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Imran Khan Should Immediately Pass a Legislation to Stop and Make Supreme Court Verdicts Ineffective to Bulldoze all Shops, Residences and Commercial Buildings on illegal Plots Without First Compensating the Occupants with Alternate Shops, Homes and Buildings

Pakistan is a poor country. It is already facing shortage of homes and government wants to build 500,000 homes. Under such a shortage of housing and commercial buildings, it will be a huge burden on the country to build every thing anew from the scratch.

If my home and my small shop is demolished today, where from will I make my living from tomorrow? All such occupants will have to turn to Benazir Income Support Scheme. Will it be a great service for the country to make all such earning citizens paupers by snatching away all their means of livelihood suddenly.

Supreme court decisions cannot be reverted. There is no Forum to appeal against them. Review petitions to the same Bench is a meaningless exercise.

The only way left is to pass a new legislation. New law should make compensation and alternate arrangement available before any occupant is dislocated from his place.

Most of this burden of alternate arrangement should fall on the shoulders of those culprits who have facilitated to build illegal structures on illegal plots.

Imran Khan, you cannot win next elections from Karachi, Punjab and other areas, if you follow Court orders to dislocate occupants without first providing them alternate locations. No need of following Court orders meekly. You can pass counter legislation to save the distressed occupants by such dislocation.

Peoples Party, Jamaat-e-Islami and all distressed citizens are simply protesting in Karachi. But nobody can change Supreme Court verdict by protests, strikes and sit-ins alone. Saeed Ghani says he will resign as a Minister of Peoples Party but never demolish any building, shop or home. But his resignation also cannot change Supreme Court verdict. Only way for Peoples Party, Jamaat-e-Islami and others is to appeal and pressurize PTI to pass a new legislation to stop these demolitions.

I hope our Media will also take notice of this situation. Columnists should write and anchors  should run programs to turn government attention for immediate new legislation for this purpose.

Hussain Khan, Tokyo

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