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Kabul Attacked one day after Bonn Conference

By Zaheerul Hassan


Just after one day of the second Bonn Conference, over 58 people have been killed and many injured in three sparsest unprecedented attacks in Afghanistan. In first blast the suicide bomber carrying backpack full of explosives has blasted him after entering into Shia worshippers gathering at the Abul Fazl (an adviser to a 14th century Mughal emperor) shrine for Ashura, marking the death of Hussain, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). The shrine is located in Murad Khane, a mainly Shia neighbourhood along the Kabul River, close to the defence ministry. The shrine and its blue minaret is one of Kabul's better known landmarks and have been listed by the World Monuments Fund as one of its 100 most endangered sites of cultural heritage.

In another separate attack four people were killed, including one Afghan soldier, when a bomb exploded in the Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif. According to the local district police official, “The bomb, which was carried on a bicycle, exploded near a mosque”. The third attack was launched against British Media team in Kandar city.

Anyhow, none of the Taliban led group claimed the responsibility of the worst sectarian attack in Afghanistan’s bloody recent history. Mohammad Bakir Shaikzada, the top Shia cleric in Kabul, stated that it was the first time that Shias had been attacked in decades.


The last incident of violence between Shiites and Sunnis following the U.S. invasion 10 years ago occurred in early 2006, during Ashura commemorations in the western city of Herat. During those riots, blamed on Islamic extremists, five people were killed and more than 50 injured. Although, later on some of the religious leaders of both the sects revealed that foreign forces believed in “divide and rule policy” were involved in the violence of Heart.


Pakistan and Afghan Taliban strongly condemned the suicidal attacks on Shia community. Thus, the blasts in Afghanistan on the day of “Ashura” could be the repetition of the same old policy of “divide and rule”. It would not be wrong if we say that the implementation of said policy has been started again through drug supporters, the most corrupt and U.S., sponsored puppet government led by President Hamid Karzai. In short the blasts were deliberate attempt of CIA, RAW, Mossad and Afghan Intelligence Agency with a view to confirming their ruling elite’s stance taken in Bonn Conference over Afghan Issue. Afghan President who is famous for leveling nonsense allegations again declared Pakistan as terrorists’ save heaven. The actual fact is that Kabul Palace of Afghanistan has been converted into operational headquarters of elements operating against Pakistan, China, Iran and Russia. Therefore, conspiracy of murder of former president, Burhanuddin Rabbani, Kabul Attacks against Shia, instability in

Balochistan, militancy in Pakistan, terrorism in Chinese Northern provinces and Iranian nuclear plants have been prepared and sponsored Kabul palace.


It is also mentionable that present Afghan government under Karzai has only control over six km of the radius, whereas the rest of the Afghanistan is under control of Afghan Taliban where 140,000 U.S. led NATO troops are fighting unsuccessful battle since September 11 attacks. On first day of the conference, Karzai claimed in his speech that his government remained successful in elimination of terrorism and brought stability in Afghanistan. At the same time while addressing 90 members of the conference, he also alleged Pakistan for cross border terrorism and said that nothing has been done to end cross border attacks inside Afghanistan. He also indirectly made Pakistan responsible for assassination of former Afghan president and a peace broker Burhanuddin Rabbani. In fact his whole speech was crux of set already agenda i.e. rationalize of providing the bases to American led forces after for another decayed, on Indian behest deliberately maligning Pakistan in Afghanistan insecurity and prolonging own corrupt regime under U.S umbrella.


U.S. regional watchdog “India” accused that Pakistan is responsible of all the crises facing Afghanistan. The Indian minister for External Affairs S.M. Krishna during his speech did not spare Pakistan aimed at seeking peace for Afghan people who suffered a lot and lost thousands of lives in decade long war. India and her adopted child “Karazai” while alleging Islamabad probably have forgotten that Pakistan security forces has sacrificed over 35000 civilians, 5000 troops in addition to huge financial losses. Recently, in a deadly attack on its check posts 24 soldiers have been killed and in reaction Pakistan boycotted the Bonn conference. Millions of Afghan people have been migrated to Pakistan and became extraordinary burden over its economy.


Anyhow, according to the dictated agenda President Hamid Karzai told around 1,000 delegates gathered in the western German city of Bonn for the one-day meeting that his government needed long-term international backing. In this context, the concluding statement of Bonn Conference revealed that the protection of civilians, strengthening the rule of law and the fight against corruption in all its forms remain key priorities. The document said that, in exchange for good governance, the international community was ready to stand by Afghanistan in the 10 years after NATO’s combat troops withdraw from the country in 2014. This renewed partnership between Afghanistan and the international community entails firm mutual commitments in the areas of governance, security, the peace process, economic and social development, and regional cooperation. The conference also acknowledge that the burden of Afghanistan’s neighbours, in particular Pakistan and Iran, in providing temporary refuge to millions of Afghans in difficult times and are committed to further work towards their voluntary, safe and orderly return. The conference further added that the both sides “solemnly dedicated themselves to deepening and broadening their historic partnership from Transition to the Transformation Decade of 2015-2024”.


During this conference Mrs. Clinton also praise Pakistan and said, “We continue to believe that Pakistan has a crucial role to play,” she told reporters later, adding that she was encouraged by remarks by a Pakistani government official that it will continue cooperation, including in the fight against terrorism. On contrary to it some of the U.S. senators like Senator John McCain keep on yelling against Pakistani nuclear programme security forces and Intelligence Agency (ISI). Recently, a leading Republican voice on security issues, charged that Pakistani intelligence continues to support a terrorist group that kills Americans, and he noted that Pakistani troops in the past have fired across the poorly marked Afghan border. “This is a fog of war situation. Investigation is going on,” McCain said on CNN’s State of the Union program, referring to the November 26 air strikes on a Pakistani border post that plunged relations between the two erstwhile allies into crisis. Such types of senators are members of Indian and Israeli lobby need to be stopped for further deteriorating the already tense Pak-US relations.

However, while commenting on concluding remarks of Bonn Conference, Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar said that we respect the opinion of the international community but response would be given after taking detailed deliberation of the results of the conference.

Coming back on the topic, I must say that the  peace and stability in Afghanistan is possible through national reconciliation  and after taking into confidence true representatives of Afghanistan (Taliban), Pakistan, Iran, regional powers(China and Russia), America and countries participating in its development. American and other foreign forces should vacate the region by 2014 and elections under the UNO be conducted to select true leadership of Afghanistan.  

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