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Barbaric Murder of SP Khurshid Khan Alizai


Horrendous is too mild a word for the  slaughter of SP Khurshid Khan Alizai and then carrying away of his head by the 300 strong terrorists who attacked Matni police post near Peshawar as reported in the papers.  It was simply a barbaric act smacking of some deep hatred for the law enforcing agencies by the attackers and reminiscent of the pagan days where the head of the enemy was presented to the attacking tribal chief. What is still more alarming is the number – 300 – of them that attacked the post.  Where did they all come from in that number? Who supplied them with the weapons? Where were they trained and who trained them for such a military like planned offensive action?  Why was their presence in such numbers not detected by the intelligence agencies? Who knows how many more of them are lurking in and around us waiting for a similar opportunity to strike again? They are no ordinary miscreants, they are a trained force and, therefore,  must be tracked down and dealt with severally. The authorities must take cognizance of the threat in such a magnitude and take appropriate measures to deal with them. They deserve no mercy and have to be reduced to naught if we and our children are to live safely in Pakistan.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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Replied by(Nafees.M) Replied on (17/Oct/2012)

Jafri Saheb

Who you think were the attackers? 



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Replied by(Murad) Replied on (17/Oct/2012)
Re: Barbaric Murder

It was done by terrorists or the thugs operated by Pakistan or India? Which one it is? Islam advises its followers to check the source of the news, whether it is mafia media of Pakistan or of the West?

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