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This all happened in one day @ 02-Nov-2012 and this is not the first time that India or other "Muslim" countries have denied visas to official Pakistanis. Pakistani Government is silent as ever, over these matters. I can assume that if this is happening with officials then what could be happening to normal Pakistanis across the world. What Pakistan’s “white elephant ambassadors” are doing across the world?

 Reply:   No Response from any Pakistani Official as usual
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (4/Nov/2012)

I was waiting to hear anything from sports bodies or Pakistan Govt or from spokesman of Foreign Ministry but as always... no response from any where. So, Pakistanis please be ready for more rejection and more humiliation... So many arab countries have banned Pakistan from quite a long e.g Qatar, Kuwait.. but of course Pakistani foreign ministry is too busy with "Talibaan" and "Malala" and these small matters are now daily routine, so why to bother...
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