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Neighbors of PM personal house in Islamabad

Each time I log in to read Pakistani newspapers I find so many interesting subjects and topics to comment about but since no newspaper can publish all my comments I prefer to pick up just one and try my luck if it can be flashed and I am thankful to the newspapers which at times did publish my pen.


Today (Tuesday 3rd July 2012) I read quite interesting news about our new Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf’s personal bungalow (dare not say it house) in posh locality of F-8, Islamabad. The news can be split into at least two sub heads if not more. First part will be about the electricity supply to the bungalow while the second one relates to the approach road to the bungalow. Both of these two segments have some direct and indirect connections with those who are also living not in F-8 but in the same street where PM Raja has his bungalow hence I would like to comment accordingly.


It has been reported that ever since Raja Pervez Ashraf has been elevated from minister to prime minister his same house has been given direct electricity line by Islamabad Electricity Supply Company (IESC) so that the house does not fall under the axe of load shedding and the occupants can enjoy their life in complete cool and cozy atmosphere. Some people have reacted angrily saying that how PM house can be given uninterrupted power supply when his next door neighbor is subjected to long interruptions of load shedding. I not only totally disagree but also oppose them tooth and nail simply because they instead of appreciating have depreciated PM for no reason and rhyme. They should not forget that he is the same Raja who was minister for electricity and water before being elevated as PM so as minister he could have got uninterrupted direct power supply to his house but he did not avail it so shouldn’t we  applaud him instead of condemning him. Had he as minister asked IESC to lay uninterrupted direct power supply to his house I very seriously doubt anyone would have dared to say no and face the wrath of the minister. So shouldn’t we applaud Raja as minister for electricity and water is my very simple question?


Secondly, if the critics maintain that they too being a human exactly like PM Raja have the same inborn rights like those conferred upon Raja, I will say yes to them agreeing to their point of view that they being human too have the same rights like PM but in a very limited sense and not otherwise. If his critics were equal to PM as they maintain and claim then why have they not been even considered to be appointed as PM is the right question from me to be asked to them? The crude example can be that all the four fingers in a hand are neither equal nor identical and therefore we all human beings are neither equal nor identical so we must admit the hard facts and stop grumbling for nothing. There must be something lacking in them to be PM hence they dare not equate themselves with PM Raja.


It will not be something new as it has happened in past too that many times different organizations at their own have been extending helping hand to those who matter and from that angle if IESC at its own has given power supply to PM without he asking for it then how and why some people are objecting to it. Many times things are done just out of courtesy and not under any command or threat. To me the critics should have first done some spade work and enquired about the subject and if they were still not satisfied with the answer they got then they had every right to go to the power supplier and ask about it as to why and how it has been done instead of straight away grinding their axes against PM.


As regards carpeting of the street by Capital Development Authority (CDA) is concerned it must be again be appreciated that had Raja asked for it when he was minister I am pretty confident that CDA has not rejected it and instead complied with but former minister did not approach CDA for the same. Now here too CDA may have extended simple courtesy towards PM and got the street carpeted so that PM car passes through without any hump and jump. What is wrong with it? Had PM been riding a camel then humping and bumping was quite but natural but since he rides a car hence car itself demands that the approach should be well carpeted. Moreover, the street will be used by others also who are living in the same street or using the same street so this street carpeting is beneficial for others too and therefore I demand that they all should be thankful to PM for the facility provided to them free of cost and that too without asking for it.


Last but not the least, I am sure that ever since Raja has become PM at least police patrolling must would have been increased if a permanent police is not picketed there meaning by that the area has been given due importance from security point of view and therefore lives and goods of all those living in neighborhood of Raja must be very happy to be so protected. What price will be paid by those who are living in his neighborhood? Will they not be telling all that they are living next door to none but PM of the country? Isn’t it an extra qualification for them? Shouldn’t we very much judicious, prudent and astute in our approach even when we want to criticize others?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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