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Fake minister not fake degree

This has reference to the news flashed in all newspapers saying that BA degree of Syed  Aqil Shah, KP Minister for Sports & Tourism is found to be fake and hence Regional Election Commission, Peshawar has initiated an case against the minister. District and Sessions Judge had called the minister to appear before him in the court in connection with his fake degree but the minister instead of attending the court preferred to be absent which as such annoyed the judge who then had to issue arrest warrants against the minister. The news further said that Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) had sent Aqil degree to Higher Education Commission (ECP) which has been assigned the duty of to send all the educational certificates to the institutions which issued the degree and in this case HEC had to send Aqil degree to Punjab University, Lahore. PU has thoroughly checked its records and did not find any such entry in their system at all and hence it replied to HEC saying that that this degree is not genuine and fake because the same has never even been issued by PU.


I really fail to understand as to why and how Aqil got a fake degree? Didn’t his heart and mind tell him that he is making a false statement about his educational qualification? Had sky split apart if he has not resorted to such like fraudulent practice? Had he died without having a fake BA degree? Honestly speaking Aqil has betrayed thousands of people who voted from him believing that he is an honest person and being an honest he will look after his voters. Had they not voted for him he had never been an MPA and when he was not an MPA then he had no chance to be a minister in the provincial cabinet.


Aqil had contested election against the ticket issued to him by National Awami Party (NAP) and eventually he became minister looking after two portfolios of tourism and sports. I am sure ANP leadership must have been hurt because Aqil belongs to them and had they not issued the ticket to him at least ANP had not earned a blot against their name but now it is too late and the repute of the party cannot be restored. How much honor ANP has earned to own Aqil is my only question for ANP?


Now when it has been proved that Aqil had submitted a fake degree he should not only be imprisoned but imprisoned with hard labor and in addition must be find heavily too. I do not think he deserves any leniency on this account. To me he is none but a fake ministe.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait /
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