"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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 Reply:   agha khanis are kafir
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (11/Jan/2011)

alas that pakistani law does not include them in kufar like qadianis,infact ismailis are just as non muslims as qadianis are we need a true muslim ruler who takes this brave step of declaring agha khanis non muslim,.agha khanis are nowadays trying desperately to separate gilgit baltistan from pakistan and make it an agha khani state
 Reply:   Thank you for clarification
Replied by(AttaRasool) Replied on (15/Sep/2010)

I am happy to read clarification. thank u sir. All Muslims are brothers and we do not have right to weigh the eiman of each other. Pakistan in particular and Muslims in general badly need unity
 Reply:   Hasan Merchant
Replied by(hasanmerchant) Replied on (15/Sep/2010)
The Truth.... Please read and understand.....

The foregoing pictures are those of a person impersonating as The Aga Khan.  This particular person whose real name is Nasir-ud-din and he is from Hunza, a place in Northern Pakistan.  He started playing with the faith and made a small group and started his own rituals and practices which were totally against the tenants of Islam and totally immoral and unethical.  He was warned of his activities and later was excommunicated from The Shia Ismaili Muslims.

One must realize that there are many people who get swayed by their own belief and their own realization and over a period of time, imagine themselves to be the Gods….. like it happened with Bhagwan Rajneesh who were a great philosopher and a good theologian but then later proclaimed himself as a Bhagwan…. Likewise there was a person who took over Kaba Sheriff and proclaimed himself as Mehdi and was taken down by force…. Likewise this person Nasir-ud-din Hunzai is proclaiming himself to be the Payshawaa and calling himself as the Aga Khan.  Please note here Aga Khan (Persian: آقا خان ) is the hereditary title of the Imam of the largest branch of the Ismā'īlī followers (Arabic: الطائفة الإسماعيلية‎) of the Shī‘afaith. They affirm the Imamat of the descendents of Ismail ibn Jafar, eldest son of Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq, while the mainstream Twelver branch of Shi`ism follows Ismail's younger brother Musa al-Kazim and his descendants. (  Currently the reins of Imamate are with Prince Karim Aga Khan IV who happens to be the 49th Imam of the Shia Ismaili Muslims. (

Now, let’s see the Ismailia contribution towards Pakistan.  Sir Sultan Mohammed Shah, The Aga Khan III was the 48th Imam and the founders and the first president of the All India Muslim League and served as President of the League of Nations from 1937-38. (  Not only Pakistan, but the Shia Ismaili are known and respected the world over.  Appended hereunder are some of the web-links that will help you understand the belief and faith of the followers of the Aga Khan and known as Ismailis


1.    ‘Word of God, Art of Man: The Qur’an and its Creative Expressions’  Please explore the web site and its hope page too.

2.    Interview on CBC Television “One on One” by Peter Mansbridge –   Double Click on the picture screen and watch it in full screen.

3.    The Aga Khan Development Network -

4.    Focus Humanitarian Assistance – an agency helping people in need to reduce their dependence on humanitarian aid and facilitates their transition to sustainable self-reliant, long-term development -

5.    The Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) focuses on small number of specific development problems by forming intellectual and financial partnerships with organizations sharing its objectives…

I would like to urge you to please explore these sites and understand Ismailism, besides each person has its own faith and one of the tenants of Islam is not to proclaim other human as “Kahir” as it rests with Allah alone to judge……….

In the end, I raise my hand in pray and urge you to join me “May Allah forgive all those who have gone astray and bestow upon them the tawfiq to follow the right path “Sirat-ul-Mustakeem”… Ameen, Ameen, Suma Ameen.

 Reply:   Is he kissing normal women 's feet?
Replied by(AttaRasool) Replied on (9/Aug/2010)

what is this ritual ? is he kissing normal women feet or they belong to royal family? I am not expert of religion, i am common person and student of history.1. I have found Ismaaelia, the most clean habited,honest and hard working people in pakistan. 2.Agha khan the 3rd was the man who got separate electorate won for muslims of India from British. Ist step towards making of pakistan and Never forget Quaid azam about whom Iqbal said, he is my spritual leader. Please don't pass judgment like God. he alone knows who is on right path. There are certain pakistanis, they are destroying the basic foundation of this country and considered very upright muslims. these Ismaaelis are peace loving motivated pakistanis let us not spread hatred against them. Oh my God ,guide us to the right path and donot include us amongst those to whom you are annoyed.Aameen
 Reply:   Oyyyy yeh baba kon hy?
Replied by(jojo) Replied on (9/Mar/2009)

i saw him first time and by name like a Muslim but by acting like something else. Which kind of religion is that. This is not Islam. What he is doing with the feet of girls "Kissing" he want to get jannah in this world? or what? i did not understand his psychology to doing this stupid things or his culture. In Peshawar the people are acting or representing Islam in this way? If yes than i will say that's the reason Pakistan my Innocent baby is suffering because these type of senseless people. I am surprise, even though we have education but still our people are illiterate and "Jahils" of 21 century.
Ya Allah Ya Allah please open their eyes, their minds, and their hearts to understand you. But they act like Hindus and they are busy in "Shrik" Na uzo billah mery Rab.
 Reply:   آغا خانی
Replied by(nazli) Replied on (7/Mar/2009)

100فی صد کافر ہے ان کے کفر پر کوءی شک نہ ہے
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