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Zardari proved too intelligent or too brainy or both

Asif Ali Zardari, President has certainly come out as the most prudent man in Pakistan for the simple reason that he does know how to play his cards and he so smartly used his trump cards that none including those playing cards with him could really make out what he has in his chest.


He is the same who told previous Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani not to write letter to Swiss authorities about bringing back the money which he (Zardari) has looted and deposited there and in compliance to the instructions of the boss SYRG did not write to Swiss which prompted Supreme Court to issue contempt of court against him which eventually resulted in his disqualification. SYRG who was boasting to become the longest serving PM of the country is now not only off the hook but also has been debarred to contest any election for 5 years. Asif Zardari who had ignored some SC instructions in the past but in this case here he did not show any reaction whatsoever and instead said that in the interest of the country and democracy he has accepted SYRG disqualification. SYRG must be cursing none but himself as to what did he get by not writing letter to Swiss authorities except his removal from PM office and disqualification for 5 years to contest any election. Zardari is as secured as before.

In next move he gave any indication that Ch Mukhtar Ahmad hailing from Gujrat who had been Defence Minister for about 4 years will be elevated as PM replacing SYRG and Ch photos started appearing in all news bulletins and he himself acknowledged that he has heard the news that PPP is nominating him to be next PM. He quite naturally said that he will do his best to prove as the most successful PM of the country. Needless to mention he who commands quite good hold in Gujrat was very much in the run as contestant for the post when PPP had won the election and was to form new government. Ch was considered to be very hot favorite to be picked up as PM but Zardari ignored him and instead SYRG was inducted as PM which means Ch Mukhtar was side lined at that time and now again he was tipped to be PM but as the bad luck had it Zardari ignored him all together this time too and instead he fielded someone else for the post.


Makhdoom Shahabuddin had been the most acclaimed person to be replacing SYRG and on the face of it Makhdoom had no reason not to believe his eternal boss Zardari so he appeared on television and I heard him myself saying that he thanks Zardari for placing in confidence in him by nominating him as next PM and therefore whosoever had thought that Ch Mukhtar could be the next boss started titling towards Makhdoom who was not only confident but over confident to be the next PM. Different anchors and analysts had been projecting none but Makhdoom and for about 24 hours and it was very strongly believed that another Makhdoom is replacing outgoing Makhdoom but none could see inside Zardari and resultantly he was scratched from the contest though on the face of it Makhdoom Shahabuddin was also asked to file his nomination for PM office though it was just an eye wash and nothing more but alas Makhdoom did not understand what could be the rationale in asking him to file his candidature when drug case is being opened up at the same time. At the eleventh hour Zardari withdrew his support for Makhdoom who as such had been left high and dry and went to get relief through Pehawar High Court which granted him bail before arrest in Epherdine case. Zardari through the process of nomination has given a tinkle to Makhdoom to save his skin if possible.


Khursheed Shah hailing from Sindh was also surfaced by Zardari as a possible candidate to be the next PM but it did not gain any strength and momentum except that his photograph could be seen along with Makhoom Shahabuddin and Ch Mukhtar and therefore as the time passed on Khursheed had been removed from the frame without any consequence.


Surprisingly Hina Rabbani Khar who had been Foreign Minister in the last cabinet chaired by Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani also was mentioned to be a candidate for next Prime Minister but Zardari never gave any importance to her and it was nothing but a joke with the lady but what she could do against the president who knows which string to pull and when.


Raja Pervez Asharf has been the latest addition to the list of candidates for Prime Minister and it was a bit surprising because he had never been mentioned to be in the foresight and moreover he as minister of electricity and water has utterly failed to control power shut down in the country which has become the top most problem of the country gripping from east to west and north to south with no solution in sight. However he has been fully backed by Zardari and he will be the next PM even though his name is very much on the top of the list in corruption in connection with rental energy crisis but nothing doing. Some of the insiders in PPP are not happy with Raja but what to do when Zardari wants him then none can oppose him and he will be the next PM simply because PPP has majority of MNAs in the National Assembly. At the just fag end Zardari fielded Qamar Zaman Kaira also as a candidate who also filed his nomination papers but only as a cover candidate in case if Raja candidature is rejected then he should stand in which was not going to happen in any case and it did not happen too so Qamar nomination was nothing but as a reserve candidate.


What else Zardari has in mind is not known to anyone except he himself and I doubt if anyone can differ from me when I say that Zardari has proved to be too intelligent or too brainy or both.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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