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Ghinwa Bhutto: Bush Threatened To Take Us To Stone Age, Zardari Did It


She says PPPP has turned Bush’s threat into reality. Her party strongly opposes the reopening of US, NATO supply line.


SPECIAL REPORT | Monday | 23 April 2012


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Ghinwa Bhutto, the chairperson of Pakistan Peoples Party-SB, says Pakistan’s present rulers are a ‘mafia’, and suggested the media won’t provide coverage to her son and daughter, the real heirs of the Bhutto family, or to other new political faces because the media fears the wrath of the government of President Asif Ali Zardari.


In an interview with the online news portal The News Tribe at Zulfiqar Bhutto’s old house in Clifton, Murtaza Bhutto’s widow said most of the new voters will vote for Imran Khan’s PTI in the next elections but she doubted there will be any major change on the political landscape of Pakistan. She accused most of Pakistan’s political parties of being ‘establishment parties’, but she appeared to exclude PTI from this label. She criticized Khan for what she said was his failure to offer land reforms that would challenge the feudal elite. When asked if a hidden ‘force’ was promoting PTI, Bhutto said Pakistanis were flocking to PTI because they want change.


When asked if her son, ZAB Jr., the direct grandson of Pakistan’s former prime minister, would run in the next elections and challenge Zardari’s son, Bilwal, she said: “There is no comparison of Zulfiqar and Fatima with Bilawal, Asifa and Bakhtawar because both sides represent two different classes. My children represent the poor, while they represented the rich.”


Bhutto said she strongly opposed reopening the US, NATO supply line through Pakistan to Afghanistan.


“Under the current circumstances, NATO supplies should not be restored. What have the Americans offered to Pakistan? We believe that the conditions of alliance with the Americans are totally unfair for Pakistan. We should not allow them to attack the people of Pakistan and we should demand halt in drone attacks. I think in the current relationship, Pakistanis are treated only as servants,” she said.


She launched a scathing attack on the government of President Asif Ali Zardari.


“What have they performed? They haven’t done anything. We have gone back to the Stone Age. There is no industry, there is no cash, there is no law and order, people have no treatment, they have no hospitals working and they have no schools. George Bush only threatened us of the Stone Age but Pakistan Peoples Party’s government has actually done that,” Bhutto said.


She said her party has some following in Sindh and Balochistan and she wanted to expand the party’s reach to other provinces but that she was holding back because of the bad security situation.


She sent a message to the students of the universities of Sindh, Karachi, Balochistan, Punjab and Peshawar and asked them to enter politics to change the system


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