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Grave hour for Muslims & not just Palestinians

Whole world has seen on television screens that Israel has militarily pounded on the smaller and poorer Palestine and during the last 3 days somewhat 30 people are reportedly killed while 200+are injured as Israel jets have bombarded Gaza and other cities. Very unfortunately none but Palestine military commander has been killed along with his men when his car was targeted 3 days back by Israel air force bomber and since then Israel has embarked upon inflicting much more damage to Palestinians who are neither that armed and equipped as Israel nor they are even near to them in numbers for sure and as a consequence of such imbalance between the two belligerent parties eventually the weaker (Palestine) goes to wall.


Israel certainly has much more attacking power than its opponent which itself is sufficient enough to attack Palestine which has little counter attack capabilities but still look at the aggressive or more correctly barbaric mentality and approach of Dan Meridor, Deputy Prime Minister of Israel who yesterday had initially thought of calling back as many as 30,000 reserve troops to join and augment the combating force which, as such, had outnumbered Palestine force in any case but now the figure of reserves has jumped to 70,000 instead. In addition to the likely ground attack which is very much imminent in any case, its air bombardment which is being carried out on almost 24 hours basis without any lull in between for the last 3 days has already created havoc on Palestine side and innumerous colossal damage has already been inflicted on the poor Muslims. Thousands of people including old, young and children and women have been rendered homeless and under the given alarming and grimed situation they are obliged to take shelter in safer places. Countless residential buildings in particular and others in general have been lit with fire while many other buildings have been raised to ground as well either totally or partially as the case may be. The household effects of the residents have been completely destroyed whereas in some areas there is no electricity either and this all paints very heart breaking picture indeed. People who have been killed were buried and those who carried the coffins and those who joined the funeral procession were in tears which did not stop despite all the possible efforts to contain them. Newspapers and television screens are telling us what is going on and what will be the case in days to come but perhaps we the Muslims are reduced to be just spectators with no concern whatsoever except giving statements only.


Yesterday Egypt PM was very much there to witness himself as to what is the ground reality but to me just visit was neither needed nor it helped Palestinians in any case so why did he trip is my question? Egypt has called back its ambassador from Tel Avive but this has nothing to with the Israeli pounding which is increasing as the time passes on so diplomatically it can be recognized that Egypt has shown its anger but nothing beyond that. I have also read in the newspapers that Egypt President phoned Pakistan Prime Minister yesterday and discussed the present hostility between Israel and Palestine but the question is how did such conversation change the ground realities? What had happened had Egyptian Deputy Prime Minister not gone to Gaza yesterday? What punitive relief Palestine has received when Egyptian President phoned to my PM? Many western world leaders have already sided through their statements, interviews and commentaries with Israel and saying the same what Israel says that Palestine is ending rockets into Israel so in retaliation only to such attacks Israel has attacked Palestine and not otherwise. Needless to mention it was 2008 when Israel has attacked Palestine and around 1,500 Palestinians were killed while even less than 60 Israelis were killed means that hundreds of Muslims were killed during those days and we Muslims just kept on condemning the naked attack of Israel but nothing beyond that and I have my very serious doubts that nothing will change now as well.


Muslim countries including my beloved Pakistan must wake up from the somber sleep and realize the hard fact that only meetings, conferences and condemnation will never ever solve the problem and we shall have to show our deterrence force to keep Israel at bay if we are serious in our approach and not otherwise. Palestine whether one likes it or not will never ever be even nearing to 50% of Israel in terms of military power and hence for one reason or the other Israel will keep on hitting Palestine as its own sweet will and pleasure so we must come to some final conclusion and that is that either we want to save Palestine or leave it to its own to continue being hammered alike but nothing in between whatsoever.


I do not wish it so but yet have a feeling that either late today or tomorrow Israel will attack very blatantly inflicting untold damage to the already torn apart Palestine because US President Obama has already announced some hours before that Palestine must not shoot artillery attacks on Israel which means that he has put the blame on Palestine and this will give boost to them to become still the more aggressive. USA has always matted Israel against Palestine and it is next to impossible for it to change its stance and this demands that many Muslim countries if not all the Muslim countries must join hands to support Palestine both with cash and military hardware and troops so that it serves as deterrence for Israel to attack its neighbor and unless and until it is done alike I have no hopes that Palestine can be a peaceful country even in next century what to talk of the present century.


Let us rise to the ground realities of the grave hour unless we prefer grave over life.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
 Reply:   Israel, Gaza Continue Rocket Exchanges as Israel Readies Ground Forces
Replied by(chaudry) Replied on (18/Nov/2012)

Israel, Gaza Continue Rocket Exchanges as Israel

 Readies Ground Forces

by VOA News November 16, 2012

Aerial volleys between Israel and Hamas-led Gaza continued Friday with one rocket landing in a field outside Jerusalem.

Israel responded by calling up additional military reserves and shutting down the main roads around the Gaza Strip.

Air raid sirens wailed through Jerusalem, but Israeli officials said there were no injuries or damage. A statement from Hamas claimed responsibility.

Palestinian and Arab leaders are decrying Israel's offensive.

Palestinians marched through the streets of Gaza City shouting their defiance, while, from the West Bank, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas addressed the Palestinian people.

​​ Abbas urged all Palestinians to put aside their differences and unite, though he said he had been unable to contact Hamas leaders.

Israel's Iron Dome missile interception system continued to fire away on Friday, destroying more than 130 rockets. But Israeli Defense Forces [IDF] said more than 330 rockets from Gaza have landed in Israel since Wednesday. Israel also has been massing tanks along the border with Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Friday there will be no letdown in Israel's resolve.

"We are of course operating powerfully against the launch of rockets to central Israel and southern Israel. We are prepared, if needed, to broaden the operation in a significant way,'' said Netanyahu.

Israel said that since Wednesday it has targeted 450 of what it called terrorist sites in Gaza.

The two sides have exchanged hundreds of aerial bombardments, leaving three Israelis and at least 20 Palestinians dead.

Egypt said Friday that it hoped to help pave the way for an end to hostilities.

Egyptian Prime Minister Hesham Kandil visited Gaza, promising Egypt "will make every effort and make sacrifices to stop this aggression and to achieve a truce."

Back in Cairo, however, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi lashed out at what he called the Israeli aggression.

"We see what is happening in Gaza, in terms of aggression and the killing of men, women and children, and blood being shed. This is a very dangerous matter," said Morsi. "And this unacceptable aggression on human beings, on men and women, and this is an issue. I warn them again, and that I confirm again, for those who are carrying out the aggression - that they will never rule over the people of Gaza. We will not leave Gaza on its own. We will not leave Gaza on its own.''

Meanwhile, tensions have boiled over into Jerusalem, where Muslim Palestinian worshippers clashed with Israeli police outside of some of Islam's holy sites.

Anger over the Israeli air assault have also sparked protests in Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan, while pro-Israel and pro-Palestinians supporters have faced off in protests in the United States.

Protests also erupted in Turkey, where Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Israeli leaders of carrying out a pre-election stunt.

"Before this election they [Israel] shot these innocent people in Gaza for reasons they fabricated,'' said Erdogan.

Meanwhile, civilians on both sides of the conflict are being urged to take precautions while emergency supplies are being rushed to affected areas. On Friday, trucks of supplies crossed into Gaza from Egypt.

Saif Allah Imam is with the Egyptian Doctor's Syndicate, which is collaborating with the Egyptian Red Crescent.

"We brought with us five loaded trucks, plus two other truck loads, which we already delivered. As well as the delegation which includes the Egyptian Health delegation of the Ministry of Health and the Syndicate for Egyptian doctors,'' said Imam.

Concern in Israel also spread after two Palestinian rocket attacks hit outside Israel's economic capital of Tel Aviv.

"First I heard the siren. Then I heard the explosive. In the Water. In the water. I saw the water fly in the air,'' said one unidentified male resident who witnessed the rockets attacks.

Palestinian militants issued a statement claiming responsibility for at least one of the attacks, saying they had fired Iranian-made rockets.

Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev said the attacks show why Israel has no choice but to use its military to retaliate.

"The attempt last night by the terrorists in Gaza to launch rockets on Tel Aviv only underscores the danger that the Israeli public faces in this formidable military machine in Gaza," said Regev. "And what the Israeli government is doing today, what the action that we are taking is designed to do, is to remove that threat, to free the Israeli people from this constant threat of rocket launches from the Gaza Strip."

Israel began its military offensive Wednesday using a missile strike to kill the top military commander of Hamas in Gaza. Israel dropped leaflets warning Gazans to stay away from buildings and locations run by the military wing of Hamas.

Hamas vowed revenge and warned that Israel had opened up what it calls "the gates of hell."

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority has repeated its call for the U.N. Security Council to take action to end Israeli air raids on Gaza. On Friday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon would visit in two to three days.

The head of the secret service in Gaza, Tawfeek Tirawi, has accused Israel of war crimes.

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