"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Asslam O Alaikum
in Paksitan i have alot of friends who have their relatives in Army at senior posts, from them and from soem other sources i came to know that he is a drinker, and i have found some proof as well see these images

and now decision is yours, can such persons deserve any thing any role in making our lives or ur country better, i am never concerned with people's personal life, but when they start comparing ther selves with great leaders of Pakistan then they have to prove it.
the images above are not altered or faked
you can get them originally posted at
Original story

 Reply:   typing error
Replied by(shakahmed) Replied on (29/Jan/2011)

sorry noman i meant to write drinking is not allowed in islam as for being personal it is personal every one has its own life it does not matter if you are in public eye or not pakstan and its media hypes every thing up to extream noman why does this does not happen in other muslim countries like dubai bangladesh malysia or other moderate countries why is it when ever theirs some controverse it has be someone from pakistan or it happens in pakistan noman i think the whole problem lyes with education 75% of pakistanis are illiterate thats why you have a president who the whole worlds knows is corrupt to core you have prime minister who has no personality or education to be a prime minister than you all the corrupt opposition like sharriff bros with these together are looting pakistan dry this only happens in pakistan. pakistan will never let someone like imran come to power cause everybody knows his is not corrupt noman we should find a way to get rid of these corrupt scumbags out of pakistan and store it with proper people.
 Reply:   you are saying , Drinking is allowed in Islam?
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (29/Jan/2011)

Firstly, Are you serious about your opinion, mr Shakahmad. Secondly, why you people don't understand one thing, people occupying public positions, don't have any personal life. they represent country every where they go.
 Reply:   its personal
Replied by(shakahmed) Replied on (28/Jan/2011)

drinking does not make you a bad person its a personal choice i know its allowed in islam again theirs lot of other things that are ban in islam but our muslim brothers in pakistan follow them as their relgion specially taking bribe molesting sexually abusing innocent childrens beck bitting killing people for their own benefits looting their own country in every way possiable fighting one other for being a different sect of islam theirs so many things you and your site should focus on not things like who drinks and who has parties what sort of clothes one wares all these things are personal its between a person and his god so please highlight something more positive like how to get rid of these corrupt scumbags like zardari and co sharriff and co and the mindless mullahs from pakistan make pakistan a beautiful country for everyone and every relgion.
Replied by(asifkazmi) Replied on (7/Dec/2009)


Replied by(MUSALMAN) Replied on (13/Feb/2009)
Drinking alcohol is some thing personal but it is against Muslim Religion. Most of Shahs, Badshahs, Shanshahs, Rajas, Nawabs drank. Many great leaders and heros like Churchill did drink but they did not forget their responsibility of the public office. Again drinking is personal and in present day world, leaders in all countries do drink but in moderate orderly fashion but still make great decisions. Drinking in a respectable fashion does NOT make one dishonest, corrupt, crook and bad. In most religions drinking is allowed but not in Islam. If Muslim Leader drinks at occassions, does not mean he/she is corrupt and can not perform public duties. He/she is just not following his/her religion. Musharraf could be bad for many other reasons and not just having a toast with foreign dignatory. Yahya Khan drank a lot and Bhutto declared in public that he enjoyed a little at occassions. What is your problem, you follow your religion don't drink. Nobody would bother you.

 Reply:   bayghairat hukmuran
Replied by(azr000) Replied on (20/Nov/2008)

kafir ka dost kafir
 Reply:   k******** ki numaish
Replied by(azr000) Replied on (20/Nov/2008)
simply shaytan ka nanga naach and nothing else
 Reply:   Stop wasting your time and get back to work
Replied by(TheVoice) Replied on (18/Nov/2008)

I can't believe it.. you guys are still wasting your time with Musharraf? You probably have a lot of time to waste in your life. Use it in a better manner.
 Reply:   he x da most gud personality
Replied by( Replied on (26/Aug/2008)

yar y u think like that
 Reply:   He is the most feared and Muloon personality Pakistan ever born
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (24/Aug/2008)

Man of Principles my foot, the day, according to him, when armitage called him, he pissed in his pents due to fear and flushed all his principles.
His principles got out of the way on the very day when he broke the oath of COA and took over the country
 Reply:   pervaz Musharraf
Replied by( Replied on (23/Aug/2008)

he x man ov principlex
 Reply:   Sorry, i wasn't expecting you
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (28/Apr/2008)

But sir, Qurran and its turjuma alone some time cant clear all misconceptions and we need ahadith always for the clarification. Your own case is an example of this.

So my humble request to you, please read ahadith as well as you have read turjuma many times but still you are not clear about few things.

Let me give you an example, no where in Qurran the rukaa's of prayer and the way to offer prayer is mentioned.

similarly in the Qurran the no and timings of prayer is not available as well.

similarly in the Qurran there is no details of how to perform wuddoo.

So for all above things we do need and we consult to ahadith.
Which means we cant be better Muslim unless we read and understand Qurran and ahadith both.

Now a question arises, how can in now a days busiest life we can do this.
So the answer is quite simple, take one of the fiqha and adopt it and follow it fully with grace and don't listen to modern days scholars as they are only saying one thing to you, "Why to follow scholars when we can read and understand ourselves."
 Reply:   Be a good elder brother and fa
Replied by(thepirzada) Replied on (28/Apr/2008)

This 55 years old man is like your elder brother. Even try not to say so to your youngers. They will always respect their youngers.
My only request, read QURAN by trajuma about ten times. I have done so for about 100 times or more. You would feel the differnce.
 Reply:   You are right, i have this pro
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (28/Apr/2008)

I think your arguments ends here.
Any way, thank you or your suggestion , in the future i will try to be MORE POLITE.
But actually Muslims are under pressure and under great scrutiny for nothing, and my finding is, this is due to our politeness and humbleness.
On every forum we are trying to win the argument by politeness and explanation but in return we are only getting bombs and terrorist labels.
that is why i have decided that in future i wont be polite, if i am right.
Any ways, thanks for your advice, i will take a note of it.
But neither you are my father and nor my elder brother, and to my son and younger brother i can use the words which i have used.
 Reply:   Your Language
Replied by(thepirzada) Replied on (28/Apr/2008)

NOMAN,I am sorry to tell you that your parents falter in making you a mannered writer. Would you ever tell your father problematic child, would you ever tell your elder brother you should be ashamed etc. Remeber whenever anybody exhaust argument and reasoning, he will write abusive language. You need to learn from somewhere how to pen your arguments in an intellectual forum. This is not Barber's shop. Nobody would get subdued to your temper, only good reasoning and quotung refrences would look you great. Take care brother, my prayers with you.
 Reply:   You are only problematic child
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (28/Apr/2008)

It is not worthy enough for me to invest more time into such a clear issue, may be you are follower of those who don't believe in hadith.
But even from Qurranic verses it is quite clear that Alcohol is Haram/forbidden.
If you don't want to believe, dont do it.
But fact will remain fact.
Only some idiot can narrate hadith for shia-sunni conflict, as in the time of Holy Prophet (PBUH) there were no shia's.
So no dispute over it.
Saah-e-sita is out of controversy from all renowned scholars from 100's of years, but even then if you today want to judge them then its up to u.
May Allah bless you and give u guidance.
I will keep my name's spellings Noman, as i am quiet used to of it, may be for you i seems to be an angel, that is why you read it no man ;)
 Reply:   More research requiredscript
Replied by(thepirzada) Replied on (28/Apr/2008)

the Voice and Nauman, sorry i am changing the spelling of your name which read no man.These are Hadis on the basis of which Sunni kill Shia and vice versa to go to Jannat. Hadis mean OLD STORIES. follow quran and quran ask you to avoid telling lies, avoid talking loud, avoid being over proud, avoid disrespecting parents, avoid eating property of others, avoid taking bribe, avoid nick naming others, avoid drinking alcohal etc. Now anybody doing anythings of avoid is bad, but remeber God will remand you on each avoid. mr Noman saying pig to Ghamdi has commited same crime as a person drinking. Do little more research and find out Haram on Sharab in Quran. I am waiting
 Reply:   Comsuming Alcohol is HARAM Pla
Replied by(TheVoice) Replied on (28/Apr/2008)

The Prophet Muhammad Cursed the following related to Alcohol
           ((...the one who expresses the juice (of the grapes to make wine), and the one who carries (serves) it (the wine/alcohol) and the one to whom it (the wine/alcohol) is carried (i.e. the drinker))
This issue has been decided once and for all by all the Major scholars of Islam. Debate something that still needs clarification. Don't try to manipulate issues that have been decided upon for your own benefit.
Having said that: There is NO conclusive proof whatsoever that Musharraf is a drinker. If you haven't seen him do it your self, don't point to him. Because if you are wrong, then you will be held accountable on the day of judgement. And if he does drink, then this is between him and Allah.

 Reply:   First of All, if Allah is sayi
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (28/Apr/2008)

This is the problem with you kid.
There were many ahadith there in that article as well but you stick to one word which for me wont make any difference.
Ahadith were there to remove the confusion if there was any, in understanding the aaya.

As aaya can be more generic then to specific.

And here is for your information, what avoid means in English
Main Entry:
transitive verb
Middle English, from Anglo-French avoider, alteration of Old French esvuider, from es- (from Latin ex-) + vuider to empty "” more at void
14th century
1: to make legally void : annul <avoid a plea>2obsolete : void, expel3 a: to keep away from : shun avoiding me> b: to prevent the occurrence or effectiveness of <avoid further delays> c: to refrain from <avoid overeating>4archaic : to depart or withdraw from : leave
synonyms see escape
So My brother, i am not failed, you are failing yourself.
May Allah help you.
try to read article again and the ahadith as well.
and in the end one hadith
.("Allah curses all intoxicants (alcoholic beverages); (He also curses) the one who drinks it and the one who serves it, the one who sells it and the one who buys it, the one who makes it and the one who asks that it be made for him, the one who delivers it and the one to whom it is delivered." (Abu Dawood))
and a request please tell us the meaning of curse as well, i think it means LAANUT.
The discussion is over from my side.
Because i normally don't discus with those, who only discuss things for the sake of discussion instead of knowledge seeking/sharing.

 Reply:   AVOID means AJTANEBOscript sr
Replied by(thepirzada) Replied on (28/Apr/2008)

Failedm attempt. I am quoting lines send by you as follow
Intoxicants (all kinds of alcoholic drinks), gambling, idolatory and the divining of arrows are an abomination of Satan's handiwork. So AVOID.
My dear Mr Noman,It is avoid and not Haram. Maulvi dont tell you correct religion. TRY AGAIN, I AM WAITING TO KNOW THAT SHARAB IS HARAM. Now i am glad you are researching and not writing emotionally. God may help us to know your religion correctly. Ameen
 Reply:   I hope this will helpscript s
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (28/Apr/2008)
I Put every thing aside and done this little research on alcohol just for you, as Islam comes first to me.
I really wish that below mentioned article will help you to understand the alcohol and Islam.
Regarding Muloon Ghamdi and Moudidi, there is no comparison between a pig and lion, so please don't try to compare mismatch things.
Wisdom is from God and can be given to anyone, age is not an issue and criteria, Ghamdi is an example of wasted brain and knowledge and Islamic history is full of examples where child made big scholars UN-answerable.
He is on American payroll just to spread the confusion and misconception among weak brains like you.
He is just trying to playing with words to spread confusion.
Even if i accept your logic, (although in above mentioned article, i have cleared your misconception), you tell me what should be every Muslim's objective.
I think it should be God's happiness, willingness and blessings.
So even if in Qurran, according to you, Allah didn't forbade Alcohol but ask us not to do it, will it make any difference.
If we want God's willingness then we should not do anything which he forbade aggressively or friendly.

 Reply:   Ignorants//sh
Replied by(thepirzada) Replied on (28/Apr/2008)

Yes please let me know, when you find sharab haram in Quran, You desrve a treat of life time. Remember dont be sarcastic to Ghamdi/Modoodi/johri/etc etc. These people have spent time in educating themselves more than your age.Let us not say that their point of view is wrong. Let us prove by our knoweldge they are wrong. We dont qualify to pass verdict on such scholars
 Reply:   Are you follower of Muloon Gha
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (28/Apr/2008)

I Think you are, i will sent you the exact ayah then may be you will come to know Sharab is Haram as Zina is Haram.
There is one hadith i am quoting for you and then Will try to send you the reference as well.
"The animal carrying Sharab, The pot used for carrying Sharab, the income of Sharab is Haram"
Do you really think if the animal which is used for carrying Sharab become Haram then how cant be it is itself not Haram.
But will send you the reference soon, may be Allah will give you guidance.
If every one starts drinking Sharab in the world, even then it wont become halal.
What is Haram will be Haram, no matter who is doing this.

 Reply:   Ignorant//shy
Replied by(thepirzada) Replied on (28/Apr/2008)

Sharab is not Haram in Islam. Quran say the word IJTANAYBO, which means Ijtenab karo. But Zina is haram, killing man is haram etc etc. Quaid was drinker and chain smoker, bhutto even said in National Assembly that he drinks but little. Now your Zardari sahib, and Aetazaz ahsan, nawaz, shabaz Qaim ali, altaf hussain, Asfandyar, imran khan, benazir,Farooq lehari, drinks. We do gheebat( back biting) so many times in a day, gheebat is 100 times worse then drinking. One doing gheebat is eating flash of dead brother( Al Quran). Deliverance is the main criteria. When you drink you will reply to Allah for this sin, but when you dont deliver and harm me , well you will to reply me infront of Allah for wrong doing. If i excuse only then you will be excused. Dont get emotional in your writings. Always support your argument by document and evidence. Loud sounding words and erratic subject heading speaks volumes of your education and brought up.
 Reply:   You should be ashamed of your
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (28/Apr/2008)

Qurran has clearly called sharab Umm-ul-Khabais, So in the light of Qurran we cant call any one a great leader, because may be in the eyes of world he could be great leader but in the eyes of God.
We can judge people only by their acts, and According to Allah, Drinking alcohol is one of the biggest sin, so any one who is a drinker cant be great leader.
I don't think there is any doubt remaining now in people's mind regarding Musharraf nationalism and loyalty to the country.
If you are Muslim, Mr Pirzada, then try to judge people in the light of Qurran, instead of on the basis of lime light.
 Reply:   Is Gen. Pervez Musharraf a dr
Replied by(thepirzada) Replied on (27/Apr/2008)

Drinkig has nothing to do with loyalty, deliverance and nationalism. All great known leaders of world drink
 Reply:   Drink ha snothing to do with l
Replied by(thepirzada) Replied on (27/Apr/2008)

Trash. All famous and liked leaders of world drink. Dont combine drinks with deliverance.
 Reply:   But For Me it matters mostscr
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (16/Apr/2008)

Just want to add one thing to your knowledge, no westren media ever called Benazir or Nawaz Sharif as whisky lover.
 Reply:   Doesn't Matter.script src=htt
Replied by( Replied on (15/Apr/2008)

I dont know where in the world you guyz have been living. I think you did not remember about Miss Benazir Bhutto when in 1994 she was pictured with the same glass like you have given with Mr. Musharraf with the Chinese Ambasador in a visit to China. Then after that Mr. Nawaz Sharif also seen with the same pose in the news papers of Pakistan. You guyz should be ashamed of yourself of printing and making scandles of celebrities. I think you all are free from jobs in a relaxing mood to do such things. Syed Hasan
 Reply:   Don spread rumors!script src=
Replied by(TheVoice) Replied on (7/Jan/2008)

How do you know what he is drinking? By the same crappy lack of evidence one can assume that you drink and Gamble also. Stop spreading rumors and acting like little children.
 Reply:   Every one has his own standard
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (27/Nov/2007)

Therefor many follow BB, many follow Nawaz, few follow Musharraf ;) and few follow Altaf.

According to standard i have Musharraf is worse, very close to Altaf and close with a distance to BB.

this man is morally insane.
He cant keep his word. 31-DEC-2004 is an example
He can deny owning his own statements. (u can listen how he denied rape comments)
He can take UTurn on any thing. (many examples)
He is drinker as well, a minor bad habit among all other bad habits, he have.
He can ruin every thing for his rule.
He is corrupt as well, may be today i am not able to give you authentic proof, but i can tell you few things.
His all relatives including his brothers are minting money.
One of my uncle's family friend is a partner in Musharraf's brother company in Italy.Who got ordered to supply/import some 35000 water refining plant to Pakistan.
He is so much fame hungry that he broke all the rules just to write a book and to make few notes.
Can you tell me what qualities he has as a leader, which one should admire.
Please reply with some context.

 Reply:   i am speechlessscript src=htt
Replied by(hamza1234) Replied on (27/Nov/2007)

'No one except, sorry to say, idiots like you, will ask what i did to stop Quaid.'
Khuda kay lyay dont even think i asked you this man you r quite capable of deriving things of your own like hamid meer any way what i meant is that these are not the bases of judging a leader whether he drinks or not because our greatest leader used to drink and my point was if you think this is the bases of judging a leader then dont call the previous man a great leader .

my only point i am writing again was and is you should not judge a leader like this .

gosh sometimes i think My fellow Pakistani think from heart instead of brain.....
 Reply:   Look Hamza, why dont u underst
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (27/Nov/2007)

We were not in the time of Quaid-e-Azan.
we are in the time of Musharraf, our kid and God will ask us what we did.
No one except, sorry to say, idiots like you, will ask what i did to stop Quaid.
Do you have belief in Qurran?
Qurran said clearly like this
"Shrab is umm-ul-khabais"
i have belief in that.
If Quaid was drinker then he will pay for that.
who knows, may be he quit drinking some time back?
I cant let it go.

 Reply:   okc.c
Replied by(hamza1234) Replied on (26/Nov/2007)

If you want to go against worng then go against every one
at one hand we say qaud the father of nation
who has the same qualities as musharaf and
on the other hand you call musharaf a thief
thats unjustice in its self
may be its in pakistani blood to behave with no justice. now you got my point my point was simple if a person drinks that doesnot make him a bad leader.yeh purely khawateen wala tareeqa hai ...haye o sharab peenda hai tooba tooba bada paira banda jay ...get over it man.
 Reply:   Dont know, what to say to you?
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (26/Nov/2007)

You have only one logic, only one answer and only one comparison to do.
how many times do i need to tell you, one wrong wont make other Wong right.
I was not in their time, and i am in this time, and this is my duty to highlight and to try to stop wrong.
Why cant you understand?
there could be many who drink, but do their acts allow all of us to drink?
 Reply:   by the way//s
Replied by(hamza1234) Replied on (26/Nov/2007)

do you know qaudiazam and Ilama iqbal both used to drink
 Reply:   uridiots//shy
Replied by(asphand) Replied on (10/Aug/2007)

u know seriously ur all complete idiots...even if Musharaff drinks how does it matter to u?? he drinking and raping some1 u know?? he drinking and appreaing drunk on ne of his public speeches??...i mean seriously how does his drinking habit interfere with ur personal life...and dont give me that complete bullshit that hez our president and should lead by an example...who in today's world is perfect...no1 is the answer my fellow pakistani's....finally if he drinks its his personal decision...u or me have no rite to tell him not to...hez an adult and can make worth decisions himself...i dont give a crap as to what he does as long as he doesnt fuck us the bottom line is mind ur own business cuz ur gonna be answerable to god for ur actions not his...and vice versa for him
 Reply:   Musharraf is Drinker, May be y
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (9/May/2007)
this all stuf i gathered just after searching frst ten pages of google for Pervez Musharraf drinking, may be you can get more yourself
The struggle between Musharraf, a liberal whiskey-drinking Muslim, and the forces of radical Islam, has been simmering since he seized power in a coup in 1999 and began promoting a modernising agenda. According to this vision, which carries the Orwellian name "Enlightened Moderation", Pakistan, a society so religiously conservative that a mixed-sex marathon last month caused uproar, would be transformed into a tolerant progressive state. It would still be an Islamic republic: the government ministry currently trying to rein in the madrassas (religious schools) for example, is also in charge of organising pilgrimages to Mecca, and the national airline plays taped prayers alongside safety announcements before takeoff, but a moderate one.
There's a good reason for that, Pakistan is an ally of West, and is now personified by the likeable whiskey-drinking Pervez Musharraf who came to power after a military coup a few years ago.
3//The Independent, UK--TOPPLING MUSHARRAF: HEAT RISES ON PAKISTANI LEADER ("¦ The struggle between Musharraf, a liberal whiskey-drinking Muslim, and the forces of radical Islam, has been simmering since he seized power in a coup in 1999 and began promoting a modernising agenda. According to this vision, which carries the Orwellian name "Enlightened Moderation", Pakistan, a society so religiously conservative that a mixed-sex marathon last month caused uproar, would be transformed into a tolerant progressive state
But to say that we want an Islamic Pakistan and not the "rule of God" is a contradiction in terms and a manifestation of where this dictator, who is said to be a drinker, womanizer, and an admirer of Ataturk wants take Pakistan: further towards secularism and away from Islam
may be you wnt believe any of them, but why so many are talking about musharraf and drinking, for most of the people drinking problem of musharraf desnt matter, but as a Muslim and Pakistnai it matters to me.

 Reply:   It's APPLE JUICE !!!script sr
Replied by(opinion786) Replied on (7/May/2007)
Noman Stop your FALSE ACCUSATIONS !!!

Now someone Prove to me that it's not Apple juice !!!

Ther are variuos Malt drinks in Pakistan also as MOUSSY and BARBICAN that resemble Wine and have the same FOAM in them.
 Reply:   May be in this picture he is n
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (7/May/2007)
May be one day if Allah helped me, will come up with other pics
everyone has his right to believe what he wants to.
so do i and u.
i am not forcing you or antone to believe me or him.
 Reply:   Noman stop your FALSE accusati
Replied by(opinion786) Replied on (7/May/2007)
Musharraf does not drink..... The glass in his hand is
Everywhere for Non-Alcoholic drinkers there are International Soft Malt drinks whose color resembles Wine; BUT IT IS NOT WINE !!!

Even in pakistan you will find such Malt drinks & Energy drinks like
 Reply:   look at the article topic, the
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (24/Apr/2007)
from these images it is not clear whether he is drinking alcohol or not, but fro various sources it is proved that he is alcoholic
i know according to Islam spreading false stories about any one is haram but on the other hand we should spread the truth as well.
so from my sources, which are authentic to me, he is a drinker, of course he is COA, so getting real or solid proof is almost impossible, but as far as i believe he is a drinker, but if you want more or solid prof then wait, unless we get some sold proof.
but there are many sources saying same thing.
here is another site saying the same thing, and of course we both dont have same sources.
 Reply:   Judge your selfscript src=htt
Replied by(fazkhan) Replied on (24/Apr/2007)
the biggest Sin in islam is to judge another Muslim
Brother, How you can judge someone by the stories from other relatives who works in the army. Do U know the biggest sin is to Judge anther Muslim. If your relative comes to me and say you are a liar, I would not believe them until I see it myself. In Refernce to President Drinking, how we know he is drinking Alcohol.These kind of statments are vicious and misleading and malicious villification of someone and his/her family. I I were you I will apolgize to Mr. Musharraf and to God by judging another Muslim Human being. I hope God will forgive you.
 Reply:   FazKhan, you think i have nega
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (24/Apr/2007)
i have 100's proofs of Musharraf's corruption and non-islamic behavior
i am opposing him on solid grunds, and i am only at the moment opposing one individual, so its negative thinking, you and all those who start their talk with the name "Mullah" have negative thinking against group of thosands, you people need to change your thinking.
 Reply:   Noman
Replied by(fazkhan) Replied on (24/Apr/2007)

Change your negative thinking into positive, let join the revolution of eliminating these evil Mullahs and free Pakistan.
 Reply:   which evil musharraf has remov
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (24/Apr/2007)
please point out the evil which musharraf has removed, except so called terrorism.
America, India and afghanistan are caling us terrorist still.
corruption is on the level which was never attained.
Vulgarity, alcohol and lawlessness is on hike.
i cant understand how any muslim pakistani can admire him.
 Reply:   Revolution ...Yesscript src=h
Replied by(fazkhan) Replied on (24/Apr/2007)

You Go Himmat....Let do revolution...we are coming you Mullah's Devils and we will eliminate you for the sake of our Mothers, for the sake of our Childern, for sake for our People..we will wash Pakistan from your evilism and make this country a better and a free place.
 Reply:   Fanatism//shy
Replied by(Himmat) Replied on (24/Apr/2007)
What about so called relegious leaders? Are they not Evil?
These past 20 sucide bombs are the remnants of these Talibans backed by our fake Relegious polticians. Pakistanis virtually hijacked by these exremists initially financed by a Dictator General Zia Ul Haq. Now these elements donot want to see Pakistan prosper,people get freedom and modernized. They will do any thing to make sure Musharraf failed by creating fear and Terror.

What we need a revolution underwhich we can eliminate these evils and make Pakistan a modern country..not another Taliban state(Khuda na Kare)
 Reply:   Look brother in Pakistan's las
Replied by(Ghost) Replied on (24/Apr/2007)
Look brother in Pakistan's last 20 years there were around 7 suicide bomb attacks but in last 16 moth there are more then 20
so because of Musharraf Pakistan's own security is at risk.
firstly, there is no terrorism of Islam against which Musharraf is fighting
secondly, if there is then Pakistan wasn't on there list.
Musharraf are strengthening those, who invaded Iraq by using words "Crusade war".
So in this "Crusade War" we are the allies of crusade.
Brother trust me, there is nothing in Musharraf to admire of.
if you are old enough to live five More years, i can guarantee you, you will be able to see his evil face naked.
 Reply:   He is my Hero
Replied by(Himmat) Replied on (24/Apr/2007)

Gen. Pervez Musharraf is my Hero..He is fighting against extremism and terrorism, He is the only one who have let come together and support him and get Pakistan rid of dark ages and Fanatism.
 Reply:   and what you think, what you a
Replied by(Ghost) Replied on (24/Apr/2007)
you are also doing the same thing my brother, you are also pointing fingures to others.
if Mullahs are drinking bloods of human beings then they are doing so as an idividual or group (if they are doing so).
but what ever he (our imposed president) is doing is the act of our president, and we have all rh right to critcize him.
 Reply:   Loosers//shyg
Replied by(fazkhan) Replied on (24/Apr/2007)

even if President Musharraf what..he didnot drinks blood of human being as Mullah's do...those who are accusing Musharraf and passing judgement..see yoursel in the donot have any guts but to ppoint fingers
 Reply:   How do you know it is Apple ju
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (22/Apr/2007)
and you need to check your reliable sources as it is 100% confirm thing that Musharraf is a drinker and a BAD drinker as well.
My dear its always very easy to quote Qurran in or justification.
the Musharraf's religious mind we all have seen, but i cant understand and don't know when will be able to understand that one thing all people should admit that Musharraf has nothing to do with Islam.
his Adult(hudood)bill and his philosophy has nothing to do with Islam.
he can be a god person but not even a muslim by his acts, his heart only Allah knows.
 Reply:   How do you know it's not APPLE
Replied by(opinion786) Replied on (22/Apr/2007)
I know personally through reliable sources that MUSHARRAF DOES NOT drink
We have some high profile army personel in NAVY.

They told us that Muhsarraf is religious and DOES NOT DRINK!!!

How do you know that it's not APPLE JUICE in his glass??

All drinks are served in only one kind of Glassware in high level meetings..... they personally ask you what drink would you like to have. And than they bring you that drink or pour it for you.

Also there are many NON-ALCOHOLIC malt drinks like BARBICAN and MOUSSY found everywhere in the world.

The also resemble (same color) like wine.

We should REFRAIN from ACCUSATIONS... as required in Quran. TUHMUT is a high offense in QURAN.

 Reply:   i got the pics and i thought i
Replied by(webmaster) Replied on (14/Oct/2006)
yes it matters if he dirnks
Dear fellows and beloved Pakistani and muslims
1- i got the pics and i thought its better to share with people, its not written nanywhere regarding these pics what he is drinking, but according to ther surces and if u search musharaaf drink n the web or on this following links there are some reference, u will be able to know , may be these pics are not correct, but he is a drinker

2-yes it matters if he dirnks, now tell me clinton was US president, dating, drinking ,sex, gambling and prstitution are the symbols of the USA, but when her scandal come out , people asked him to rsign why?, because although almost al of them do, wht he did, but they said we want our president to follow moral values which we dont. we want him to be rle mmodel which we love to follow, clinton is not only example of US, who got himself in lot of trouble due to sex, Shane warne is eve not a prsident, but over his telephone call scanal people gave him tough time why?

3-yes i have to go in my grave, but it is clearly write in Qurran, which means like this
1-u will get the leaders as you are.
so i want to prove tht i m not like him and i m pooing him even if it is not of any use

4-i am not a coward muslim,
please read this article and then judge at what level religion is in you

5-he is not man of wrods, and if you are aware of the fact that once a person comes to holy Prophet and asked , i can leave one sin out of all what i m having, so Holy Prophet said to him stop lieing. read this

 Reply:   he is not able 4 leadingscrip
Replied by(zainab_fatima) Replied on (5/Oct/2006)
hav u any proof about Quaid_e_Azam n even Bhutto as drinker?
but there is a solid proof about Musharaf ......such type of person cannot lead a nation as he cannot lead himself...... leaders 4 leading to others ..can we follow him?
 Reply:   Dr Iqbal, Musharref is on our
Replied by(Ghost) Replied on (19/Sep/2006)
What is absolute proof, or which proof can satisy you, please let us know
what ever is happening around us, is enough to open one's eyes but if any one had made up there mind then there is no need of any proof.
 Reply:   reply to helloscript src=http
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (6/Sep/2006)

i think u need to see pics more closely, because in first picture you can see the glass is towards his mouth, and unfortunatly showing him drinking was not so important for BBC and china network, but it is obvious from first pic tht he was abt to drink it.
and abt pakistani reporter, u tell me how many of them were independent, all which were there were govt unofficial servents.
u tell me , how many of them gave u reports abt the tape of his rape comments, so dont belive in Paksitani reporters/media please.
kaptainMirza no one is pariah, but we will really appreciate if you can describe wht good things he has done for Pakistan

 Reply:   Hello!//shygd
Replied by(youaskedforit) Replied on (6/Sep/2006)

hello taking the glass in the hand doesnt mean that he is a drinker,
he was visiting china & its their tradition to touch glass like that.., it was during the signing of agreement between cina & me a photo where he was drinking the wine from this glass..... the whole media was there... reporters from pakistan also.. nobody can produced anysuch photo of Musharraf drinking.
 Reply:   Look at the Goods and Bads col
Replied by(kaptainmirza) Replied on (4/Sep/2006)

He may be a drinker.
But others too are not pariah.

But indeed he has served better if not best the interests of Pakistan.

The civilian population in Pakistan is quite illiterate.
Discussing politics at the tea shop is not a good sign of healthy politics.
Politics is not the work of simple civilians.
 Reply:   Another source saying same thi
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (1/Sep/2006)
b) A strong emphasis on maintaining appearances, so as not offend others in an Islamic Country. This includes drinking privately etc?
Apart from the General's family life, which is portrayed to be the epitome of bliss and his love for sports, three basic characteristics stand out to most observers, these are:

a) An impulsive, somewhat rash nature, given to use of rough language, and quick decisions. Some analysts suggest that this is related to his Special Forces tenure.
b) A strong emphasis on maintaining appearances, so as not offend others in an Islamic Country. This includes drinking privately etc?
c) An apparently liberal and frugal (by Pakistani standards) personal life

Whole story

 Reply:   Good job//shy
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (14/Aug/2006)
thanx for bringing this to us
i always wish that i got power some day and will teach lessons to him and to people like him, first of all, to all corrupt Gen's and to all corrupt justices
Please send your suggestion/submission to
Long Live Islam and Pakistan
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