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Tandoor boy tops in graduation exam
August 11, 2012 -

LAHORE: Muhammad Mohsin, son of a labourer of Hafizabad, has topped the list by obtaining 688 numbers in Punjab University (PU) graduation (B.A/B.Sc) exam.

Talking to 'Geo News', Muhammad Mohsin said he is son of a labourer and works at Tandoor to help his father. 'I could not afford college fees due to this I appeared in private exams', he said and added 'I want to get masters (M.Sc) but cannot pay the fee'

He requested Punjab the Punjab government to provide give him scholarship so that he could continue his education.

Parents of Muhammad Mohsin are very happy on this great achievement of their son


Bravo Mohsin! I will pay your MA fee

Muhammad Mohsin who topped in BA/B Sc exam in Punjab University, Lahore has shown mirror to those who live both in comfort and luxury. Being a son of a poor labourer he had no choice but to work as a tandoor to support his father and meet his educational expenses. One can very well imagine how much hardships he must have endured to work and study but yet he did prove that it is not the money but the will that counts to shine out in such prestigious examination.

Having read that Mohsin has no money to take admission in MA, I am asking him to please tell me how much money he needs tO study MA and inshallah I will do whatever little I can do so that he can get Master degree.

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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