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None wants to be VC


Very shocking indeed, at least for me if not you to read in one of the leading dailies that none has applied so far to be Vice Chancellor of any of the two universities in Punjab. The news said that Punjab government has advertised both in Pakistan and overseas newspapers to recruit vice chancellors for University of Health Sciences and King Edward medical University but very much surprisingly nobody seems to be interested to head university. The news further said that leading doctors who make around 300,000 to 500,000 pm through their private practice are very much reluctant and not interested simply because as per new rules VC cannot do private practice whereas VC salary is lower than what they earn through private practice. Loss of personal income deters the doctors to become VC.


I wonder how and why none wants to be VC where he can contribute a lot in the greater interest of the society in the form of improving health education in Pakistan which in itself should be a matter of pride and pleasure for them. How can a doctor refuse to contribute towards the health of his compatriots and such like contribution is definitely a plus and not minus for the doctor concerned. Moreover as VC they will be heading none but a medical university which is something very great and recognized at international level. To me it is the entity which counts more than money alone. Anyone howsoever leading doctor he may be but still he cannot be compared with any VC in any case for the simple reason that the office of VC carries very exclusive entity which cannot be measured in terms of money. VC is not that low paid employee in any case rather to my understanding he will be getting quite reasonable amount with free furnished accommodation together with many fringe perks etc.


I wish our leading doctors who fit in to be VC should not be money greedy only and instead they be tinged with patriotism which in turn will infuse them to head as VC. Who takes the lead and when to be VC either for UHS or KEMU?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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