"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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WIth Allah's Name, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

9/11 is the Lie of the Millennium! Definitely the WTC fell down; but not due to plane hit but by carefully planted dynmaites by Israelis. No doubt that 200,000 tons of stell melted away and all 11 black boxes of planes also melted, but not by plane or building fire but by dynamites which rose the temperature above 3000 and sustained it for some time. Bush knew all this and kept silent for a while. He needed an excuse to attack Afghanistan on direct orders of Aerial Sharon who is receiving the worst punishment as angels of death or removing his soul bit by bit and his arrogance of being chosen has totally vanished. His soul knows very ell that he would remain in the hell forever where he will have company of Bush, Blair, Yaser Arafat, Saddam, Hasan Nasrullah, Jamal Nasir, Puttin and many others Grave Global Terrorists and hypocrites of highest order
Just follow the true Islam. Islam came to remove unnecessary burdens and customs. From Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmaeek, Isac, Moses and Jesus all brought Islam (Meaning Peace and Submission to the One and Only God) and they were all Muslims meaning One who obeys the God (In Arabic Allah, Al= All, the , Ilaha = God). Muhammad is the last and the final messenger and hence naturally the book given to him, should remiain un-changed with total preservation of its original language in terms of understanding, beauty, fragrance, motivation and that is a lving miracle. Tell you are a Muslim and will not follow any time waster parties
First you have to get a very very reliable book of the God to answer. You can not trust the tranlations as the translations coudl be far away and may not convene the true meanings. We know for sure that the current bibles are not in the language of Jesus (Peace be upon him). Ane we know for sure that the God alone can preserve the languages if He likes and wants to do. Teh langauges of Moses and Jesus died many centuries ago. SO which is the book which is survivng the test of the time i.e. it is preserved for cneturies in its original language without a c change of letter or word and htere are no two verrsions of it???? It is only and only Quran.
Second only God can provide you the answer to your most intelligent questions. SO when you have first discovered the book, find out the asnwers, As I have read the Quran, there are answers to yoiur questions in most definite manner and way.
Quran Translation of its meanings along with original Arabic text (By Mermuduk Pikhthal (AN ex Christian), or By Muhammad Asad (AN ex Jew) or by Yosuf Ali
History of the Arabs by Philip K. Hitti
The Bible, the Quran and Sceince by Maurice Buccaile
(It is still better to learn Arabic as you will tremendoualy enjoy Quran. The translation of its meanings do not come close to original text
 Reply:   Special review of 9-11 (Anwar-
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (10/Sep/2006)
After this episode many things have changed in the world. This became the turning point in recent human history. Many people may not remember that on 26th February, World Trade Center was fi
Dear Editor: Assalamo Alaikum.
Day after tomorrow is the5th Anniversary of 9/11. After this episode many things have changed in the world. This became the turning point in recent human history. Many people may not remember that on 26th February, World Trade Center was first time bombed. At this juncture we are presenting you following articles that are mind opener and let us not be taken hostage by Yellow Journalism mostly in the hands of those who wrote these murders and blamed the very victims thus killing tow birds with one stone! As truth can not remain hidden for long and truth must triumph, people of the world now know about these facts more and more and they are realizing who the real terrorist is and who are victims and reasons behind the global terrorism.

Your brother in truth;

Anwar Ul Haque, MD

Consultant Pathologist,
116. St. 49. F 11/3
Islamabad Pakistan 44000
Ph: 2293707, 2294099

The World Trade Center was twice attacked by terrorists 1993 and 2001. The first attack on World Trade Center on 26th February, 1993 by Israeli Agent Josie Hadas! Late Dr. Amir Ali analyzed the entire issue at Chicago Muslim Community Center. His findings were as follows:
1. The World Trade Center in New York suffered a big blast causing large craters in the basement floors of the building. However, there was no structural damage and the building remains standing.
2. Mohammad Salameh, a Palestinian, age 26 years, entering the U.S. on a Jordanian passport was arrested in connection with the blast.
3. Nidal Ayyad, age 25, years, a U.S. citizen was arrested in connection with the blast.
4. Mohammad Salameh and Nidal Ayyad have a reputation of being a decent young men, mild mannered with no record of crime, terrorism or indecency.
5. Mohammad Salameh rented a Ryder Econoline van in his own name but gave the phone number of another person, Josie e Hadas, living in Jersey City, New Jersey.
6. Mohammad Salameh rented the van to haul some material for Josie e Hadas, yet it has remained unreported his point of pick up and his destination.
7. A day before the blast Mohammad Salameh tried to make a report of the theft of the rented van to the police but the police refused to take the report because he did not have the van's license plate number.
8. The day of the blast Mohammed Salameh reported the theft of the rented van to Ryder, obtained the license plate number and made a report at the police station.
9. The day after the blast Mohammad Salameh went back to Ryder and demanded his deposit of $400.00 but was returned only $200.00. He was arrested before he boarded a bus.
10. Police reported that they had recovered some wiring, bomb making instructions in the English language and traces of explosives from a closet of JOSIE E HADAS's apartment.
11. It has been reported that Josie e Hadas is an operative of the Israeli terrorist organization, MOSSAD; Josie e Hadas' whereabouts remain unreported to the media and the people of the U.S.
12. Nothing of a suspicious nature was found at the apartment of Mohammad Salameh or at the mosque where he, allegedly, went for his prayers.
13. Three days later the police reported that they found at the outer fringe of the blast crater some metal scrap, allegedly, belonging to the van rented by Mohammad Salameh.
14. Shaikh Omar Abderrahman, an Egyptian scholar, was arrested, tried and acquitted in Egypt in connection with the assassination of Anwar Sadat, the Egyptian President most hated by his people but loved by the West and Israel.
15. Shaikh Omar Abderrahman is a respected blind scholar with a doctorate degree and Hafiz (memorizer) of the Qur'an and he has never been convicted of any crime in the U.S. or any other country of the world.
16. Accusation and allegation is not the same as conviction; until a conviction is obtained the story of the accused is the most probable truth and should be told to the people.
17. Israel is trying to make a connection between the blast at the World Trade Center, Mohammad Salameh and HAMAS (an Islamic reform and revival movement in Palestine), that is, in part Israel searches for justification for exiling 415 Palestinian scholars, doctors, professors and Muslim leaders from their ancestral homeland.
18. The media was quick in associating Mohammad Salameh and Nidal Ayyad with "Islamic fundamentalism" and Masjid Al-Salam; however, they withheld the information about the identity of the religious denomination and the church to which Michael F. Griffin, the accused killer of Dr. David Gunn of Florida, belonged and the identity of the pastor whose sermons he listened to.

1. The World Trade Center was bombed by terrorists.
2. Mohammad Salameh and Nidal Ayyad were involved in the bombing operation and it was the work of some Middle Eastern group.
3. The World Trade Center blast, if it was a terrorist bombing, was the work of Israeli terrorism agency, MOSSAD, to frame Muslims, defame "Islamic fundamentalism" and to continue with criminal policy of exiling Muslim leaders.
4. Josie e Hadas, an Israeli intelligence, espionage and terrorism agency MOSSAD operative, and employer of Mohammad Salameh, has disappeared.
5. Josie e Hadas, Israeli MOSSAD operative, was taken into custody by the police and was quietly sent back to Israel.
6. Mohammad Salameh and Nidal Ayyad are followers of Shaikh Omar Abderrahman.
7. Mohammad Salameh, Nidal Ayyad and Shaikh Omar Abderrahman are "Islamic Fundamentalists". The connotation given is that they are terrorists; it is a subliminal suggestion to equate terrorism and "Islamic fundamentalism".
8. Israelis have been planning to bomb World Trade Center for over two years and accuse Muslim Arabs of committing the crime (see "EARLY WARNING" in TIME, March 22, 1993, page 19).
1. Israel is suffering bad public relations all over the world since the exile of 415 Palestinian scholars, professors, doctors and Muslim leaders from their ancestral homeland.
2. For twenty-five years Israelis, Zionists and their sympathizers have been trying to make the term "Islamic fundamentalism" an ugly, unpopular term implying terrorism, cruelty, backwardness, religious fervor and anti-modernism without ever defining the term.
3. If Israel cannot find any basis to establish its propaganda slogans against her perceived enemies it implants evidence and creates grounds for publicity; read BY WAY OF DECEPTION by Victor Ostrovsky, a former Israeli.
4. Israelis believe that "the end justifies the means", therefore, loss of life or property, lies, deceit and cheating to achieve Israeli goals are valid and honorable means; those Israelis who achieve goals by any means are honored.
5. Israelis are already linking the World Trade Center blast to HAMAS in Israeli occupied lands in search of justification of the exile of 415 Muslim scholars, leaders, professors and doctors from their ancestral homeland.
1. Where is Josie e Hadas, the Israeli employer of Mohammad Salameh?
2. What was the nature of the cargo which Mohammad Salameh was hired by Israeli agent Josie e Hadas to move?
3. Why have the police and the media not explicitly reported that bomb related wiring, instruction sheets and traces of explosives were found in the apartment of Israeli agent Josie e Hadas and not in the apartment of Mohammad Salameh?
4. Why did Mohammad Salameh go to the police station twice to make a report of the theft of the van, if he was a terrorist?
5. Why did Mohammad Salameh go to the Ryder van rental agency twice to collect a paltry $400.00, if he was a terrorist? Why did he rent the van in his own name, if the implied use was bombing? Why not steal a van?
6. Why did Mohammad Salameh not run away or try to hide if he was a terrorist?
7. Is there any record or history of crime, terrorism or abnormal behavior of Mohammad Salameh since his arrival in the U.S.? Why have the police not made his records available to the public?
8. Did Mohammad Salameh have any links to any of the "terrorist" organizations before his arrival in the U.S.?
9. Why is Mohammad Salameh's link to a given mosque so important whereas other criminals, such as Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Oliver North, Mike Milken and other famous convicted criminals were never linked to their religious affiliation or the church they attended.
10. What are the explanations and responses of the accused, Mohammad Salameh and Nidal Ayyad, regarding respective allegations?
11. What is the motive of the accused, Mohammad Salameh and Nidal Ayyad for committing such a heinous crime of bombing the World Trade Center? However, the motives of Isreal for committing the crime are clear.
2nd attack on World Trade Center occurred on 11th September, 2001 and I happened to writer the very first article while seeing the pictures of WTC on the TV screen It was widely distributed by INN next day. It is reproduced below:

America on attack
Almost all Muslims have condemned the attack on innocent civilians of USA, while hardly any body condemns daily killings of Palestinian Muslims.

Today alone 10 Palestinian Muslims have been killed by guns and bullets provided by USA Tax payers!!!! Still we will keep condemning attacks on civilians regardless of their religion, ethnicity etc. This is because Islam teaches us Civilization while the Western Jahilia usually manifests in the most Serbaric forms. The Zionists follow Talmud; a doctrine of the worst racism.

The Talmudic doctrine is second to none and perhaps equal to their cow worshipper partners i.e. Hindus who reduce other human beings to untouchables. Both racist and State Terrorists are fully backed by the Western powers. The recent attacks on New York and Washington are carried out by Mossad (Israeli Secret agency) with full backing of Zionist elements in FBI and CIA. It should be noted that President Clinton (Whose mother and wife were most probably of Zionist lineage) had appointed an Israeli agent as USA ambassador to Israel!!! He granted him US citizenship in record few days in order to induct him into the most sensitive offices of USA!
The recent attacks on USA raises several pertinent questions:

* Were there four highly trained terrorist pilots or the planes were remotely controlled?

* Why planes were allowed to fly for about 30 minutes without diverting it to some other places

* What has happened to all security, FBI, CIA etc?

If the terrorists were Arabs or Palestinians then they would have taken the planes to Israel and dropped it at the head of the mass killer Sharon.

In all likelihood Israel and the Zionists in high places of the Government of Unites States are responsible for the cowardly and inhumane attacks.

The reasons are as follows:


* To defame Muslims and Islam so that Americans and Europeans may not enter in the folds of Islam.

* Worlds attention be deviated from the almost continuous and constant daily killings of innocent Palestinians and gravest possible massacre of human rights by Israel

* To harass Muslims in USA and other Western countries.

* To fail annual anniversary of Mass Killings of Shatilla and Sabira refugee camps where thousands of innocent unarmed women, children and elderly were axed to death by active Israeli participation

The Past is the mirror of the Present. Israel had been involved in many terrorist attacks against USA and the West including:

* Sinking of USA naval ship Liberty and killing several USA naval personnel.

* Killing of 200 US marines in Beirut * Stealing Uranium from Pensylvania and developing over 300 atomic bombs

* Robbing trillions of dollars from USA economy * Capturing business, media, health, justice and politics though worst unethical means

* Killing USA society through pornography, gambling and underground crimes

* Bombing World Trade Center by hidden Mossad agent of Israel i.e. Josie e Hadas and blaming his driver Salameh and then using Salameh to defame Islam and Muslims and put several innocent Muslims behind bars. An American Lady Lawyer described this as the worst massacre of Justice in USA.

* Killing of President John F. Kennedy

* Killing of Princes Diana when she was about to marry a Muslim

* Storage of arms and ammunition in Israeli embassies e.g. in Spain to supply the weapons to various criminal and terrorists groups in Europe

* Brutal attack on Chechnya through Muscovite Jew Mr. Putin. The move was fully backed by State Secretary James Baker and Vice President Al-Gore who personally visited Moscow to give green signal. Later delicious chocolates were provided to Russian soldiers who were actively involved in genocide.

* Killings of the popular president of Georgia in order to bring Shawardnaze (A die hard Zionist) as President. The move was fully supported by US Government.

This is the high time to educate USA public who is made hostage of baseball, women, wine, crimes, and lust and poor economy. These nave Americans must be educated about reality and truth.

The current attack on USA is highly organized, orchestrated and coordinated carried out with full support of the USA administration. This support must have come from the Zionist elements deeply entrenched in USA administration.

Kenneth Timmerman interviewed me “Preachers of Hate” which is reproduced below
“The story spread like a wildfire. First to allege the "Jewish conspiracy" was Dr. Anwar Ul Haque, a self-styled Quranic scholar who claimed in an article distributed by the Islamic News and Information Network that the "attacks on New York and Washington are carried out by Mossad (Israeli secret agency) with full backing of Zionist elements in FBI and CIA."
Dr. Haque is not some anonymous Internet warrior to be easily written off, but a prominent Pakistani surgeon who is chief pathologist at the Pakistan government's prestigious Institute of Medical Sciences. His point of view is not that of an extremist, but is shared by millions of Muslims who consider themselves to be part of the Muslim mainstream. The main motive behind the attacks, he argued, was "to defame Muslims and Islam so that Americans and Europeans may not enter in the folds of Islam. ..."
When I caught up with him nearly nine months later, Dr. Haque confirmed that he had written the Sept. 12, 2001, article and expanded on his beliefs that Israel and the Mossad were behind the attacks. He summarized many of the beliefs that have now become an integral part of the September 11 myth circulating in the Muslim world:
"The drama of 11th September included remote control of the planes and demolishing the buildings through previously implanted dynamites in it. So far two Israelis (not necessarily Jews) are known to have died in the entire game: one in the WTC and one in the plane. Mr. Bush's claim that 129 Israelis died turned out to be a white lie."
Dr. Haque's allegations were only the beginning. Indeed, a rash of comments, "investigations" and "revelations" soon followed in the official media from Cairo to Tehran, claiming Mossad had carried out the September 11 attacks.
To virtually all these commentators it was clear that Mossad was seeking to "incite the American administration" against the Islamic world by falsely claiming that Arabs had carried out the attacks. As details from the criminal investigation began appearing in the press, denials of Arab involvement became increasingly strident. On Sept. 13, the Jordanian government daily Al-Dostour spelled out the allegations that the attack on America was in reality a vile Jewish plot, and this in a country reputed to be the most moderate and pro-Western in the Arab world”
House of White Lies (White House) created a movie using a Hollywood actor. Unfortunately the Pentagon released video tape had too many blunders which can be easily picked by evenb a six year old child. I here reproduce one of my articles exposing the lies behind the Pentagon released video tape.
See pictures below, the TIME title page has picture of real Osama while NEWSWEEK title page carries the picture of so called Osama from Pentagon released tape and decide yourself are they the same person. I am quite sure and confident that every honest and intelligent person will pick up this great lie of the “House of White Lies”

25 Points that prove that 9/11 is the Biggest Fraud of the Century

1-No Jew was killed in that blast despite Jews having the maximum numbers of offices and businesses at that center. New York Time representative was able to contact all except one from the list over 120 issued by Mr. Bush
2-No Jew was killed in any of the airplanes. 1 or two Israeli non Jews were killed in the airplane accident
3-Jews made maximum profits by having prior knowledge of the incidence on stock market as tracked by several independent agencies
4-Many Muslims and Christians were killed in that incidence
5-Israeli Jews celebrated the incidence and made proud videos. New York Police arrested them but they were not tried and safely handed over to Israel
6-Israeli Jew students were arrested practicing impanation of dynamites in the buildings
7-It is not possible to cause vertical encavement by the strike of airplane at the top of a tower
8-Vertical encavement is the result of previous carefully implanted dynamites in the building
9-The required temperate to melt steel can not be obtained from aero plane fuel
10-The accused persons that were portrayed by the Zionists (Racist Jews) media, as hijackers did not have real training of any of such planes. It was impossible to hijack a plane and “drive it in the air so meticulously to hit the WTC” by a person who had no previous training and sufficient experience
11-All the documents released by the Zionist media including the news item of TIME magazine that so called hijackers spent the preceding night in the Night Club having ‘fun’ and drinking VADKA, and the videotape released by Pentagon were simple tricks and white lies.
12-The Videotape released by Pentagon had clearly an actor playing Osama. The eyebrows, the cheeks, the nose etc. of the actor is very different and even a child of six year will easily recognize the difference. It is the ever lying and ever-cheating Zionist media that are propagating constant lies just like their forefather Gobles.
13-The Zionist agents also carried out the first attack on WTC. Josie e Hadas, a known Mossad agent hired an innocent unemployed Palestinian driver. Hadas later framed Salameh who was ordered to rent a Ryder van. The Ryder van was later declared stolen by Hadas. Haddas actually used the van to carry out a bomb blast at WTC killing five people. (It seems that some who the Zionists wanted to demolish WTC. May be there was some basic structural defect in it or for insurance money purpose, God knows the best). While innocent Slameh and many other Muslims are behind bar along with Islam and all Muslims for the crime which they have not committed but the real culprit Josie e Hadas is free and safe in the jungle of terrorists i.e. Israel.
14-Israel had committed many atrocities against USA including attack on USS Liberty that resulted in killing of many USA naval officers and wounding of about 200 marines. The USA President and Secretary did not even lift little finger to help the victims. President Johnson and Secretary Robert McNamara did not even send USA planes to rescue the USA naval officers. No free congressional inquiry took place in the incidence and Papa Bush banned the award giving ceremony for press.
15-It was the Zionists lobby whom instrumental in dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The same Zionists attacked WC twice in order to create a justification for the USA army to attack Afghanistan in the same way where WMDs were created for attack on Iraq.
16-The Zionists wanted to topple Taliban Government, as it was not obeying them. Taliban among other things had totally banned heroin growth in Afghanistan. This deprived Afghanistan millions of dollars but also deprived the Zionists lobby from Gold Smoke. The heroin is more expensive than real gold in USA and Europe. As the Zionists control most of the underground and underworld crime mafia, this was a big loss to the Zionist mafia. The underworld drug mafia was convulsing due to lack of drug and hence USA forces were used to restore this dirty business that results in killing a maiming of thousands of precious human lives.
17-Monika fixed the USA Generals who were initially reluctant to send USA troops to Afghanistan and sacrifice USA soldiers’ blood for the sake of Israel. Monika got pregnant and she aborted her baby but she successfully managed to fix the Generals. President Clinton whose mother is German Jewish played key role in injecting Monika at the right place at the right time. Clinton earlier had appointed a life long Israeli agent as USA ambassador to Israel. He gave him SUA citizenship in record three days.
18-The Zionist lobby of France and Great Britain with active participation of some Church people and Royal family murdered Princess Diana. Her driver was given antihistamine mixed drink that produced drowsiness. Still after accident Diana could have been saved if her lung were removed. But she was made to bleed to death.
19-The Zionist lobby wanted American and European people thoroughly confused and self occupied in order to prevent them from clear thinking and hence they created ANTRAX scare and SARS panic. None of these were based on substantial scientific evidences. Half-truth and half lies were mixed in the typical classical Zionist traditions.
20-So far no free international trial have been set to probe into the 9/11 incidences. Bush created his own commission with the purpose to give the incidence as an act of foreign aggression against USA. The commission lacked credibility and authenticity. I myself had asked the commission to let me present my views but the opportunity was not given. It was not a transparent and open commission. You know how honest is Bush! See his claims about WMDs and you know his superb “intelligence” too by seeing his “commendable” performance in Lousiana!
21-Sharon had cancelled his visit to New York on 9/11 on the advise of SHABAK (A secret agency of Israel). Sharon was scheduled to be a keynote speaker on that day.
22-No weapons were found in the airplanes. It was claimed that the hijackers used Tupperware plastic wares!!!!
23-The airplanes were well quipped with secret buttons. The air plain crew knew about these hidden buttons and pressing anyone of them would have led to the information to the ground that the airplanes are hijacked but no such message was received on the ground. The audios of the air plain crews were all hoax created in Hollywood.
24-The American Instructors described Atta as a substandard mediocre who could not even fly Cessna plane right
25-The only beneficiaries of Iraq and Afghanistan wars had been the Zionists while poor Americans are loosing their lives and money. It is the Zionists who are making trillions from heroin imported from Afghanistan and it is the Israeli firm, which is selling Iraqi oil to even USA!
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Long Live Islam and Pakistan
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