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Man kills wife over dog pooping in house

DALLAS: A 76-year-old Texas man was charged with murder for shooting his wife and two dogs after one of the animals pooped in the house.


Police arrested Michael Stephen Stolz after a five-hour standoff at the man's home in the Dallas suburb of Lewisville late Tuesday. He was charged with murder in the shooting death of his wife, Bernice Stolz, and remained in the Denton County Jail on Wednesday on a $250,000 bond.


Stolz told officers he shot his 49-year-old wife and the couple's two dogs after the German Shepherd mix defecated on the floor on Saturday, said Lewisville Police Capt. Kevin Deaver. He told officers that he shot the dog, then their other dog, a Rottweiler, then his wife, who was screaming because of the shootings of the dogs, Deaver said.


Police were called to investigate after Bernice Stolz' employer reported that she failed to show up at work for several days. Stolz rebuffed officers who asked to enter the house and check on the woman's welfare, Deaver said.


Officers reported smelling an odor of decomposition from the home and called for SWAT officers to help encourage Stolz to surrender. SWAT officers finally sent a robot with a camera inside for a look, Deaver said. They noticed Stolz was unarmed and lying on the floor.


Stolz finally surrendered peacefully. Bernice Stolz's body was found on the kitchen floor with a gunshot wound to the head. Stolz told officers he had also intended to kill himself but ran out of bullets after shooting his wife and dogs, Deaver said.


"Sometimes it's just a trivial little thing that sets people off," Deaver said.


Police had previously responded to calls for medical assistance at the home but Stolz had no history of mental illness, Deaver said.


   Dog pooping justified human killing

I am more shocked than surprised to read in News in its issue of Friday 30th March, 2012 that an American man killed his wife and his two pet dogs in Dallas because one the dog spoiled his house by pooping inside the house.


The facts of the case are that a 76 years old man named Michel Stephen Stolz living in Dallas was very unhappy to see that one of the two pet dogs has pooped inside the house which infuriated him to the extent that he took his gun and killed both the dogs and when his wife Bernice Stolz screamed on him as to why did he kill the dogs, he killed her also in the same go. Her employer waited for some time for her arrival to her duty place but when she neither came to work nor contacted the employer as to why she is absenting, the employer had to take note of it and informed officials to take cognizance of her absence. The police went to her house to find out as to where she is but her husband did not respond to the call of the police and refused to open the door. However, as his bad luck had it, police smelled bad smell coming out of the house which as such alarmed policemen to contact SWAT to deal it accordingly which did come and entered the house to find that Bernice had been killed and her body with a gunshot on her head was lying in the kitchen. Michel has been charged accordingly and has landed in Denton Country Jail to face wrath of the laws of the country.


It will be nothing more than wastage of time on my part and hence I will not discuss about the case itself because American authorities are to take due action against the person as stipulated and demanded by the laws of the country. He will be brought to justice in any case which is a very popular slogan in USA and very often Americans use it particularly President uses it more as a threat than principle. However, I am to discuss the subject from some other angles which simply cannot and should not be ignored in any case under any pretext or color simply because it involves killing of none but a human for no reason and rhyme and I am afraid if the case does not get due public attention then it could pervert American society still the more.


The man is not insane otherwise he should have shot his wife first and not the dogs. Secondly he shot his wife not because she had any dispute with him but since she shouted at him as to why did he kill the dogs so he lost his temper and gunned her down too. First question is did the dog do it alike for the very 1st time if not then there must be some compelling circumstances that the dog simply could not help doing alike otherwise he would have gone to other places which he had used before? Secondly had the owner not liked dogs then quite naturally he had not kept even one dog what to talk of keeping two? How a man expects a dog to be as sane as a human? How he could kill none but his own sweet wife and that too on such a petty matter is really very much shocking and not understandable at all.


What worries me the most is that USA is the model country on the face of earth and it is very much true also to a greater extent because most of the people living in other countries do get inspiration from US and from that angle it is feared that those people may not also copy this American and kill their dogs as wives in one go. This is a fact and not fiction that in most of the western countries in particular and other countries in general people keep do not only keep dog but of course they are married too which means that in greater majority of households one can find both, dog and wife and who knows when the dog does the same like what we saw in Dallas which could result in killing not only the dog but wife as well.


Lesson, one must not be blind and devoid of simple common sense as and when one acts as a copy cat otherwise the result could be as horrible as we have noticed over here.

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi

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