Pakistan heading towards chaos by Asif Haroon Raja
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26191.jpg India has all along been trying to breakup Pakistan, but it became a collective target of Indo-US-Israeli nexus after it opted to gain nuclear capability in 1970s. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, India and Israel in collaboration kept trying to knockout Kahuta plant. In this regard, imposition of Pressler amendment in 1990 was designed to prevent Pakistan from acquiring this capability. Pakistan Click here to read Full Article

Inayatullah Khan Asghar: The Last of Allama Mashriqi’s Freedom Fighter Sons Passes Away by Nasim Yousaf
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In the early hours of April 12, 2018, Allama Mashriqi and Wilayat Begum’sson, Inayatullah Khan Asghar,died.He was 84 years old.He wasthe last of the unsung freedom fightersfrom Mashriqi’s family; he was arrested at least twice during the independence movement of the Indian sub-continent (now Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh).During his lifetime, he crossed paths with all levels of society – from th Click here to read Full Article
Allama Mashriqi &Allama Iqbal: The Pride of Asia by Nasim Yousaf
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Allama Inayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi and Allama Sir Mohammad Iqbal are regarded as legendary personalities of Asia.The two men have much in common;both graduated from the University of Cambridge and were illustrious thinkers, philosophers, writers,intellectuals, and politicians. They reached the highest pinnacles of fame and prominence in their respective fields.Both were also not without their con Click here to read Full Article
Gathering dark clouds by Asif Haroon Raja
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Muslims of East Bengal were the worst affected region during the British rule and had ardently yearned for Pakistan to free themselves from the cruel crutches of Hindu-British combine that had turned them into serfs. Birth of Pakistan was seen as a miracle of 20th century. Its survival under extreme odds was indeed a bigger miracle. Pundit Nehru had eyes on East Pakistan (EP) soon after the bir Click here to read Full Article
Controversial Senate Elections by Asif Haroon Raja
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The March 3 Senate elections seem to be the most controversial elections in the 45-year-old history of the upper house of the Parliament as all the parties are crying foul and accusing each other of indulging in horse-trading. It is proven that big amounts were doled out to 20 legislators of PTI in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly to secure votes for PPP. PTI MPAs have confirmed that they are being ask Click here to read Full Article
March 23, 1940: Making of Pakistan by Asif Haroon Raja
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Yesterday on March 23, 78th Pakistan Day was celebrated with vivacity and zest. Armed forces carried out brilliant march past in Islamabad and delighted the audience. To trace back the significance of this day, the idea of Pakistan in embryonic form was given by poet-philosopher Allama Muhammad Iqbal in his historic address at Allahabad in 1930.He had envisioned Pakistan based on Muslim majority p Click here to read Full Article
Khaksar and JallianwalaBaghMassacres: The Bloodbaths that Ignited the Freedom Movement By NasimYousaf
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The cold-blooded massacre of Khaksarsin Lahore and the JallianwalaBagh incident in Amritsar took place on March 19, 1940 and April 13, 1919 respectively. The two tragediesoccurred in cities in Punjab that are only 31 miles (50 km) apart.The Khaksar and JallianwalaBagh massacres not only broughtcountry-wide resentment against the British Raj, but also sparked the Indian sub-continent’s (now compris Click here to read Full Article

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انسانوں کے معاشرے میں جنگل کا قانون ۔ محمد اعظم
قومی اداروں کی شکست و ریخت ۔ ذمہدارکون۔غلام مرتضیٰ باجوہ
پشتون تحفظ موومنٹ ۔ (حصہ اول) ۔ میر افسر امان
نگاہ درویش ۔ پروفیسر محمدعبداللہ بھٹی
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سرکاری سکولوں کی حالت زار ۔ محمد اعظم
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طاقتور اتحادی مثلث ۔ سمیع اللہ ملک
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