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Family lost both life & cash

 Each one of us is born once only and hence our life is of immense importance and at the same time it cannot be priced either but unluckily for quite some years one way or the other human has been tagged with a price in my beloved Pakistan which is not only most regrettable but condemnable too but alas the evil is incurable despite loud claims by police and other such like agencies.
 This is very much shocking not only for you to read but for me too to write but nevertheless it is neither a fiction nor a hearsay but hard fact hence I picked up my pen to pen it. Just today I have read that two bodies of Shias were found in Mian Gandi an outskirt of Quetta who has been very savagely killed by unknown people who not only slaughtered them but even beheaded. Syed Hasseb Abad Zaidi is one of them who were abducted about 19 days ago and his kidnappers asked for payment of Rs 1.9 million to release him alive.
 Honestly speaking it is quite handsome money to be paid by a commoner
 unless the one belongs to just a few lucky ones which he was not for sure.
 His family one way or the other could arrange and paid Rs 1.5 million to
 the kidnappers for his release but the kidnappers insisted for payment of
 total money and partial payment was neither enough nor acceptable to them.
 His family embarked upon collecting balance Rs .4 million to be paid
 to his kidnappers but as the bad luck had it, kidnappers did not wait
 any further to get the remaining money and instead they eventually killed
 Haseeb Zaidi as his dead body has been found. Which words be used to condemn and censure the beasts who took away life and cash and I wish that all those who are directly or indirectly involved in such heinous crime must be nabbed to return Rs 1.5 million and thenhanged publicly so that others dare not do it alike.

  IqbalHadi Zaidi / Kuwait

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