"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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There are 2 BBs and not just 1 BB as most of you know


Blatantly brave (extra BB) certainly I am not but yet thought it not only very much ripe and right but prudent as well to let all of you know that gone are the days when Pakistanis knew about just one BB namely late Benazir Bhutto whom some call as shaheed as well whereas I am going to remind that there is yet another BB who is none but heir-apparent named Bilwal Zardari but lately for purely political gains, he is re-named as Bilawal Zardari Bhutto and as and when someone wants to use just two names as against three then 1st personal name and last family name is used meaning by Bilwal Zardari Bhutto is shortened to become yet another BB. Who did not understand the simple rule of general practice which is not a gimmick but a fact?


Bilawal is going to be the replacement of his father Asif Ali Zardari, President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and let me predict more with conviction than with confidence that come what may eventually the newest BB (excluding blatantly brave) will be President of Pakistan or Prime Minister of Pakistan whichever he likes the best and do not forget to remember that it is neither difficult nor impossible except that it needs proper planning and required logistical support. Father (President Zardari) has already nominated him as Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party and in the next national elections BB will be fielded as a contestant from different constituencies to grab MNA position and once he becomes MNA then he will be made at least a minister and if PPP gets majority of seats in NA then none but he will be the Prime Minister. He has already started meeting cross section of people, attending and addressing both political and social gatherings which are nothing but proper training ground for him.  As a matter of fact he during his education in UK at university level he had been a student’s union leader which as such has rightly polished him in leadership and thus he has gained complete confidence to face the audience and captivate them.


PPP is in the driving seat for last 4 years and apparently it will complete its remaining one year as well though opposition parties are very much vocal and asking for immediate elections but on the face of it perhaps it won’t happen alike. One can very safely say that the there are quite vivid chances that in the next general elections too PPP may win at least with majority if not thumping majority so if again it becomes the majority party like today then it will have its own President and Prime Minister hence BB will have a choice which one to pick, Head of State or Head of Government or may be both, who knows. The whole credit goes exclusively to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who created PPP and voiced the very touchy slogan of roti (food), Kaprra (clothing) and makan (shelter) which not only impressed and appealed but captivated the general masses and hence it became so popular within some months so that nobody could either stop it nor could face it. The mere slogan created such a powerful effect that PPP swept away anyone who opposed and it rightly turned out to be the only political party which had dug deep into Pakistan’s political arena. ZAB had become so much popular that people believed in him blindly and he was almost worshipped by many people though Sindhis were in forefront though Punjabis and Urdu speaking too were not that behind in obeying to ZAB. He ruled over the minds and souls of the people who had thought as if he is the only survivor for them. He made his followers to believe that he and he alone will change their fate, take away sorrow and instead give smile on their faces. He was an idol who is still remembered with same respect, honor and love though long back President Gen Ziaul Haq got him hanged to death.


Bilawal Bhutto is nothing but a reality and we must admit whether we like it not that he is very much knocking at the power corridor to be the next leader of the nation. He is young and foreign qualified who inherited leadership both from mother and father alike and on the top of it he has inherited countless money so he is not short on cash from any point of view and luckily or unluckily the dictum that money makes the mare go is very much applicable in Pakistan and hence power cannot be snatched away from BB in any case. It is a matter of just few more months only when the latest BB will be occupying the throne and then we shall have to distinguish as to which BB we are referring to. Benazir Bhutto had undoubtedly been very popular leader who twice had been Prime Minister of Pakistan and still bulk majority of Pakistanis adorn her as their true leader and her popularity scale has not slipped down though she has been gunned down in Rawalpindi where she had to address a mammoth public gathering.


Summing up, we shall have to be very specific and dogmatic when next time we use BB because we must distinguish as to which one is being referred to-male BB or female BB?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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