"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Few Other pics  are at this bellow mentioned link
 Reply:   Do not judge others
Replied by(Hienz) Replied on (1/Feb/2011)

Do not judge others, look into your own homes first. Tell me have you never commited a single sin ever in your life. Stop posting private pictures, these are not as bad as what goes around in the country across.
 Reply:   Reham Allaha Reham*
Replied by(immaculate143) Replied on (7/Feb/2009)

hazrat Umer e Fareooq RA nay jab khalafat sambhli to aap nay kuch nakat pay mustamil aak kanoon pass kiya jis main say kuch baatain yeh hain k 1 koi bhi Wali (means> Governor ya hakumat ka koi uhdaydar chana hoa ata nahin khaye ga 2 koi bhi hukumat ka karinda achay means bunay hoye bareek kapray nahin pehnay ga 3 apnay darbar k bahir koi darban khara nahin karay ga 4 turki nasal k hourse use nahin karay ga to aaj hum khud hi dekh lain k kaisay kaisay log hum pay hukmarani ker rahay hain ishi terhan Hzrat Umer ko kisi sahabi nay bataya k Wali e miser in tamam batton ki nafi ker rahay hian to aap nay aak aur sahabi ko tasdeek k liye uder rawana kiya uder ja ker dekha to mamla aisa hi tha uhon nay wali e miser ko paker k Hzrat umer ki adalat main pesh ker diya to aap nay un say kaha k tumhara naam kaya hai tu unhon nay kaha waqas bin ghanam to aap nay kaha k ghanam ka pata hai kaya matlab hia bakrian charanay wala tumhara bap yehi kam kerta tha tum us ki ulad ho tum awam k malik nahin ho un k gulam ho is liye gulamon jaisay raho aur yeh kam chor do aap nay phir say un ko bakarian charain pay mamoor ker diya.
 Reply:   شیطان حکمران
Replied by(cnaamer) Replied on (25/Nov/2008)

اے پاکیستان۔ شاید اب اللھ پاک بھی تم سے ناراض ھو گءے
 Reply:   what the ****
Replied by(sal0300) Replied on (18/Nov/2008)
listen bro u talk about gillani zardari and taseer do not blame them you said zardari has corrupt friends huh''is that your mourning about hmm,then why our public casted their votes to them why did our awam choose them what for my whole family never ever voted for any leader in their whole life though we do not live in pakistan but let me tell you you chose them now get on with it,o rite..if imran khan goes to university to have words with youngsters to bring the change in pakistan you people beat the shit out of him huh!!!he just wanted to youngsters out and could bring change in pakistan.but what no we are studying thats what uni mates replies do not disturb them huh!!!bloody hell *** u get on with it,
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