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The Progress Chart of PPP Government

Here are few words the VOICE of the NATION; rather I should say those are really CURRENT SHOCKS for our NATION, facing on daily basis EVEN without ELECTRICITY from our NRO honoured Government from few years.

 It seems the whole NATION is under AZAAB-E-GOVERNMENT, those come after one and an-other continuously without any BREAK and LOAD SHEDDING in these crisis from couple of years.

 IF ALLAH the Al-Mighty would have ask me to incentivizes the our Great NATION, then I would have request to ALLAH the Al-Mighty to give Each and Every Pakistani JANNAT for her Determination, dheedhpun & Passion against the suffering, misery, torment, distress by and because of our ill-mannered, mismanagement of Government WHICH is running on the AGENDA of Lootou, Khaoo, Maal Banao aur GHAREEB AWAAM Mukaooo MOHEM.

 1. Energy Crisis: Load shedding increases FROM one hour to 20 hours in some cities and every Pakistani been affectee of this Dilemma whereas Industries production has been decline more than 30% on pre-planned Mission.

 2. Gas Crisis: Available only in 4 days of the WEEK, which also decreases the manufacturing of exportable items and Exports also decline 20 billion dollars to 14 billion dollars.

3. Judiciary Crisis: From NRO to Swiss cases are still pending from many years even after Supreme Court’s crystal clear Orders.

4. Water Shortage: Most of the Dams are dried, Tarbela and Mangla Dams are at dead level low. Whereas Kalabagh Dam case been closed forever, although on its feasibility more than 10 billion Rs., have been spent of this poor Nation. Whereas India made over 200 dams on the rivers those comes to Pakistan and draught Pakistan.

5. Safety and Security, from Karachi to Gilgit have been tarnished. No one is secure and safe in even in own houses.

6. Rates of daily used, food items and electronics gone upto 40% to 150%.

7. Rupee value is also on at DEMUR (decline), gone 60 Rs per Dollar to 92 Rs dollar.

8. Reserves are also BEG OFF and Drop to 18 Billion dollar to 14 Billion dollars.

9. Americans whenever wants kill our nationals through Drone Attacks, although we are Atomic Power.

10.  The whole NATION been made patient of High Blood Pressure and un-certainty situation, the Media is also assisting the government too.

11. Corruption has become moto, aim, mission of bureaucracy, peon to President and Politian in power. Seems working on the agenda GHAREEB mukaoo mohem. The all Politian, Political Parties and Friendly opposition are assisted, helped and still helping the government intendtionally or un-intentionally. Mineral Assets and mines  worth of billions sold in millions.

12. Neither GHQ, nor Naval base Karachi safe, Abbottabad and Salala bass been attacked also and still no Apology or any Regrets against this American TERRORISM from USA.

13. Flood Affectees still waiting for HELP and Earthquake affectees in line too.

14. From SHOUDA-SIACHEEN not a single person been discovered yet.

15. Aafia Siddiqui got 86 years of imprisonment for in Self Defense without firing single fire and Raymond Devis went Freed even after killing three innocent Pakistanis.

16. Not only the EDUCATION Standard dropped and the Educational Budget been deducted also. Anti Pakistan and Anti ISLAMIC Educational Curriculum promoted.

17. Billions spent annually on the lavished style, minister’s budget and bribed every member of PPP party in the name of social work. 

18. Educational budget deducted, HEC been screwed and squeezed.

19. Anti Pakistan and anti Pakistani person to Parties been helped, assisted, financed, promoted and in-couraged in all fields of life.

 We have to believe and say really bhutto zinda hay aur Pakistani Public is STILL SLEEPING and waiting for the Angles to HELP.

 I and everyone of our National pray to Allah safe us or give us COURAGE TO SOLVE these problems BY OURSELVES.

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