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Baffling questions about Swiss letter


Contents of the letter likely to be written by Pakistan as per the instructions of Supreme Court of Pakistan to Swiss authorities in connection with loot money deposited there in different banks by our President Asif Ali Zardari are not known to me at least but nevertheless it has given birth to many baffling questions which need answers.


Has President of Pakistan lost the privilege of immunity professing that he cannot be charged against any accusation which has always been boasted of earlier by all those who have say in our power corridor? How can president be accused now when as per our Aristotle & Plato he has been bestowed with immunity in our constitution? Has our constitution been amended and presidential immunity is lifted there from? Who lied before or who is telling the truth now? What is the prudence on the part of the government to agree to SC instructions to write the letter now when so many years have already been lost in between? What was the prudence not to write the letter before even when SC has very categorically asked to do so? Will Pakistan government write the letter to Swiss authorities against its own President who is very much occupying the throne at this point of time? Will PM Raja Ashraf Raja be charged with contempt of court and removed from his office as head of the government if the letter is not written the way as SC wants? Will 3rd PM write the letter strictly as SC wants? Will SC charge 3rd PM also alike and send him back to his home for not writing the letter exactly as SC wants?


Who answers my questions?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi
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