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Clipping wings of judiciary


 Just yesterday federal cabinet of ministers presided over by Raja

 Pervez Ashraf, Prime Minister has passed two very important decisions

 relating to contempt of court and dual nationality which eventually

 will be passed through the parliament resulting in curtailing powers

 of higher courts in particular.

 As a matter of fact contempt of court is an inherent power of superior

 courts and this practice is exercised all over the countries but now

 government is drifting away to save its own top notches. Former PM

 Gillani has gone back to pavilion because of contempt of court slapped

 by Supreme Court and the incumbent PM is likely to fall in the same

 ditch hence government has decided to get a law passed by the

 parliament so that the top brass like President, Prime Minister,

 Minister, Governor and Chief Minister etc be exempted and cannot be

charged on contempt of court.

 The other burning issue is that of dual nationality and SC has already

 slapped few parliamentarians who have dual nationality and therefore

 their membership has already been cancelled. Rehman Malik, former

 Interior Minister and now Adviser to PM on Security are the most

 prominent one who had to face the axe of the Supreme Court as he could

 not prove that his British nationality has been cancelled. Quite

possibly few more could also taste dust in coming days and therefore

 the government could not digest it anymore and hence a law being

 promulgated through the parliament whereby people holding two

 nationalities will be allowed to hold any public office and become member

of an assembly in the country.

An urgent and unusual session of National Assembly has been called for

 tomorrow on Friday whereas Senate is scheduled to meet two days later

 on Monday and in these manner new laws pertaining to contempt of court

 and dual nationality will be passed which indirectly will put a limit

 on the powers of our judiciary. I oppose both the moves but what about you?



 Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait

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