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Bangladesh not only defeated India & SL but threatened us too

I out of curiosity checked International ranking of One Day batsmen and I was astonished to see that Kohli of India; Sangakarra of Sri Lanka; Dhoni of India and Dilshan of Sri Lanka at serial 3, 4, 5 and 10 respectively amongst top 10 which clearly proves that not even a single Bangladeshi could be rated amongst the top batsmen but yet could bat so magnificently that Bangladesh routed very comfortably both India and Sri Lanka.


Do not forget that Pakistan could defeat Bangladesh with just 21 runs and that too after sweating and not otherwise. Truth is that we did not win the game simply because there is no equation between Pakistan and Bangladesh because we have been World Cup holders whereas they could not even play in final of Asia Cup what to talk of World Cup. Secondly Pakistan is playing cricket for decades-much earlier than even the birth of Bangladesh so there is no equation or more correctly nearness between the two teams but if still they ran short by just 21 runs means that they have at least shown us mirror if not defeat and who knows what happens tomorrow when Bangladeshi Tigers meet Pakistan in final.


As a Pakistani I am one of 179,054,000 Pakistanis and wish that we should lift the cup even if by teeth.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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