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HYDERABAD: Federal Minister for Political Affairs, Maula Buksh Chandio Tuesday said the government will not be responsible if the general elections were delayed due to law and order situation in the country, Geo News reported.

 Maula Buksh Chandio said this while talking to media persons in Islamabad.

 The statement from the Federal Minister comes three days after militants made a botched attempt to launch an armed attack on Peshawar airport.

 The terror bid, claimed by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), on the airport was successfully foiled by the Peshawar police assisted by the Pakistan army personnel.


 Prove if I am wrong which I am not.


I regret more than being surprised to read at least twice a week if not more during last many months from different higher ups right from president to down below to ministers about conducting of next election in Pakistan which practically speaking have already been delayed but very much surprisingly at least I have not read if anyone other than me have ever asked as to how election can be held on time when even the spade work is not completed. I am reading all the letters as well but none has raised the issue in any of the letters while none has commented also in their columns and commentaries. The worst is that my letter written on it couple of weeks before has not been published either unless I missed it reading for which I tender my unconditional apology.


The incumbent National Assembly completes its 5 years tenure on Monday 18th March, 2013 which is just few weeks away and the new PM must take charge on Tuesday 19th March if Zaradari and his junta is truthful and sincere in handing over the power to the newly elected people on time without any delay which PPP claimed months back and even today it is ticking to its guns and I sincerely wish this to happen but yet I have my very serious doubts if it will happen so. Not only President and Prime Minister but also ministers irrespective of the portfolio they handle are saying in public addresses, meetings, press conferences and even during informal talks that the next elections will be held dot on time and none should worry about on this account. Ch Shujaat Hussain who heads PML (Q) which is thick and thin with PPP has announced yesterday while addressing his party leaders that elections will be held on time. Saying that election will be held on time is too easy which does not cost either and none will be prosecuted if not held on time but the question is can it be done on time is something absolutely different and this is what worries me to be honest. There are many logistics involved in conducting election and unless and until those pre requisites are met no election can be conducted whatsoever.


Allow me to give a very crude example which I am mentioning not just to add some spice to it rather to make it crystal clear so that even a lay man can understand it but at the same time I am requesting my worthy readers not to please paint it otherwise. If anyone be male of female wants to have a child of his or her own which is quite but natural and there is absolutely nothing wrong to have a child but here again saying howsoever strong and sincere it may be will be of no consequence unless and until he or she resorts to adopting to certain basic requirements which eventually will lead to the birth of a child. He or she must find a suitable life partner (not that easy) to marry and then they jointly embark upon the physical part of the marriage which I need not explain whereby she must conceive and then she takes extra precautions during her long pregnancy to deliver a healthy child after 9 months time. However, if any step is missed out and or mishandled then the child will not be born even if the couple spends lot of money, offer prayers, gives alms etc. 


Referring to the above example I can say with full conviction and confidence that for conducting next elections we ought to take some very concrete steps. First and the foremost is that of preparation of electoral lists followed by induction of care taker government. Election Commission of Pakistan claims that voters’ lists are completed which is a plus point for them for sure and I must congratulate them on such remarkable achievement but my simply worry is if all Pakistanis who are eligible to vote are registered or some are still left out as it had been complained in earlier elections though at that time too ECP boasted of registering each and everyone which was not so true. ECP is checking voters lists by going door to door to physically confirm the presence of the voter at a particular address which is very commendable indeed but why it is limited to only Karachi and instead it must be carried out in all the cities if not the whole country so that there is no chance of any bogus voters. I do understand that it is a very long and tedious exercise but at the same time it cannot be ignored either. Each and every citizen who has attained the age of being a voter and has been registered with NADRA is entitled to vote and hence ECP must ensure that each he and she so entitled are not deprived of the right to vote.


There are so many very burning questions which need immediate answers in connection with holding next elections and installing of care taker government is at the top of the agenda because it is the only entity which is to be responsible to conduct elections in the country. Today it is already Thursday 20th December, 2012 and the care taker government has not been still announced what to talk of handing over power to them whereas 18th March 2013 is the dead date for the present set up to rule. When care taker government is to take charge? When will election date be announced? When will election symbols be allotted to all the contesting political parties? Till what date contestants will be allowed to submit their candidatures both in National Assembly and Provincial Assembles? When will ballot papers be printed? When polling booths will be established? When will election results be officially announced?


How will the new government be stalled on 19th March, 2013 is my baffling question?

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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