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You ashamed me for none of my fault


Pakistan not only lost in semi final of T 20 but also earned shame to be honest which is mire painful than the loss itself if one realizes. No doubt only one team will win and not both but it does not mean that we lose so disgracefully that none can commend as to who played the best in our whole team. It must be an eye opener for PCB to first do operation and punish those who inflicted loss and then find those who can regain the lost prestige


Sri Lanka had scored 139 which was not big score in any case from any angle but we utterly failed. Only 6 Sri Lankans batted whereas our 10 batsmen could not do what 6 Sri Lankans did itself proves who we are.  Then on the top of it there are 11 extra runs added to our score which we were not scored by our batsmen but were gifted away by Sri Lankans means in fact we scored just 112 runs only which is truly disgusting. Afridi needs special punishment for failing to prove both as batsman and bowler but each time he has been given an opportune to prove his worth. Even our Captain Hafeez cannot boast of scoring highest score of 42 because had Lasith Malinga not dropped the catch Hafeez had gone back when he was at 24 so when our captain plays like this what do one expects from others. Hafeez very well knew how critical role he had to play so how the hell he could give a chance to Lasith at 24 and then when he got new life he should have scored even more than 24 but instead he left after scoring just another 18 runs which is not captains innings in any case.


The worst part is that I instead of watching the match at my house went to a restaurant where more Sri Lankans than Indians, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis were watching the match and if I knew that we will be playing so worst I would not have gone to be ridiculed alike but done is done and cannot be undone. Shame on you my cricket fellows.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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