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Stop Aggressions against Innocent Gazans

By Zaheerul Hassan

Israeli forces started ground operation against Palestinian people. According to Jerusalem Post, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu allowed Israeli Army to launch its ground operation, “since there is no way to deal with the tunnels only from the air, our soldiers are doing it now from the ground.” Unfortunately, American president Obama administration and Western countries are justifying Israeli aggression against innocent people.

In last eleven days, Israeli aircrafts in 135 airstrikes killed more than 296 Gazans including 73 children and 25 women. More than 2200 people including 640 children and 400 women injured since start of the brutal action against Gaza.  Most of the killed and injured person were observing the fasts of Ramadan and offering their prayers in mosques and homes when they were hit by Israeli Air Force.  During these ruthless attacks a complete family of six members has become victim of Israeli state terrorism, when a missile slammed into their home located in the northern town of Beit Hnoun. A teenager and two women were amongst the martyrs. It was the family of Hafez Hammad a senior Islamic Jihad commander. His relatives said, “Healong with two male relatives, two women including his wife, as well as his 16-year-old niece”. “Now there’s only the grandfather and one of his sons left.”According to credible sources Israeli air craft’s are carrying out cluster bombing against the civil population. The tiny Gaza Strip is just 41 kilometers long and between six and twelve miles wide, home to 1,816,379 people. The issue became serious when illegally Israeli authorities started asking the 7000 inhabitants to vacate the northern strip of Gaza. Notably, Jews are not permanent residents of the Palestine and were given piece of land by British rulers in 1948. But now Israel is interested to settle Jews after evicting legal settlers of the area.

Israeli jets many times strafed the area and caused heavy damaged to the innocent Palestinian. Similar nature of inhumanness was also carried out in 2008 by Israel when she rejected appeals of world community for stopping attacks on Gaza. As a result of her State terrorism over 1,100 Palestinians have been killed and more than 3 000 injured.  It must be noted that from 2000-2014 Palestinian child fatalities “as a result of military and settler violence” to date are 1,527.

Israeli supporters always made stupid arguments while trying to justify Tel Aviv nonsense against Gazans. In this connection, when UK based journalist has tried to ask Israeli ambassador about his country’s aggression on Gaza. The ambassador gave counter reply, “What if Dublin was under rocket attack then?”Actually, he has forgotten the history that UK town of Crossmaglen in Northern Ireland was under rocket attack from the Irish Republic in the 1970s – yet the RAF didn’t bomb Dublin in retaliation, killing Irish women and children. In Canada in 2008, Israel’s supporters were too making the same duplicitous point. What if the people of Vancouver or Toronto or Montreal were being rocket-attacked from the suburbs of their own cities? How would they feel? The Israeli probably have overlooked that the Canadians haven’t pushed the original inhabitants of Canadian territory into refugee camps.

Anyhow, the world community is silent over Israeli inhuman actions against innocent unarmed Gazans and yet to condemn Israel. The Muslim community is now convinced that supper power is waiting for more casualties since they have given open cheque to Israel to keep on playing with the innocent lives of Gazans.

In fact, U.S. and her allies are not realizing that such bellicosity of their tamed watchdog is generating hate against them over the globe.US aid to Israel is $3 Billion annually which she only uses against humanity. Moreover, increasing Israeli antagonism on Gaza strips and American salience over Gaza situation would encourage the youth to join Al-Qaida and carry out covert actions against Israel and her masters. It is mentionable here that Israeli is also supporting Syrian and Iraqi rebellions’ against their legitimate governments. The purpose of supporting violence in Muslim countries seems to be part of CIA grand design of weakening Muslim states. From the prevailing Middle East situations, one can very comfortably deduce that CIA and Mossad have prepared a plan to create distress in whole Saudi Arabia too.  The recent terrorists attempt on Saudi Arabian Intelligence office might have been carried out by CIA supported elements or the result of Saudi Arabian calmness over American support to Israel. Therefore, I am afraid that days are not very far away when world might see happening of another 9/11 in U.S or in some western country or going to be land in another crusade between Christian and Muslims. 

Nonetheless, the 57 members of the world’s largest Muslim bloc “Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)” instead of sitting like duck should raise the voice of imposing sanctions and launch a campaign of boycotting Israel and her supports, if the later doesn’t stop aggression against Gazans.

However, on 11 July 2014, a weak demand of OIC appeared in media, when OIC has urged the UN Security Council to force a halt to Israel's air war on Gaza. The committee demanded that OIC ambassadors in Geneva call a meeting with the UN Human Rights Council to form an international commission to investigate Israel's crimes and violations.

We must admit that UN Security is converted into a U.S. establishment and day by day losing its utility and independence. Why it is so? The simple answer is that major funding of UN and Israeli comes from White House.

In this regard, on 11 July, 2014 Turkish Abdullah Gul called on Israel to stop the ongoing air strikes on Gaza Strip. He asked that Israel and Palestine should get back to the terms of ceasefire made in 2012.  Pakistani Prime Minister too demanded that Israel should stop raiding innocent Gazans.

Saudi Arabia also reiterated that Israel aggression must be halt immediately and efforts should be made to resume peace negotiations. Saudi king, Abdullah ibn Abdil azīz asked UNO to play its role in stopping Israel from carrying out further brutality against Gazans and force Israel to admit rights of Palestinian people over Gaza.  Actually, for resolving long outstanding burning issue of Palestine and Gaza, UN Security Council should exercise its influence over America and Israel. Meanwhile, UN force consist of should be deployed in conflicted zone with the objective of stopping cross border movement and  curtailing Israel from further expansion. U.S. and Western countries should end aiding Israel. Imposing sanctions will also help in building pressure over Tel Aviv. In short, world community including international organizations of human rights should visit Gaza and launch a campaign for saving innocent people. 

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