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When did Zardari perform Haj(s)?

After reading the news in Pakistan Observer that this time too as always many have gone to Haj at government expenses it reminded to find out as to when did our President Asif Ali Zardari perform haj?  Zardari is in office for more than 4 years and since each year haj falls so he may have performed more than one if not 4 but I being rusty on such like information requesting all those who read me to please enlighten me accordingly. Incidentally in all fairness I must commend our incumbent Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf who very rightly availed the golden opportune to perform haj this year for the very cogent reason that he took over as PM when earlier haj has already been performed and he will not be PM when next haj falls.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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