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ISLAMABAD: Suggesting exploring alternative energy sources, deputy US ambassador to Pakistan, Richard Hoagland has once again warned Islamabad against Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project, Geo News reported. 

Pledging America’s readiness to lend a hand in different projects, Hoagland said that Pakistan better start looking towards energy sources like wind, sun, biogas, and cow dung instead of Iranian gas.

He said the US fully realizes the energy crisis in Pakistan and was trying to help it out of the present situation. 


   I'm more ashamed than shocked and you?


Just now at 2210 my time and 0010 PST on Friday 9th March, 2012 I have read under latest news that none but Richard Hoagland who is just DHM (Deputy Head of Mission), American Embassy, Islamabad has warned us to abandon Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project and instead we should look to try to other sources like wind, sun, biogas and cow dung where US will try to help us.


I was still the more shocked when I saw him on tv screen also saying the same what I have read under the latest news.

Without touching to the main crux of the news which I leave for others in any case, I am very severely objecting on three points only and I wish that we must take due and prompt cognizance of the situation and do not let unauthorized dictate us provided we are an independent nation which I strongly believe that we were and still we are.  This is not the 1st time, to be honest, that such a situation is created as it had happened in past too but one way or the other our government has not taken any step towards it otherwise it has not come up today. Incidentally I am to pen but with much regret and compunction that many times my objections on the same subject were flashed during Musharraf era but alas nothing is changed at all so far as ground realities are concerned which is very much shocking indeed.


Firstly DHM is too junior not just junior officer and let me very categorically say irrespective of the fact whether not only he but my government too likes it or not is of no consequence but the fact remains that DHM from any set of imagination is not at all authorized to issue any statement whatsoever. How and under what capacity, if any, he could issue such a sweeping the statement on the soil of our country? Who authorized him, if at all anyone, to speak out alike? Why has he been brought to our tv channels to show his face and utter something which is beyond his capacity and authority. Needless to mention his boss American Ambassador is also not the authorized person to dictate us which is not only my assertion but must be an official version too and therefore it is very much absurd that DHM opened his mouth. I am sure that my point must have been recognized but if not then let me give a very crude example which will dust off all the doubts if any. Say even for academic discussion if our DHM wishes to do alike in Washington DC then I will explain very bluntly as to what would be the scenario. At the very outset he will not be allowed to open his mouth at all because he is none as far as official order of precedence is concerned so how can he say anything which does not fall under his preview. However, just for example, even if he opens his mouth amongst Pakistani nationals his words will not be flashed in newspapers. His appearance of tv for the same reason is completely out of question. Next day he will be expelled and given 24 hours notice to leave USA. This is litmus test case which Pakistan can try if wishes.


Secondly DHM has used  the word ‘warned’ and not suggested which is not only absolutely idiotic but abusive too to be honest and I very much doubt that even a lunatic could say so what to talk of an American diplomat who ought to be a sane person in any case. I am ashamed to say that now on Saturday 10th March till 0730 my time and 0930 PST nothing can be read in reaction to the news from our side. Neither our official spokesman has said something about it nor has any political leader taken note of it. Isn’t it a matter of great shame for us to be so ignorant and or unconcerned even when we are challenged by so low American official who blatantly crossed all the limits and we are just keeping mum?


Thirdly the news says that he warned again repeat again meaning by it is at least second time if not third time that he is warning us which is really too much both on his part and as well on our part. Why did we not quash him when he warned us for the 1st time on the subject? It is very much lamentable that he goes unnoticed which in turn gave him extra strength to bully us again though he deserved to be cut to size. How could we accept his command? Why not even a single soul amongst millions Pakistanis snubbed him? What deterred us to accommodate him and not oppose him? How the hell such a small fly can be so outspoken and goes unnoticed in Pakistan which is a completely independent and sovereign country in any case from each and every angle howsoever diversified it may be? Don’t forget that DHM has addressed it to Pakistan as a whole meaning by that all right from President up to an ordinary Pakistani are subjected to listen to his command as I view it and I doubt anyone can oppose me on the point.


Wake up! Just order him to march off from our soil but if not then wait for the day when same DHM will ask all of us instead to match off from our beloved Pakistan. Choice is yours and not mine. I have discharged my national obligation to the best of my knowledge, belief and strength and now leave it in your hands to deal accordingly.  Allah be with Pakistan, I wish and pray.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi/Kuwait
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