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Governor of Punjab Salman Taseer "“ History and pictures part ii.

Everybody has seen family of Salman Taseer, his personal character including activities of his family published on web (click link below)

Governor Punjab: images Salman Taseer & his family 18+

"Leaders" of a nation half of which sleep hungry

Brief history of current Governor of Punjab:

Story starts from Ajnala, District Gurdaspur (East Punjab India), Mian Atta ud Din a poor peasant with a very small piece of land died and left behind a son Mohammed Din Taseer (born 1902), in childhood Mohammed Din was brought to Pakistan by his maternal uncle Mian Nizam ud Din, who raised him at Barood Khana (Lahore), as soon as he got education he started to hide his name Mohammed Din and started to write M D Taseer, Lahore was not so big at that time and Allam Iqbal use to visit that street frequently, and his foster parents had link with Allama Iqbal, later he married to a Christian woman, who born Salman Taseer current Governor of Punjab. His father M D Taseer worked as lecturer or principal during his life time, how suddenly Salman Taseer got a lot of money looks like a miracle, however it is possible only in lawless country Pakistan.

He married to Amna Haq, daughter of Mian Munawar ul Haq, known as M U Haq, who was cricketer and Chairman of World Call and First Capital Corporation, with the collaboration of Jugnu Mohsin (daughter of canteen contractor), all this group started looting, shares from Oman Tel to Pace shopping malls, Hayatt hotel range, Business plus TV, Daily Times and Aaj Kal newspapers etc. on the names of different family members including Amna Taseer, Babar Ali Syed (son of canteen contractor), AVM Arshad Rashid Sethi (DG CAA and Shaheen Foundation, Shaheen Insurance etc.). Saadia Pirzada wife of Abdul Hafeez Pirzada (former Law Minister of PPP) is sister in law of Salman Taseer, Bhutto was her lover. However his father MD Taseer was a literary person but like him who married with a Christian woman, all of his descendents love lust and passing licentious life style (their pictures you already have seen on above links).

Great prostitutes and strippers belong to this family like Amna Haque daughter of Sheherzad Neelofar Haq most nude call girl of Pakistan of international fame. In other famous strippers, Sadaf Jalal super model and Saadia Khan classical dancer are included etc.

Qualification of Salman Taseer is only F.A, because his papers for National Assembly elections were rejected during elections of 2002, due to condition of B.A qualifications. Later he was appointed as Minister by Mush, major beneficiaries of removal of B.A clause from the constitution are Asif Zardari and Salman Taseer. (Former is President and later is Governor), think how corrupt was Mush who changed constitution to widen his rule and to gain personal benefits, NRO is another example. Zardari, Gaillani, Hafeez Pirzada, Salman Taseer and Najam sethi gang are remnant of fascist dictatorship of Mush.

Inherited immoral genes of Salman Taseer pushed him to marry with a Sikh Indian woman in 1980, Talveen Singh, who works for Indian Express, born a son Aatish Salman Singh, who works for Times magazine. Same as like Hussain Haqqani and Najam Sethi, he changed his religion and became Sikh.

There is a huge stock of information about Salman Taseer Singh, we usually avoid interfering in family matters, but it is need of the time to show public the real face of politicians and thugs who are sucking money and made beggar to entire nation.

When media is sold and fourth pillar of state is running with corrupt media owners and lifafa journalists, Pakistani's have no choice to depend on websites for truth and to seek knowledge. For crushing yellow journalism and monopoly of corrupt Pakistani journalists watch Pakistani websites, don't waste money.


International Professor   


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yaar yeh banda khud bhi shakal say ganaster lagata hai ...
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