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Do nown taraf hay aag barabar lagi huwi (Equal fire on both sides)

Fire as per its very intrinsic qualities and inborn nature has undisputedly never ever been a favorite of anyone whether the one is in the government or in opposition; or one is male or female; one is minor or major whereas on the other hand it also does not distinguish between an elected government or for that matter a thruster government so the prudence demands that we must avoid fire all the time and under all circumstances in any case unless and unless we are too happily wishing to welcome and hug and kiss the fire. This principle is as much vogue in my beloved Pakistan as it is in the USA which is the most super power on the face of earth and for that matter even in Zimbabwe which is believed to be the poorest country. However, one way or the other, very much surprisingly in my beloved Pakistan both opposition and government have very much turned too hostile though earlier too they were not that friendly either but ever since PM Syed Yousuf Razan Gillani has been slapped with contempt of court by Supreme Court of Pakistan, the two parties have come face to face and embarked upon direct confrontation and the token punishment awarded to PM by Supreme Court has added nothing less than fuel to the fire. None of them is ready to hear the other party even a bit rather each one is trying to dictate and thrust upon their own principles and philosophies on the other party and hence they are well pitched up against each other which I very strongly believe is not at all conducive rather very much detrimental to their own interests if they realize. 


Opposition parties irrespective of their strength and standing have announced publicly and loudly that ever since PM has been convicted by Supreme Court of Pakistan hence he ceases to be the PM and they want him to resign and go back to his ancestral home town of Multan rather than sticking to PM chair in Islamabad but PM has just brushed aside such like philosophies and has pronounced that none on the face of earth can dislodge him. Opposition parties have primarily wished that PM should tender resignation and pave the way for someone else to take over and call for fresh general elections instead but in case if he is not giving up then the opposition may embark upon nationwide strikes compelling him to quit. They have ruled out any possibility of negotiations on this point in other words they have turned not less sore enemies and bent upon sucking the blood of the other party.


PML (N) has however taken lead over other opposition parties in a sense that its leader Mian Nawaz Sharif while chairing the meeting of its central working committee has announced that only he but his associates also have endorsed the views of Nawaz that SYRG is no more legal Prime Minister of Pakistan and hence he must quit but since he is sticking to his guns, PML (N) is left with no alternative but to start strikes and rallies so that the pressure is built up and may be PM resigns. He also said that in case if these protests to be staged in all principal cities of Punjab in the 1st leg fail to topple SYRG then in the next stage PML (N) will embark upon long march towards Islamabad to force PM to step down. PML (N) has announced the schedule of protest rallies in different cities of the province of Punjab where luckily provincial government is in the hands of PML (N).  The schedule as released by PML (N) say that its 1st rally will be held in Taxila (not that distant away from capital Islamabad) on 4th May; 2nd in Gujranwala on 7th; 3rd in Bahawalpur and Sargodha on 8th; 4th in Multan (home town of SYRG) and Rawalpindi (twin city of capital Islamabad) on 10th; 5th in Sialkot on 11th while the last 6th one in Gujrat on 12th instant.  Mian very strongly believes that such protest rallies will bring down SYRG but in case if he still does not budge then in the 2nd leg Nawaz has announced that he will march towards Islamabad which he called as Long March. Mian has asked Syed Ghous Ali Shah who is VP for Sindh chapter to be instrumental in organizing such like protests in Sindh also meaning by that Mian is very much serious to engulf at least more than half of the country into protests and rallies. It must be remembered that Sindh and Punjab are the real Pakistan since the other three provinces are very less populated and their people are not that much educated either.


Imran Khan who heads Tehreek e Insaf is the second person in the opposition camp who has also announced to start organizing protest rallies in case if SYRG does not quite for the very simple reason that that since he is a convicted person he is no more eligible to hold the office of Prime Minister of Pakistan. Imran Khan has announced to hold 1st protest rally on 6th May under the head, ‘Bacho adlia’ protect judiciary. As a matter of fact Imran is trying to be pretty smart by saying that he is protecting judiciary though in fact he too wants that SYRG should quit but instead of saying it directly he has firing shells at SYRG under the cover of judiciary on the plea that since SC has convicted SYRG hence he should quit but since he did not quit, Imran portrays it as an insult and under mining SC. However, no denying the fact, Imran protests will increase day by day if SYRG continues to be PM.Imran has very emphatically and categorically said that ‘ his tsunami’ very popular slogan he has picked up will eventually wash away SYRG.


Ch Shujaat Hussain, President, PML (Q) opposing the opposition has very hilariously said that month of March is gone so there is no question of any long march. He heads PML (Q) which is an ally of the governing PPP and it is quite but natural on his part to say in favor of SYRG but incidentally PML (Q) is not that strong and popular party at this point of time. During Gen ® Pervez Musharraf time it was called ‘kings party’ but it has lost that grandeur but yet it has some followers in Punjab if not in other provinces.


MQM is yet another political allay of PPP and hence its President Altaf Hussain sitting in London has announced that he fully supports PM and there is no question whatsoever for him to leave the seat before completing his tenure. He has also sent MQM delegation to Islamabad which called upon PM and assured him of their continued whole hearted support in any case. They also have indicated that in case if needed then MQM will launch long march to besiege Mian Nawaz Sharif in Raiwind, Lahore so that he forgets about any long march towards Islamabad.


Prime Minister SYRG has time and again said that he is popularly elected PM so he will have to complete his stipulated tenure and there is not even zero percent chance that he will quit pre maturely. He has also said that he does not recognize Sharif courts so it is completely irrelevant on the part of Mian to issue any judgment about him. As regards, long march, SYRG has said at full throttle of his voice that Mian cannot dare to organize even a small march towards Islamabad what to talk of a long march. SYRG has not at all shown any weakness in his governing policies nor he has any plan whatsoever to quit unless and until our parliament issues vote of no confidence against him which is the only official channel available to unseat PM.


Which gun silences 1st are yet to be seen and come what may, on gun will eventually be silenced?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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