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Writings on the wall.

According to Sher Afgan Niazi, President General Pervez Musharraf is eligible to contest the presidential election in uniform and the Supreme Court (SC) will be no hurdle to his retaining the two offices. To support his argument he quoted a SC ruling of 2005 in which Gen Musharraf was given permission to remain army chief and president. Mr Niazi should know better than anyone else that 2005 falls well behind July 20, 2007. The release of Javed Hashmi on bail is a typical example in which the Supreme Court rejected a similar plea in 2006.

It is high time for general Musharaf and his sympathizers to wake up to realities and read the writings on the wall. There is a Persian proverb which says 'Har Kamaaley Ra Zawaaley'.(Every rise has a fall). In present circumstances the proverb fits squarely on General Musharaf.  

 Reply:   This is with reference to Farh
Replied by(Ghayyur_Ayub) Replied on (29/Aug/2007)

This is with reference to Farhan's reply to my letter. I agree with him on the point that anything is possible in Pakistan; but recent upsurge in lawyers’ movement would make it extremely difficult for the Bench to go against the Bar. The Bench knows; how the Bar feels about the present regime headed by general Musharaf. They also know that these feelings are shared by vast majority of Pakistani public
 Reply:   SC and Bin Bush (mush)script
Replied by(farhan) Replied on (5/Aug/2007)

But never underestimate the government; all what is going on in Pakistan now days is not very easy to digest. Government is not responding on SC decisions and they are keeping say courts has liberty and we accept all the decisions as they are fair. Just tell me if this SC allows him again to keep the both offices what will be our reaction on that? This is Pakistan all in doubts so ready for any unexpected decision. This is the reason anyone can vomit on us and we just keep proving that we are the loyal dogs.
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