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How ironical? Reward ignored & jail gifted


Dr Shakil Afridi who had helped USA authorities to kill Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad has been sentenced to 33 years jail and pays Rs 320,000 as well as fine or undergoes additional 3 years in jail. Yesterday Wednesady 23rd May, 2012 Assistant Political Agent, Bara, Mohammad Nasir Khan acting as a judicial officer accused him of treason and issued the orders and hence Dr Shakil has been shifted to Central Jail, Peshawar to undergo the term.


As per FBI, USA he was one of the 10 Most Wanted Fugitives / Terrorists and it has announced publicly that anyone who catches Osama or helps Americans to catch Osama will be paid U S $ 25 million as reward and whether one likes it or not the fact remain that Dr had been exclusively responsible to tip US authorities to raid the house where Osma was living for some years. FIA reached Dr Shakil and asked for his help to conduct fake vaccination collecting DNA samples in the locality including the house where Osama was hiding and it paid back since Osama could be located and US naval forces raided the place, killed Osama on spot and took off with his dead body which they later disposed off in high sea to close the chapter once for all.


Dr Shakil had earlier not only been terminated from government services but also arrested for being involved in anti Pakistan activities and now finally he has been convicted and sentenced to under very long punishment behind the bars. Dr Shakil Afridi belonging to one of the most noblest and respectable professions must had been enjoying high respectable and reputation not only in the city where he worked but in the country as a whole as well but now the same has been disgraced internationally.  As good luck had it that Dr has been tried under tribal laws which do not prescribe capital punishment but had he been tried otherwise then he could have sent to gallows instead of just 33 years prison term.


How and why Dr Shakil Durrani has been deprived of getting US $ 25 which he is very much entitled to for the simple reason that had he not embarked upon fake hepatitis – B vaccination campaign, none would have been able to trace Osma Bin Laden? May be for argument purpose it can be said that some personnel of FBI were also involved in killing of Osama so in that case the award amount of $ 25 million be distributed proportionately according to the role played by an individual concerned which is quite fair I believe. Dr Shakil based on the principle of equitable distribution is certainly entitled to lion share without any argument and ambiguity whatsoever but to my knowledge he has not been paid what is due to him.


Isn’t it ironical that Dr Shakil Durrani has been denied bounty money and instead gifted with long imprisonment?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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