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Osama is Dead


President Obama speaking to the nation paid rich tributes to the US special forces who carried out  the operation resulting in the death of Osama and capture of some of his family members.  President Obama emphasized that the troops had been ordered to avoid any collateral damage to the civilians in the area.  He also said that there were no American casualties during the operation.  This last part is not understood. The burning debris of  a Chinook helicopter that had either crashed or was shot down  was shown live on the  TV channels.  Where was its crew at the time of its crashing?  And how did it survive?  One would like to know.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

 Reply:   Osama is Dead
Replied by(turkman) Replied on (4/May/2011)

That Helicopter was damaged so it was destroyed before they left because they did not want Pak Army to get hold of US advanced Sensitive Technology in it. -------
They remembered when they had lost a Cruise Missile in Baluchsitan and depended on Pakistan to recover it and give them back, Pakistan had told USA that it can not find it after it had already stolen it. ---------
Proof that Pakistan Army stole it?
4 years later, Pakistan Army proudly claimed that it has built Cruise Missile instead of saying it has copied the US Cruise Missile that it had said, it had never found. ------
Lying is our Habit, Begging is our profession, Hate is our Religion ...!
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