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Namaz on Eid ul Adha

I am writing what I have experienced in Kuwait but still very strongly believe that things must had been the same back home in my beloved Pakistan as well with very insignificant difference unless someone writes it contrary to what I am going to explain.


Yesterday Friday 26th October, 2012 was 1st day on Eid ul Azha in Kuwait and I will narrate what I have practically experienced here. Fajar namaz was at 0436 so when I went to the mosque I found quite a good number of people inside the mosque who were definitely much more than what had been there a day before which was Arafat Day and it was public holiday here in any case. I also noticed that a very big area around the mosque was properly cleaned up and ropes were tied all around so that none parks any car and people can offer Eid namaz in much greater number. Needless to mention the mosque itself is very much spacious and cam accommodate hundreds of people but still more space is needed for Eid namaz.


I while leaving the mosque after Fajar prayers noticed that some of the worshippers did not go back like me and instead preferred to stay back in the mosque to offer Eid prayers which was due after 50 minutes in any case. I also saw that many volunteers were laying extra praying mats all around the mosque. Many volunteers were also guiding car riders where to park their cars. A few of the volunteers were laying electrical cables around the mosque so that mikes be fitted for the outsiders to listen to what is being said from inside the mosque.


I returned to the mosque after 25 minutes and unbelievably the mosque was almost full to its capacity and many had occupied the places around the mosque which had already been earmarked earlier. I could very well see that many people were still heading towards the mosque. One could see nothing but men all around the mosque and I very much seriously doubt if anyone could count how many men were inside and outside the mosque. People drawn from different nationalities, speaking different languages and following variety of professions were sitting next to each other just like a well knitted family and each one of them was waiting for the prayers to start.


Clock ticked 0605 and 5 minutes later Eid namaz was to be offered and therefore the prayers leader came on mike and explained as to how to perform Eid prayers which is certainly different than other 5 daily prayers. Needless to mention since it is not only annual namaz but also has 12 takbeers so bulk majority of people do not know exactly as to how to perform. People stood up and offered the namaz as directed by the prayers leader but regretfully it happened this too like always that some people did not do like advised by the prayers leader. After the prayers I saw many people leaving the mosque though there is Eid sermon after the prayer and it is obligatory on Muslims not to leave the mosque and instead stay back to listen the sermon. Anyway bulk majority did not go away and listened to the sermon. People greeted each other before leaving the mosque.


Then came Friday prayers and I was really shocked to see that the number has shrunk to very low number though on any Friday namazis are outside the mosque as well but it was not so yesterday. Many people did nit come to offer Friday prayers because they preferred to be with their relatives and friends as the case may be.  Isn’t it mind boggling to notice that the same mosque which was over flooded by men just 5 hours before to offer Eid prayers has very low number of namazis to offer Friday prayers. I am always offering Friday prayers in the same mosque so I know how many come to offer weekly prayers over here but now very much shockingly the number has shrunk which cannot be appreciated in any case.


I am pretty confident that the situation cannot be different in Pakistan even though I am out of Pakistan since 1976.  Who votes for me and who opposes me?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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