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Dr Qadri has shaken or woken up all


You may like or not Dr Tahir Qadri by announcing a long march towards capital Islamabad on 14th January, 2013 has rightly both shaken and woken up both the government and the opposition alike in just one goes which cannot could not be ignored either by the government or by the opposition.


Dr landed in Lahore from Canada and addressed a big meeting in Lahore announcing that he wants political reforms in the country before care taker set up is established. Later he addressed MQM gathering in Karachi where he hinted as to what he has aimed at and he hinted that his public address in Islamabad on 14th instant will be attended by millions which could be the biggest possible so far in history of Pakistan wherein the public will form its own care taker government which will have true representation of people from each section of society but not landlords, jagirdars and rich elite who are in the government where not any commoner is represented. He was very vocal to say that he wants poor people of Pakistan to get due representation in the government because they are in bilk majority and they form the real backbone of the country but regretfully they have been continually ignored since inception of Pakistan. He said he is not aspiring to be care taker PM.


His speech in Karachi has sent shocking tremors both to the government and opposition alike whereby Zaradari called emergency meeting in Karachi to be attended by PM and from there Malik Rehman has been sent to London to immediately talk to Altaf Hussain to keep low and not be so loud as he had been when he addressed from London after Qadri had spoken. Zardari's emergency meeting in Karachi and sending of Malik to London has very special meaning otherwise neither the meeting nor the trip was needed. In opposition not only Mian Nawaz Sharif but also Maulana Fzal has spoken out about their impressions on Dr Qadri and they are really bewildered as to whose agenda is Dr Qadri following because he is not a politician but a theologian.


Coming days will tell us what can be the future set up of the country but I have a feeling that it could be a well planned game to keep out Mian Nawaz Sharif from the game because at this point of time Qadri has MQM and PML (Q) already with him while Imran had also declared on the 1st day that his agenda is the same that of Qadri so it is possible that PTI also joins hands and may be PPP comes to its folds with some give and take or adjustments so this could be the biggest political force of the country. Needless to mention MQM has the biggest vote bank in Sindh while PML (Q) has its own strength in Punjab while Imran has perhaps very rightly earned quite sizable seats through out the country while PPP has its own certified voters bank in any case so if PPP comes to terms with the rest like Qadri, MQM, PML (Q) and TIP then none can beat then in next general election even if PML (N) and JUI bracket themselves they cannot beat   their opponents in any case. 


We are to wait and see and see as to who rises on horizon in just a week or so but definitely much before 14th January, 2013 if I am not mistaken in my apprehensions.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi, Kuwait,
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