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After very long time I had to visit our any government web site and luckily or unluckily today it was Capital Development Authority, Islamabad and to be honest I was pleased to see that it looked better laid out and organized than before. The most striking thing was that it has listed all its directorates and offices totaling 72 and each one had some short description about the duties and the responsibilities it handles. It was very pleasing to see that  office location, telephone number and email was also mentioned about the office concerned facilitating the public to very easily reach the concerned department and if I am not mistaken it was not so facilitated when I visited CDA web site some years back.


I wished to click to each and every directorate and office but due to paucity of time I could not read the entries of all 72 offices but nevertheless I did visit 67 in any case and very much surprisingly I found that ‘’ was the common email address given in all 67 directorates and offices which depressed me instead of impressing me. How much beneficial, if at all, it could be to have a common email address for the whole of CDA? Who could be so genius in CDA to answer all the emails sent to 67 directorates on 67 different subjects?


What could be the rationale not to have an independent email contact for each and every directorate and office when it had not incurred some huge expense on this account?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait

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