"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Lives in imminent danger


Dr Allah Qardri fully supported by MQM has absolutely shaken Zardari in particular and others in general. Yesterday on 1st January Dr addresses the crowd which has gathered in response to call by their Quaed Altaf Hussain sitting as far away as London which was his second biggest address after the one he did in Lahore some days back. Earlier Dr Tahir was very warmly welcomed by MQM leaders at Karachi airport when he flew in for the purpose. He was driven straight way to Nine Zero, which is MQM’s Pakistan headquarters and from there he was brought to the place if the address. It was one of the biggest gatherings if not the biggest one held in Karachi and that too arranged in just three or four days notice only. One could see nothing but human heads all around whether you see towards east or west or south or north. Men, women and children were found in the arena and most of them were carrying either e photo of Altaf or MQM or Pakistan flag.  It was very pictorial scene to be watched because there were colorful banners, portraits and dresses etc adding extra beauty and valor to the eventful evening. A very huge stage was erected at much higher elevation where all the senior office bearers of MQM were sitting under the leadership Dr Farooq Sattar, Federal Minister. Microphones, loudspeakers and lights were so professionally provided that everyone could see, listen and read at complete ease. When Dr entered the arena he was very profusely greeted by big roar of applauses and clapping. He was seated in between the office bearers of MQM. National songs and other songs composed on Altaf etc were being played while crowd kept on coming even though the time for commencement has touched but human flood sill continued pouring in. It was announced that after the speech of Dr Tahir, Altaf will address then as usually telephonically from London.


Now as and when Dr rose from his seat and walked towards the mike it is impossible to record as very high were the feelings of both  the speaker (Dr) and those where were there to hear him. He very highly thanked QMQ for providing him the opportune to talk to address such a mammoth crowd. Now he has very openly announced that come what may he will not bulge even a fraction of an inch from his stance that he wants electoral reforms in the country before the induction of care-taker government because he maintains that unless and until these reforms are carried elections if still held will then be meaningless elections in the truest sense. He was very much vocal and agitated to say that at the present time true patriotic, honest and efficient persons cannot even think to contest election simply because they being poor cannot spend so much money on election campaign whereas rich only contest because they have big purse to spend. Such selected only when contest election then it is not general election but election for few selective persons only who have nothing to do with the masses of the country. He lashed out at landlords, business tycoons and those who have black money  to spend in election but instead he wished that those who do not have money but have inborn qualities and capacities etc should contest and be elected which is absolutely impossible under the present system and hence he wants that electoral reforms must be carried out immediately. 


Dr has repeated his instance saying that he will address the biggest even crowd in Islamabad on 14th January where he will spell out his agenda which is to be strictly implemented in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He went too far away by saying that on 14th new care taker government will be picked up by the people themselves because to him it is the poor general public who is to be governed so people themselves should select their own rulers. He also made it very clear that he is not aspiring to be caretaker PM because he very loudly am categorically said that his status as Islamic preacher is much higher than of any PM or President so he is waging a war just for and on behalf of the poor masses who are being drained out on each and every account be food, housing, education and transportation etc whereas those who are rich and elected as assembly members are not to worry at all. He pounced on the government when he asked why Muhajirs are being targeted in Pakistan though in fact these are those who gifted is Pakistan because they left behind everything in India and opted for Pakistan where we including myself we were very much here on 14th August 1947 so we did not sacrifice nor gone under untold troubles but yet we got Pakistan. His voiced chocked when he said that Muhajits instead of being patted are ridiculed and killed which must be stopped at once. He quoted that years back he himself was at beaches in Karachi as late as 3 early morning and there was no threat to life and property then alas not even in broad day light a soul is not secured in the same cosmopolitan city.He asked why people in Baluchistan, Punjab, Sindh and Gilgit are being killed for none of their fault.


Before he ended his speech he asked if people will join with him to march to Islamabad on 14th instant the millions who heard in person were one voiced saying Yes, Yes. Zardari who had already come to Karachi when heard himself that millions are going to march to Islamabad he immediately called PM, ministers and other PPP leaders to rush to Karachi and meet the President to work out some logistics to counter Dr Tahir movement. The message of Dr Tahir has already passed through and many of those who man power corridor are already shaking under their trousers and it will gain more and more momentum as we near to the 14th. God forbid there must not be any bloodshed which is very much feared but still Zardari and his junta has so many days in between can ensure that life and property be safeguarded of those who are with Dr Tahir.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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