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It is not only mean but below humanity

Zeeshan Abbasi, Captain of Pakistan Blind Cricket team has been served acid filled glass at breakfast in Banglore, India where Pakistan defeated India for fourth straight time and thanks Allah he is out of danger but this the worst possible meanness India could show towards the visitors. God forbid, say for academic discussion only if Zeeshan has been inflicted with some serious health complications due to drinking acid then how could it change India’s defeat into win is my simple question? If at all Indians had felt too insulted to be each time defeated by Pakistan then they should have pounced on their own team players and officials as to why and how they insult the whole nation and that too at the hands of such an inborn arch enemy as Pakistan but they turned towards Pakistan instead is very much regretted to be honest and India must be very heavily penalized to be honest


I will blame Pakistani officials also for not being cautious rather found to be negligent and failing to protect our cricket team particularly when Pakistan defeated its arch rival India and that too in India. It is human psychology that when someone cannot defeat in playground or battle field then there are always chances that the loser may resort to some unthinkable unethical and immoral activities like serving acid as a drink and thus it demanded on the part of Pakistani officials to have been on guard but they were not found alike. Indians in this particular case have very easily dodged Pakistani officials who must not be blind I believe but found to be not only totally blind but lunatic too and they must be taken to task as they have been sent with  a team which is much incapacitated so how can they escape harsh punishment back home when they return. They were not sent for sightseeing or picnic or shopping but to look after our blind cricketers who enjoy unbeatable record till date, much better than our eyed cricketers to be honest who are always given extra privileges etc.


Incidentally now Mailk Rehman, Interior Minister should pick up courage and tell India that in protest to the attack on Zeesha Abbassi I am   not coming to Taj Mahal to celebrate my birthday there as planned earlier. He should also demand unconditional apology from India for such meanness. However, if he still goes to India then it will prove to him that self is more important for him and not the country. Let me pronounce that if it had happened with any other country then heads must had rolled till now but alas hours have passed I did not read any annoyance ir reaction from those who have say in Islamabad. Had sky split apart if Indian High Commissioner had been summoned to Foreign Ministry about it? What deters my President Zardari or for that matter PM Raja to take it up with their equal status persons in India about such meanness on part of India. We should not forget even for a fraction if a second that  out blind cricket team was representing the country and not club or street association so its official decorum must be maintained at all cost and we should not compromise on it come what may provided we are an honorable an respectable nation. Silence which has been shown till 1909 hours my time and 2109 PST must be broken and our roar must be heard at the right level and footing in India so that it dares not even think alike in future but if we just ignore and keep our eyes shut then be prepared when they slaughter our team and not just serve acid drink. Choice is yours and nit mine and I have discharged my national obligation to the best of my knowledge and belief.


I want to see as to how many are punished in Pakistan on such sad incident when none but life of our cricket captain had been out to sword for none of his fault.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait

BANGALORE: The condition of Pakistan blind cricket team captain Zeeshan Abbasi, who was made to drink a glass of acid during breakfast in India, is stable, sources said, Geo News reported.
The captain, who is leading national blind side in Twenty-20 World Cup Cricket Tournament for the blind at Bangalore, was apparently made to drink the hazardous liquid as the acid glass was served during breakfast right in front of partially blind Zeeshan Abbasi.
He was shifted to a local hospital there, where endoscopy was carried out and later the reports were declared clear, sources said.
Chairman Pakistan Blind Cricket Council Sultan Shah alleged that the glass filled with acid was deliberately placed on the table, if not, then why was it placed on the breakfast table?
Pakistan defeated India on Friday by eight wickets in Twenty-20 World Cup Cricket Tournament being held in Bangalore.
Talking to ‘Geo News’, father of Zeeshan Abbasi, Iftikhar Abbasi demanded full investigation into the incident.

 Reply:   Pakistan's visually impaired captain in mishap at team hotel
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (8/Dec/2012)
The captain of Pakistan's visually challenged cricket team, Zeshan Abbasi, who is in Bangalore to play the T20 Blind Cricket World Cup, was hospitalised on Saturday after accidentally drinking phenyl

Pakistan's visually impaired captain in mishap at team hotel

The captain of Pakistan's visually challenged cricket team, Zeshan Abbasi, who is in Bangalore to play the T20 Blind Cricket World Cup, was hospitalised on Saturday after accidentally drinking phenyl at the team hotel. He was discharged later in the day, and was 'absolutely fine' according to the doctors.

Abbasi had sipped the contents of a plastic bottle left on the table during breakfast, mistaking it for mineral water. He was taken to hospital, where was treated and kept under observation before being discharged a few hours later.

"Abbasi was discharged at 4.30pm. He is absolutely fine", the president of the hospital, Dr Shetty, was quoted as saying by PTI. He said Abbasi had had an endoscopy and all the results were normal.

Pakistan team manager Sultan Shah said the hotel had apologised for the incident, but they wanted it probed further. "We want to know from the hotel management, who have orally apologised to us, how such an incident happened and who is responsible for such negligence," Shah said. "It has to be ensured that such incidents do not recur. Otherwise, we are happy with the arrangements here."

SP Nagesh, the president of the All Indian Cricket Association, also called for an investigation: "[The hotel must] tell us how such a lapse occurred. We are awaiting their reply."

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