer Habiba Memon and Assistant Presiding Officer Shagufta Memon in a polling station of PS-53 Tando Muhammad Khan in the presence of a DSP.

In a landmark verdict, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) had disqualified PPP’s candidate for two years and declared her election in PS-53 Tando Muhammad Khan null and void.

             Mabrook- 2 more feathers into the cap of PPA


Pakistan People’s Party can rightly boats of already having innumerous feathers into its cap but it succeeded in adding so many new feathers into its cap but from just one single incident which I am pretty sure none but PPP only can claim aloud.


Waheeda Shah is a PPP candidate who was issued a ticket by the party to contest in by election of Sindh Assembly from Tando Mohammad Khan constituency no PS-53.  On 25th February, 2012 she had gone to the polling station cast her vote where she dared to publicly slap polling officers namely Habiba Memon, Presiding Officer and Shagufta Memon, Assisting Presiding Officer and the incident was filmed and aired on GEO TV where everyone could see her beating the officers and that too not just one slap but many in continuity. It is very much pertinent to mention that Presiding Officers are delegated magistrate powers whereby PO was very much empowered to issue orders for arresting Waheeda Shah but as a courtesy or respect whatever pleases you, she did not exercise her inborn prerogative and just pocketed the insult. DSP was just a silent spectator though it was his primary duty not to let it happen and if at all it had happened then he should have over powered Waheeda in any case.

This type of blatant incident has not happened at any polling stations till now meaning by it is an unprecedented incident which as such automatically not only earned laurels for PPP but also added a new feather into its cap.


Today, Thursday 8th March, 2012 complete shutter down strike is being observed in Tando Mohammad Khan in response to the call made by PPP because yesterday Pakistan Election Commission had disqualified Waheeda Shah to contest any election for 2 years time which in other words means that she is no more MPA. The decision of PEC upsetting Waheeda Shah is not at all welcomed by PPP and resultantly in an effort to sympathize with the honorable lady the party workers have gone on complete strike in the town. Who dares, not me at least, not to commend PPP for observing strike on such a noble cause? How anyone today on the face of earth can deny adding another feather into the cap of PPP?


I am not my own enemy and hence please do not be surprised to read that I have not at all condemned the ugly incident otherwise my life could be in danger and hence I opted otherwise to say, ‘Mabrook (congratulations) PPP added 2 more feathers into its cap’.



Iqbal Hadi Zaidi, Kuwait,
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