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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Governor and the governed


I am very much pleased to read today Sunday 24th June, 2012 that on the instructions of newly elected Prime Minister Raja Ashraf Perviaz doors of PM House were opened for 2 hours on Saturday afternoon facilitating the common public to meet our VVIP. However, had it been announced in advance through newspapers and tv channels then many of those who were not informed could have also come but in this situation perhaps not the general public but PPP workers only met the PM. As a matter of fact, if the rulers and the public can interact in any manner they feel like then it will foster good relations and the wide gap between the two can be shortened to some extent. It reminds me former Gen Pervez Musharraf as President of Pakistan has given access to public to write to him and I also availed the facility and his press secretary replied to me. Interestingly one could read what others have written to him and what reply has been given by President House. Alas! it is no more available for the reasons best known to President who boats of being the most popular in the country.


In Kuwait as and when new cabinet is formed most of the ministers announce through newspapers as to when and what time they will be meeting the people. Normally it is 1st or 2nd day of resuming the office. I have myself met many of them on such like days. These ministers also meet public on Eid ul Fiter and Eid ul Azha. Notices are placed all over at all the entrances of the ministry telling people that the minister will meet each and everyone on the 1st day after Eid holidays. Proper seating arrangements are done and refreshments served to the visitors.


The most striking thing which I found in Kuwait only and I doubt if it is practiced in other countries too. Top Kuwaitis including members of the royal ruling family and ministers hold weekly ‘Diwania’ where anyone can meet them without seeking any appointment. Diwania is not the house of the person rather it is a big villa away from the residence where Kuwaiti meets the public. It is operative for almost 365 days except summer when most of them are out of the country. One can even read in newspapers if the weekly diwania is not being held for any reason. I have seen both common and prominent people including ambassadors visiting weekly diwanias.


I wish Pakistan also introduces diwanias particularly now when some of us do need votes and this could be a good tactic to pull people to their advantage.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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