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Hussain Haqqani is under influence of Ispahani.

In continuation to "Postmortem of Faraznaz Ispahani and Hussain Haqqani", some more information is collected to highlight activities of Farahnaz Ispahani, in reply to her sectarian video address (click link given below). Politicians and public usually complain that some hidden hands in "establishment" are controlling govt. but no one is able to define word "establishment", some prominent figures which were pointed out previously and in current article will represent a tiny fraction of hidden hands controlling Pakistan since 1947, their links have been multiplied like cockroaches in entire system. Nobody dared to point out their links. Current example of Afia Siddiqui case, at New York courts, the lady FBI agent and representative of Pak Embassy both have same links. Check the names and back ground for confirmation.

Storey was started with sectarian influence and heritage of M H Ispahani (Abul Hasan Ispahani) as ambassador to US in 1947, later a series of same sectarian thought fanatics, with their Iranian links were appointed as Ambassador at US, UN, and other countries.

Agha Shahi: 

1955-58: Consular at Washington, 1958-61: Deputy permanent resident to UN

1967-72: Permanent resident to UN, 1973-77: Foreign Secretary govt. of Pakistan. 1978-82: Foreign Minister

Agha Shahi's elder brother Agha Hilali, who was also appointed as ambassador to UN from 1966-71, later appointed at London, Moscow and Washington. Both were son of Mirza Ismail of Mysore, history tells that this family has extremists' sectarian views. Both have been working on solid sectarian footings. Another descendents of same family, Zafar Hilali who has been working as advisor in BB's govt. currently visible on Dawn TV channel with his polluted doctrine full of sectarian hatred, a continuity of M H Ispahani. All such Iranian linked have some associations with Nusrat Bhutto, in Swiss corruption case her Iranian links were greatly publicized.

  1. Prince Ali Khan: (Ally Khan)

British Govt. awarded title of Prince in 1938 to Agha Khan Family due to their Iranian links. Prior to 1938 those were not entitled to write Prince. In 1957 Naheed Sikandar Mirza Iranian wife of Sikandar Mirza brought Prince Ali Khan who was even not Pakistani national, and on Feb 06, 1958 he was appointed as ambassador to UN (1958-60), his mother Leo Teresa of Italy was dancer, he married or living as boy friend with dozens of other women, Including film actress Rita Hayworth, and actress Gene Terney etc. He was killed in France with his pregnant girl friend.

To have a look on his licentious and lavish life style, on a wedding he spent millions including 50 pounds caviar, 600 bottles of Champagne, dinning was arranged around swimming pool filled with 200 gallons of Eau de Cologne. When he divorced his one wife, it was settled for $ 1.5 million with $ 100,000 per year. Irani Naheed Sikandar Mirza later trapped Z A Bhutto through Nusrat Bhutto, he was so influenced that he wrote Sikandar Mirza in a letter that "Your name will be written before Quaid e Azam". Yahya Khan was not trialed by any court when PPP took over govt., one of the causes was his Iranian links, and he had been enjoying wines and women living at Harley Street, Rawalpindi till his death.

After appointment of Ali Khan at UN by Govt. of Pakistan, probably on August 19 1958 Washington Post wondered on his appointment and wrote about his shouts of "wine for everyone" and "where the girls are" etc. None of descendents of Agha Khan are Pakistan national, moreover their women married to non-Muslims openly. Only private rituals are served after death in hidden manner in a few cases. Some adopted Christian names and married to non-Muslims.

Prince Sadar ud Din was his brother who worked at UNESCO and known for protecting Jewish heritage at Egypt.

  1. Mirza Zia Ispahani:

He was appointed as ambassador to many places including Switzerland and Italy. While M M Ispahni was appointed as Ambassador to US (1947-52), High commissioner at UK (1952-54), Trade Ministr (1954-55), and Ambassador at Afghanistan (1973-74). In 1950 visit of Liaqat Ali Khan to US was a complete failure. However Korean war of 1949 was a lottery for Ispahanis, those earned billions in sale of jute and tea. Such hidden hands are plunderer who made solid footings and businesses. Their sectarian ambitions were also not hidden; its one example is Farahnaz Ispahani's above polluted video. There are a lot of other details of loot which are part of history now.

  1. Jamshed Marker: He was Parsi but it is necessary to be included due to his Iranian links. He is world's longest serving ambassador, Ambassador to UN (1986-89) and (1990-95), appointed at Russia, Canada, E Germany, F R Germany, France and Japan etc. Shakuit Aziz appointed him ambassador at Large in 2004.

Links of Hussain Haqqani with above information

Haqqani is trapped by Farahnaz Ispahani to use his talent for her ancestral sectarian role and keep up monopoly of their cronies appointed throughout world and locally, otherwise Haqqani is a middle class person well known for his fundamental beliefs, and change in his ideology was surprising for lot of persons who knows him since early education, he was trapped by Ispahani, who viciously took place of his second wife, and later adopted her religion, and now he is flag bearer of sectarian doctrine of Ispahani & Co. However Haqqani himself is opportunist and he is also using Ispahani as stair to get benefits of established mafia.

Same story took place with Z A Bhutto, and he was so fascinated by Iranian Naheed (Sikandar Mirza) and Nusrat (Bhutto) that later what happened in Pakistan is a history, and will be presented at some appropriate time. There are so many other victims of sectarian extremism and Iranian women.

Particularly Hussain Haqqani has lost his senses and gone too far in influence of his rich sectarian wife, and no harm in naming as sectarian fanatic or extremist. Both ruined the career of Naheed khan and Safdar Abbasi, those were named in murder of BB, and yesterday those were not even invited in oath taking ceremony of Zardari, major crime of Nahid Khan is that she is sister of former wife of Haqqani (in fact that marriage was part of opportunism of Haqqani to take advantage of Naheed Khan's relations with BB). Example of opportunism of Ispahani was visible and her activities at president house should be alarming for Haqqani.

If you may like to know what polluted doctrine Ispahani & Co has? Listen to Zafar Hilali on Dawn TV channel; judge his poisonous doctrine full of sectarian hate. Such peoples are called "establishment" since creation of Pakistan, sucking its blood and their loyalties are with enemies of Pakistan. Think what Farahnaz Ispahani had been doing on foreign channels as employee, only to damage Pakistan.

Click any of the following links, it is same story presented in different style by websites, which could lead to other back up material as well.


International Professor

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