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Punish Misbah who proved as teethless

Yesterday Pakistan not only lost the 3rd T 20 match but the series too and none but Misbah is to be blamed for very cogent reasons and not otherwise. He is a known batsman who should have shown courage to play shots during the last 5 overs in general and 2 overs in particular but he had been shy and timid. When the game is just ending one needs score and not the wickets. What stopped Misbah not to hit boundaries if not sixers when the game has entered into dying stage. What could be the rationale on his part to save his wicket rather than taking a chance to hit boundaries? Had sky fallen apart if he had at least tried to hit six which was very much needed in the last over to win the match which eventually would have earned us series too? Why he tried to just play the balls without scoring? What did he earn when he was out at the fag end in any case. Don't we remember that he was too sluggish in 1st match also otherwise Pakistan has posted quite a reasonable score which had been difficult for England to score but regretfully Misbah had been too defensive and never offensive which is 1st and basic requirement when one plays 20 overs game.


Misbah should have realised that he was not just an batsman but captain too which itself demands that he must win the game under all circumstances which was very much possible and I am sure that  our opponents must have sensed that they have lost the grip on the match but alas we proved otherwise. 


Mibah has proved to be completely teeth less lacking in biting so he should not only be removed but punished too for wasting such a golden opportune to win the series.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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