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Few more pics available at below link
 Reply:   Tariq Awan
Replied by(tariqawan) Replied on (15/Aug/2011)

How many people can gurantee that they did not see all this with FULL OPEN EYES to see these pictures, specially, what parts are un-Islamic, as they think this is their primary job as "Muslim" to point out all the un-Islamic things then talk about them, and how is that possible without very closely obesrving these pictures!

Who care if they have prayed Fajr Prayer with Jamaat or not, or even if they prayed at all or not! 

Did any brother / sister ever thougt, if death come to you just right now, how much preparation you have done to face Allah. This is more important to think about then criticising Salman Taseer? But Shaytan always keeps us away from such thinking, and encourages to see others mistakes and then bake bitting and character assasination of others, and finally filling up Hell! Brothers / Sisters, think of yourself where are you standing, not others. Jazak Allah Khairaan.




 Reply:   well said
Replied by(shakahmed) Replied on (16/Feb/2011)

well said my friend who ever you are problem with our people is they just seem to find problems in other people but never seem to look at themselfs their are more importment things than salman taseer and his family like vast corruption in pakistan by zardari and co also by shariff and co also lack of education lack of knowlege specially the mullahs who spread hatred who always claim their version of islam is best and trueth and rest is always wrong the most importent thing we need now as a nation is pearce harmony and love between our own people and need someone like imran khan who is a true pakistani to lead us in the way of our great leader mohammed ali jinaah and help creat pakistan as a modern tolerance estate for every pakistani regardless of their relgion inshallah one day it will happen when we will wake up and get rid of all these corrupt uneducated animals out of our beloved country and will live happily like we use to. pakistan zindabad.
 Reply:   bear your sins.
Replied by(anonymous88) Replied on (16/Feb/2011)

I am not trying to bear your sins, I have no interest and furthermore, I have sins of my own :) However, moral corruption is widespread, and we all know what happens in the Elite class - I just don't understand how putting these pictures up of his wife and daughters is helping you stop them from sinning? And as you can see, some people below failed to notice anything but "how beautiful" the ladies are and thus once again, let me remind you that you are only furthering yourself into sinning rather than spreading awareness. By the way, it's MS. anonymous88.
 Reply:   why you trying to bear my sins then..
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (16/Feb/2011)

Mr Anonymous88... whatever you said is correct and i accept that. but u tell me, why you criticized me.... i am bearer of my own sin and you shouldn't be bothered about that.. but you couldn't stop yourself from criticizing my wrong act.... because this is a basic instinct...and because of that basic instinct i did this... "Emaan has three stages.. if you see a sin then try to stop it, by your hand .. if cant then by you tongue... if cant then think of it as wrong in your heart" as per international law and thics... any public figure don't have any personal life.. David Bekhams latest case in American courts gave the same verdict yesterday... every Pakistani has a right to see and to know what their governor is and what his family is... this will give them a direction to judge him and his acts and will help them to decide to retain him or not Pictures were put long back and at that time Mr taseer was alive.
 Reply:   disgusting.
Replied by(anonymous88) Replied on (15/Feb/2011)

Whoever put up these pictures should be ashamed of himself. If you want to talk about Islam, please note that firstly: The Islamic belief concerning human sin is: the individual bears the responsibility for his own sin; no one else should bear this burden for him, nor should he bear the burden for anyone else. Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): “And no bearer of burdens shall bear another’s burden…” [Faatir 35:18]. Secondly, making mistakes is a part of human nature. Our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “Every son of Aadam is bound to commit sins…” (reported by al-Tirmidhi, 2423. EVERY person is responsible for his own actions. The Taseer family is doing something wrong, but you are no one to JUDGE and publicize their private affairs. The man is dead, his family is suffering, and you are putting up his private pictures? Shame on you to stoop down to such a low level. If you are concerned, go tell people not to commit sins, do not sit behind a computer posting pictures and eliciting anger.
 Reply:   So beautiful
Replied by(abbasirauf) Replied on (7/Feb/2011)

Thanks for sharing such beautiful girls. I liked his family. these are all pretty woman in the pictures. whats wrong if he does not care about his wife and daughter, why should we care about him. let his family enjoy their life, who cares. Do you know what the others do in this country. I do agree that its a sin according to religion to do such things in private or in public. However what is your opinion about the injustice in society, rape, murder, illigal occupation of land, corruption, bribery, looting public funds and all that in our society. In my opinion this is just a small thing in front of all these crimes which are being committed on daily basis in front of all of us and we do not dare to oppose any because in Punjab our Mian brothers will be angry in Sindh our Zardari will be unhappy and in Karachi Altaf bai will be furious and in Sarhad(Pakhtoonkha) our ANP socialists will be unhappy to hear our objection. Why not you guys start coming in streets and start doing accountability of all.... this is small thing because Salam Taseer was a liberal man and he did not care about any norms or culture or anything including religion. That is his personal matter but why are we not speaking for public matters which are really grave in nature than his personal acts. We all are human and have weak character so better not to point our fingers on others.
 Reply:   There is some bug, we will fix soon InshahAllah
Replied by(webmaster) Replied on (22/Jan/2011)

Dear Shakahmed your and other's, whose comments are in favor of taseer, are still on site. which means site is allowing both sides to write their views. After your highlight, we are amazed as well. We think that there is some bug in the page. Right now, All old replies don't have the report abuse button. But this is not something intentional from our side. which we will rectify in day or two and after that, InshahAllah, you will see report abuse to all replies except moderator's replies.
 Reply:   report abuse
Replied by(shakahmed) Replied on (22/Jan/2011)

who ever have given true comments about salman taseer and and these uneducated mullahs who are bent on destroying pakistan and its foundatioyou seem to put report abuse on their comments who agree with you and are favour of mullahs you dont seem to put report abuse on their comments this is what you call bias thats what you are and your site its shameful that you site only promotes hate.
 Reply:   please let people live in peace.
Replied by(shakahmed) Replied on (16/Jan/2011)

nobody has right to tell anyone how to live their life pakistan should to be a tolerant society who cared for one another regardless of their relgion or caste now its everything to do with relgion now its everything is done what these low life mullahs want they have very limited knowlege of islam they lie they come up with there own version of islam most of these people are uneducated apart from spreading hatred they have nothing else the worst problem pakistan has its 75% population lacks education thats why it listens to these idiots thats why you have idiots cheering that scumbag qadri who is a murderer this only happens in pakistan why does not happen in other muslim countries like dubai iraq lebabnon turkey malasyia why pakistanis can not live like decent humans and learn to respect other humans regardless of their relgion caste or how they live there lifes please people of pakistan wake up live in peace.
 Reply:   Dear Nadia, we are thinking about this but..
Replied by(webmaster) Replied on (12/Jan/2011)

Dear Nadia These images are to show the real liberal face of our elite, so people can see their religious approach. We are thinking to remove the article because salman taseer is dead now but the only problem we are feeling is.. this article has been referenced many place and removing this make that link invalid. anyhow, this matter is already under consideration.
 Reply:   Noman...there's request!!!
Replied by(nadiakhaan) Replied on (11/Jan/2011)

As you are the owner of this site, could you please remove this I feel that..we all know the culture of Pakistani elite why Salman Taseer's daughters only...... Could you please remove Salman Taseer's daughters snaps!!! Please.. Thanks & Regards Nadia Khan
 Reply:   kdmirza
Replied by(kdmirza) Replied on (28/Nov/2010)

now most of the people,s says that their is a nudity in these photos,So would you like to tell me where is it,in which way,in which manners,in which Attitude.where is nudity,now see it care fully.
 Reply:   kdmirza
Replied by(kdmirza) Replied on (28/Nov/2010)

now most of the people,s says that their is a nudity in these photos,So would you like to tell me where is it,in which way,in which manners,in which Attitude.where is nudity,now see it care fully.
 Reply:   musalman ka naam pa dagh
Replied by(humhain10) Replied on (7/Jan/2010)

kash ya cheezain har aik ka samna khul ka aa jaein aur saree awam ko pata chale ka hamaray leader kya kartay hain. bilawal bhutto is same like them
 Reply:   May God gave us leaders like Hazrat ummer
Replied by(noorkhan) Replied on (9/Dec/2009)

Shame on them been the governer of punjab province its discusting and i will pray in every day for this government to be rolled off take off what aver u say that i just wna say they are not the well wishers of pakistan even islam is so farr away from them .
May God protect us from gule and guys like bilavel and the same western cultured fukkin shits .
 Reply:   These pictures must be shown to all Pakistanis
Replied by(Haque) Replied on (15/Nov/2009)

 Reply:   who is what
Replied by(ajal) Replied on (26/Oct/2009)

is main koi hairat wali bat nahin her insan ko allah ne jeenay ka haq dia ha ab ye allha ne insan pe chou dia ha k wo kon sa rasta ikhtiar krta ha agr hamaray leaders aisay hain to hum ne kon sa teer mara ha main ne aj tak apne ooper islam laago nahin kia main doosron pr kia laagon kron ga is waqt hamain sirf allah se apne aamal ki toba krni chahiay aur apne ap ko sub se pehlay theek krna chahiay jis din ye qaum zinda ho gai inshallah allah hamain bin mangay aadil leaders ata kray ga

Pakistan ka matlan kia
la ilaha illalah
allha se hota ha allah k gair se kuch nahin hota

 Reply:   Salmaan Taseer
Replied by(Fahad24) Replied on (6/Oct/2009)
Look like you had an amazing time!!!

 Reply:   you suck.
Replied by(hr206) Replied on (11/Dec/2008)
oye jahil ke bachon, khotay ke bachon, aqal karo kuch. kaam karo ja ke. haha these guys are such losers yaar. dancing to the tunes of satin.. oooohh
 Reply:   Patay Ki Baat
Replied by(Rahat) Replied on (24/Nov/2008)

aur weisay bhi salman taseer is the chair holder not his wife or ppl have a heart yaar kisi ko tu jeenay doo.jao aatta sasta honay ka intizar kro,petrol sasta honay ka intizar karo.uss din ka intizar karo jiss din koi channel bomb blast ki breaking news na dai.civilized nations ko follow matt karo.sirf intizar karo INTIZAR. kionkay tum MUSLIM ho sirf INTIZAR hay tumhary MUQADDAR mein.... GOOD LUCK
 Reply:   O Ji Rakh O Shera !
Replied by(Rahat) Replied on (24/Nov/2008)

Khush keta ii.Bass hunn Patt Kay Rakho Tay Chak Kay Rakho Ess Kam Nu.Pawein Pelay Apnay Gharoon hi Sahi.......
Replied by(Saair) Replied on (21/Nov/2008)

 Reply:   What is wrong?
Replied by(khansahib) Replied on (21/Nov/2008)

In pics main kia chiz buri he. bhai jesay hum wayse hamaray leader. hum ye q chahte hain k hum jo marzi karin par hamaray leaders Sultan salah ud din ayubi hun.

or aik or baat bhai ye governer hamari shaeed bibi benazir bhutto k shor e naamdar ne specially humain (punjab ko)gift kiya he. to ab governer sahib ji ki marzi jo chahay karin.

agar kisi ko ziada takleef he tu Moulana Fazul ur Rahman ko Governer bana de.....

 Reply:   Ahsan
Replied by(Ahsan123) Replied on (19/Nov/2008)

Seriously, its their life. Let them do what they want. These pictures have nothing to do with him being governor. Its not like by doing all these things, Pakistan is suffering. Its sad how some people can make private matters a public affair and then question the way others lead their lives. What Salman Taseer and his family do in their personal time is none of any one else's business.
 Reply:   What will be happend toTaseer in Europe & America
Replied by(Rafiq_Ahmed) Replied on (19/Nov/2008)

Europe & American Governments must kick him out, although their culture is permitting except politicians. Their public want to see their politician and their family members very neat and clean in their lives. Do you know Mr. Obama has left smoking before taking charge of US President. These kind of leaders we need to see who can scarify their habits to develop country and to promote nation.
 Reply:   taxpayers money
Replied by(khurram89) Replied on (19/Nov/2008)

I will only say Salman do whatever you want, but not with taxpayers money,
 Reply:   Good luck to him
Replied by(Khayyam) Replied on (18/Nov/2008)

These photos show that as a family man, as a friend, as a businessman and as a host Salman Taseer is second to none. These photos show nothing wrong. He is entitled to live his life as he sees fit. At least he is not a hypocrite hiding behind islamic veil while practising everything what is against the islamic scriptures. According to the scriptures banking is haram, stock market is haram, murree and quetta brewery are haram, women running around uncovered and without mahrams is haram, music is haram, TV and cable and radio satations playing music are haram even restricting the age for marraige of girls is haram. People who pick on his private lifestyle should fight to have all that restored first.
It is his politics which one can argue with. His political utterances and practices leave a lot to be desired and can be justifiably critcised.

 Reply:   keep it up, SALMAN!!!!!!
Replied by(fahim) Replied on (11/Nov/2008)

Hi guyz! they are the people who are trying to make our country the most famous in the world and to convert this PAKISTAN to NA-PAKISTAN.....
or you can say that:
they are showing us the Pakistan of 2045........
 Reply:   May Allah have mercy upon us.
Replied by(Mohsin_Mehmood) Replied on (8/Nov/2008)

May Allah have mercy upon us.
 Reply:   do not woRry
Replied by(agrilive) Replied on (8/Nov/2008)

Replied by(Hameed_Chaudhry) Replied on (7/Nov/2008)


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