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Millions prayed and millions cursed


Barbaric attack on the life of Malala Yousuzai aged 14 only is to be angled from different perspectives and I will eventually prove that though on the face of it Taliban are to be cursed for attacking her but Zardari government cannot be absolved of its obligations either.


I have no option but to be blunt simply because if my government had been prudent enough this had never ever happened alike but regretfully we are not toned to rise to occasion for an ordinary person like Malala but she had not been exposed rather fully protected instead had she been belonging to one of the families of our so called VIP. Just be honest, open your mind and place hand on your heart and be prepared to say white as white and black as black without favoring anyone or without being prejudiced to anyone either. We must realize that Malala is not just a female but so young too living in a far flung area under very odd circumstances where once taleban were in full command and control and even now they are very much operative but yet whatever she has done for womenfolk is unprecedented and unmatched in the history of Pakistan to be honest. She was just 11 years old girl when normally girls of that age are very much fond of playing with dolls and gossiping with others of their age and not thinking as seriously as Malala did. She did what none even 71 years old could think of herself or himself means she has very rightly shown mirror to all those who proclaim to be not only elders but leaders and or social workers as well but on paper only and not in practice.


Needless to mention, she being herself living in Swat was very much disturbed and perturbed as to what was happening in Swat which was a very peaceful place and whose people were known for ages for their immense love and hospitality but as taleban could oust the government and they themselves grabbed the power, tables were turned over and things were completely changed. Taleban have introduced new laws and rules whereby they asked the womenfolk to be confined to the four walls of their houses. They were forbidden to work in offices and attend any educational institution. They closed down all the girls’ schools and advised girl students to be just inside their houses. They had ordered that and if at all women or girls are to come out, they must wear a big cloak covering the whole body right from feet to head so that she cannot be seen by others. They had also very strictly warned that if at all they found any woman or girl on the street without caring to what instructions were issued in this regard then she will be very seriously punished for disregarding their instructions.


Malala being very sensitive by nature possessing kind heart very rightly picked up courage to write a diary outlining about what was the ground reality and happening in the valley at the hands of taleban. She narrated nothing but what she could witness herself and therefore she was able to list down all the atrocities and cruelties being committed by the invaders. She was very much accurate in highlighting the untold hardships and sufferings being faced by both men and women in Swat and she did succeed in submitting her diary so written to BBC to be flashed under the pseudonym name of Gul Maka so that the world at large can know who are talebans and what horrendous activities they are performing in Swat in the name of Islam which preaches love and peace only and not what these invaders were doing. Once BBC flashed the news, splendid efforts on the part of the young teen were duly reckoned at global level and everyone came to know what atrocities were being committed by these outlaws in the valley which obliged not hundreds but thousands to move out of their houses and take refuge in other cities and towns where taleban could not reach. Bulk majority of Swatis who hardly had any fortune to lay hands on had no option but to live in camps at the mercy of camp administration so far as eating three daily meals is concerned. Those who had peaceful and comfortable life were subjected to live in most pathetic conditions for none of their fault or choice.


It will be quite immoral on my part not to appreciate what Pakistan government had done so far as far as Malala is concerned. The then Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani very well appreciated her efforts and eventually PM very rightly decorated her with first-ever National Peace Award which proves that she really did what ought to be done. In 2011 Kids’ Rights Foundation which is international entity nominated her to be given International Children’s Peace Prize proves that Malala excelled over others when hardly anyone could even think against taleban.


No denying the hard fact, Malala has completely exposed taleban not only in Pakistan but all over the globe which quite naturally must have annoyed them to a very great extent and thus even a simple brute can understand that taleban will at least harm her if not kill her so why and how she was not provided security. Has Malala through her actions pleased taleban and not annoyed is a very simple question to be answered and then on top of it haven’t we provided bullet proof cars to as many as strength of a brigade and not just a platoon for one reason or the other? Did we think that taleban will garland Malala? NO, never ever and if at all anybody had thought alike then he or she should be none but a lunatic. How many of them who have been so protected are on hit list of taleban and others? How much all of those who ride in bullet proof vehicles have rendered any national service towards the community they belong to? What is the criterion to qualify to be given a bullet proof vehicle and 24 hours security? How didn’t Malala qualify to be provided with bullet proof car and round the clock security?


My head bends in sheer shame thinking of those who have say in our power corridor and others since they did not think even for a second that Malala life is in danger and as a consequence she had been so savagely attacked that she is fighting for her life for none of her fault but our follies. Let taleban listen very carefully that Malala is now not one individual as she is physically but spirit of millions who cannot be defeated come what may. Long live Malala! I am not alone and not even total Pakistanis but the whole humanity prays for your speedy and full recovery, aameen.


Millions at their own have raised their hands praying for speedy recovery of her health and the same millions have cursed the one who attacked her.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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