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Helping people or buying votes

As general elections in the country are nearing, some government functionaries both at central and provincial levels have become prompt rather very prompt though they were at least not that quick if not dormant in the past. I am referring to BISP (Benazir Income Support Program) of Government of Pakistan and Punjab Government.

Honestly speaking helping people is one the best human activity so from that point of the above the activities of the center and province must be applauded to maximum because practically both are helping nine but Pakistanis. BISP is very loudly telling through newspapers and television channels that thousand of destitute all over the country are given monthly subsistence allowances enabling them meeting their day today expenses which is very much commendable indeed while Punjab Government is giving lap top to students which itself speaks aloud and due credit must be given the provincial government to be so generous and humanitarian facilitating the poor students who due to financial constraints cannot buy lap top which is very much needed in studies in any case. I cannot and should not be prejudiced and closed minded not to whole heartedly commend both the activities.

However, I may be wrong which I am not in assuming that the voters are being bought through such like human friendly activities. As I said before that on the face of it both the activities are good and not at all bad but ever since it has gained momentum at this point of time when elections are just a year away, one can gather the impression that in the heart of the heart people who are being benefitted either through cash or through kind but at the same time they are given an indirect message that you are not to forget that votes of your entire family are to be casted in our favor as and when election opportune arises.

PPP is the governing party so from that point of view it is quite but natural that the party wants to continue ruling for next term too which is neither illegal nor immoral but it is generally feared that this is an indirect effort on the part of PPP to increase its vote bank. Lap top too is another scheme initiated by Punjab Government where Mian Shabaz Sharif of PML (N) is the Chief Minister so he is indirectly trying to win over votes of the family whose child is given a lap top so that PML (N) reins the provincial for another 5 years.

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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