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How to travel within my beloved Pakistan?


After reading today (Dun 2nd Sep,2012) in Pakistan Observer that Pakistan railway is increasing its fare for all classes from lowest to the highest by 5% I am puzzled how people who are already economic trodden will afford to travel by train. Furthermore, the news said that PR is introducing rounding in currency which is turn will increase the fare by another 5% meaning by that in fact PR is increasing fares by roughly 10% and not 5%. Needless to mention road transport itself is quite expensive since it increased the fare due to increase in fuel prices and though people agitated but nothing doing. Air travel is not for everyone but for a few who can afford whatever air line charges in any case so I am not concerned about our air travelers.


How can an ordinary Pakistani travel in Pakistan by rail or road? Who enlightens me?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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