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Bangladesh: Hasina Wajid lacks

 Sportsman Spirit

By Zaheerul Hassan

Bangladeshi Prime Minister, Hasina Wajid got furious after seeing local supporters flying Pakistani flags during Pakistan matches against Australia and India in Cricket World Cup T-20. Reportedly, she showed announce to the Bangladeshi administration over locals love for Pakistani Cricket Team. She asked them to ban local supporters from stadiums if they are seen carrying the flags of any of the other teams competing in the tournament. However, due to intense criticism and ICC pressure reverted to the old rules and while lifting the ban on March 27, 2014.

Her directive appeared in the media after an outcry over images of locals fleeing Pakistani flags during the recently concluded Asia Cup, also held in Ban  gladesh. In this regard, a Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) spokesman confirmed   that the board had issued a directive after it “noticed that some local fans were flying foreign flags flouting the country’s flag rules”.

“We’ve received instruction in this regard,” the spokesman told AFP, without clarifying.

“As such we've ordered security officials and guards to make sure Bangladesh fans cannot carry or fly flags of foreign nations in the stadiums.”

Sports’ lovers, across the globe have condemned the decision of banning supporters from enjoying the game openly and freely. They also showed serious concerns over narrow mindedness of Bangladeshi Prime Minister towards game.  The current decision of banning of flying flags also dictates; Hasina Wajid lacks sportsman spirit couple with hatter feelings against a Muslim brother country.

Earlier, on 31 March 2012, she could not digest Bangladesh’s defeat at the hands of Pakistan in Asia Cup Cricket tournament and threw mud on Pakistan. 

In an interview with a local daily Amardesh, the pro-Indian Bangladeshi premier went on saying that her country could win the final of Asia Cup if lovers of ISI and Pakistan didn’t come to stadium to witness the match, hinting at opposition leader Khalida Zia. Moreover, in early 2014 initially Bangladesh decided not to support India, Australia and England in the case of “Big Three”. However, Bangladesh has   changed the decision and on Indian pressure decided to support “Big Three”. 

Hasina Wajid is pro-Indian leader to the extent that she even compromised on her national interests by not raising voice on issues like Faraka Dam, border area in negotiations with New Delhi. She preferred to follow Indian leaders’ footsteps in politics and ruling of country.

Recently, Abdul Qadir Mullah of Jamaat e Islami   for supporting Pakistan in 1971 has been hanged on the order of Hasina Wajid.  She always criticizes Pakistan whenever gets chance during speeches on national days or in country’s elections. Whereas contrary to it Bangladeshi people have displayed their extreme liking while supporting Pakistani Cricket Team in the recent Cricket World Cup T-20.  Anyhow, from the current episode it only appears that Hasina Wajid government has attained the status of “Indian puppet government” in this region. 

Another, view point is prevailing in the masses that decision of banning of flying the flags might have been taken as desired by “Big Three”. They might have thought that moral of their teams get down in case the audience support goes against them.  

Notably, 67 Kashmiri students of another university in Meerut were suspended for supporting the Pakistan cricket team against India and six students, including four Kashmiris, were expelled from the hostel of a private university in Greater Noida city of Uttar Pradesh following an alleged clash over support during last Asia Cup matches between Pakistan and India.

Credible sources have also revealed that Hasina Wajid planned to put censorship and ban on the news which are directly or indirectly promoting love for Pakistan. She must know that such type actions will not further harm the relationship between two countries but also stop locals to witness and enjoy the matches freely.   

However, ICC sought clarification from Bangladesh on the under discussion issue but still failed to convince Bangladesh to revert the decision of ban on flying flags. In fact, Hasina Wajid has played a cheap shot while giving order of not flying flags in the stadium. She may not know that her own team is suffering with internal conflicts and will likely to face defeat in the coming match against India on Friday. In this regard,  Bangladesh number one player Shakib-al-Hasan and skipper Mushfiqur Rahim are not on the same page which is evident from the contradictory statements that they have made in the media prior to and after the West Indies game, which the hosts badly lost by 73 runs.

Moreover, BCB president Nazmul Hasan has also openly criticized the skipper for his comments at the post-match press conference; the hosts are looking like a rudderless ship which is not a good thing before a crucial game against India. Now ,questions arises whether Hasina Wajid is going to show altogether different gestures in the next Indo-Bangladesh Cricket Match or just prefer to remain as silent as over Faraka Dam and border issues with neighbour India. In short, Bangladeshi Prime Minister Hasina Wajid should behave like mature leaders instead interfering in petty issues. She should not impose such type of  bans and show sportsman spirit In future. 

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